If you go around and ask people if they enjoyed their high school years, the majority of them would probably say no. Could you blame them? Besides all the school work, teachers, and parents nagging about your deteriorating grades – there's all the drama, the embarrassing haircuts, and the unattractive pictures that somehow made it into the school yearbook. High school is arguably something you wouldn't want to go through again. You just wish your life was like an 80's teen movie, where a guy would stand outside your window with a boombox, that person who tormented you would get their just desserts, and for one night you could just have the time of your life. You'd just wish that John Hughes would have directed your life. Amidst all that, however, somewhere in that deep hatred you have for your high school experience, are the little moments that actually made you happy: the times you spent with your friends.

Located in the stunning town of Rosewood, Illinois, sits the esteemed Rosewood Academy. Rosewood Academy features a stunning campus complete with rustic brick buildings, lavish woods, and a dazzling lake right behind the school's main buildings. At Rosewood, you'll find just about any person you're looking for. You've got the popular girls sitting on the steps of the main building, dumping yogurt on the unsuspecting heads of passersby. The geeks messing around in the science lab, mixing chemicals until they blow something up. The jocks out on the fields, working themselves to the bone for another championship win and just about every other person. For example, there are the Heathers, a group of three girls whose lives consist of making you miserable and loving every minute of it. You can't avoid them. You have Jason Bender, the guy everyone is afraid of and he doesn't mind it one bit. Then you have the kid that can do practically anything and get away with it because his father is the school's dean, Freddie Bueller. What happens though when all of these personalities come together for one major party? You can just say, it wasn't a boring night. The Heathers got what was coming to them, Jason hooked up with someone he never thought he would, and Freddie finally got caught in one of his elaborate plans. This isn't all that happened though. So much more happened.

These names sound familiar don't they? That's because the teenagers of Rosewood Academy don't know it, but they are reincarnations of famous Eighties and Nineties teen movie characters. Like in those iconic films, these teenagers aren't what they seem. The popular girls lives are most messed up than the freaks they torment, the jocks know that their time is fleeting, and the freaks are that way for a reason. This roleplay takes place after the events of that unforgettable party and the consequences of that night.