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Beck and Trina watch on as Tori continues to try to revive Jade. She was already so weak. And the fight between her and Abernathy only caused her to lose even more blood.

Tori was getting desperate. She took her hand and ripped open her other arm severely. She holds it over Jade's mouth, letting the blood flow freely into her parted lips. Tori alternates between Jade's mouth and her fatal wound.

"This has to work," she tells herself. "It must."

Trina holds onto Beck, crying. She couldn't stand to see her little sister distraught like this but the rest of the picture (though she would never admit it) was that Jade has kind of grown on her.

"Come on, Jade." Tori would not give up. "Open your eyes, baby. Come on, Jade." She shakes her girlfriend's limp form. "Open your eyes, goddamnit!"

Tori and Jade sit on the ledge of a billboard looming over the city.


Tori makes a face when she sees how entranced her girlfriend was over the sea of artificial light down below.


She shakes her head and looks at Tori. "What?"

"I asked you a question."

Jade scrunches up her face. "What was that again?"

Tori sighs emphatically. "I asked you what made you first decide that you wanted to help people."

"Like that?"

Tori nods. "Like that."

Jade stands up and looks into the distance. "I never told you about the night I was attacked, did i?"

She shakes her head.

"Well, I was walking home like I always have. Next thing I knew I was on the ground, bleeding to death."

Tori covers her mouth in horror. "Babe, it must have been horrible. I can't even begin to thinkā€¦"

"The worst part about it was that I was all alone. Nothing with me in that cold alley." She looks at Tori "No one should die alone."

She gives Jade a look as if she had been given an order.

"While I tried to be one step ahead of the trouble; at least I knew in my heart that if I was late, at least that man or woman" she began to tear up. "Or child would not be without some semblance of the comfort of somebody."

"I think I'm starting to understand."

Truthfully, Tori wouldn't completely see where Jade was coming from until that night her and her parents were slain in cold blood. Despite being in the company of her mom and dad, their being DOA and her still clinging felt just as lonely as Jade must have felt.

It was the scariest moment of her life.

Now Tori is facing the scariest moment in her afterlife.

"Please don't" Tori whispers.


Jade looks around with squinted eyes, confused.

"wwhat hhappened?"

Tori's heart grows heavy; much heavier than the beauty in her arms. Her tears refused to cease.

"Jade?" The word almost didn't come.

"Tori?" Jade slowly attempts to lift her hand to touch Tori's face. She reciprocates by holding that same hand in return.

They just stare at one another for several minutes in silence. Jade being held helplessly like an injured baby deer in the embrace of Tori.

"What happened to him?" Jade asks Tori. "Where is he?"

She understood that Jade meant about what became of Abernathy. "Sweetheart," Tori looking deep into Jade's eyes. "I ripped his fucking head off."

Jade takes in what she had just heard. She runs her fingers through the half-Latina's brown hair. "That's my girl."

"I thought I'd never see you again," Tori's eyes emitting fresh tears.

Jade shakes her head. "You're not gonna get rid of me that easily."

"Damn straight."

Tori lowers her head to Jade who rises to meet her halfway. They share a long, exquisite kiss.

Beck looks on at two vampires, not nomadic murderers, but two soul mates that would die to protect the other.

Trina shakes her head at the person she always wanted her sister to find; someone who would face the Devil for her.

The two humans hold hands and draw closer together, witnessing just how beautifully they were both wrong.

Abominations? Beck asks himself. Not even close. I see a triumph over death. Maybe there is no Heaven. Maybe we make it here on earth, one love blossoming at a time.