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My True Feelings

Chapter 1

Selphie's Balamb Garden Homepage

'Hiya, people! Selphie here. Well, we have a ball coming up organized by yours truly. It's on Friday. Any of you lovely boyz gonna ask me to go with you? Tee-hee. Just kidding! Well, since it's so close to Halloween, I decided to make it a Halloween Ball! So go head and get a costume. That means you too SQUALL! If you don't I'll… I'll… I'll tickle you to death! Remember, only I know your ticklish spot. (Evil laugh) Oh! Any help with decorating the Quad is much appreciated! Any volunteers? Please? I'll love you forever and ever! Well that's all for now! See ya in the halls!'

Selphie had to giggle to herself about that post. During the last few months, she's become a lot closer to Squall, and it made her so happy. At first, she thought he completely hated her, or maybe just thought she was really annoying. The latter was probably true. But if it was, he never voiced his opinion about her. Then again, he never really talked much to begin with. He probably thought she was crazy. Maybe she was. But she wasn't that much different from any 'normal' teenage girl. Sure, she was a little childish, but who can blame her? The girl knew how to have fun.

'Ok, now that I've updated, time to get working on the quad.' she thought to herself.

Opening the drawer to her desk, Selphie couldn't help but to look up at the framed picture that sat on the top shelf. It was of her and Squall during the surprise birthday party she had thrown for him a few months back. Using his awesome photography skills, Zell had taken the photo at just the right moment when Selphie had decided to surprise Squall by plopping right in his lap while he was deep in thought… like always. They were on the stage, and thinking she was going to fall, Squall had put his arms around her and pulled her to him, making their noses touch. It was her most favorite photo. The photo showed he was genuinely worried for her safety, even if the fall wouldn't have seriously hurt her.

'Ok, we need Halloween decorations, food, drinks, A LOT of hot dogs, and candy! Lots of candy! Maybe I can get Zell or Irvine to take me candy shopping.'

Deciding it was about time to get dressed, Selphie went over to her closet and pulled out a pair of jeans. It was much too cold out to be wearing her usual yellow dress, much to her dismay. She loved the dress, but she didn't want to get sick either. But she did pull out a dark purple tee-shirt to wear with the jeans. Lastly, she slipped on a simple black zip up sweater. Instead of going with her brown boots, she had decided wear her black flat slip-ons. She applied some light makeup, and fixed her hair out to it's usual flip at the ends.

With a yawn, she decided it was about time she went down to the Quad. With Halloween being just around the corner, she really wanted to get things done fast. But, of course, she wanted it to be good. Not half-assed. Making arrangements for a ball was sometimes easy, but there were times when it became real stressful for her. Making diagrams weren't that much of a problem. The refreshments and tables pretty much went in the same spot all the time. Really, it was the decorations that got to her. Decorations, music, and food.

She was debating on whether she wanted to get a DJ or a live band for this ball. The live band, of course, would be the students. There were some in Garden who got together to play music. They were rather good. Then there were a few students who were DJs. They were just as good. She wanted to be fair, so this time she put a poll on the Garden Festival page, and most had voted for one of the bands. They were a band who played their own music, as well as music from popular singers… but they added a bit of a twist to their version. Selphie was happy with them, so she couldn't wait to hear them play.

Seeing that the Quad was turning out great so far, Selphie smiled and went over to the decorations that weren't put up yet. The balloons were going to have to wait until the day of. She had an idea for some of the skeletons that a student had made. He was really great with this kind of stuff. It looked pretty real, and it was just how Selphie imagined it. He even made a few that looked like they were still decomposing. Selphie felt that this was just going to be great! She had the idea of maybe hanging a few from the ceiling, like they were, well, hanged. Of course, there were going to be a couple in coffins. She thought about asking the boy if he could make some zombies, but she didn't know what the budget was yet. But the kid was a great help and had offered to do a few of the props for free, only because he really loved doing that kind of stuff. Selphie knew that once he was out of Garden, he'd be going to school for it.

Food was never THAT big of a deal. Hot dogs were always on the list. They were one of the best sellers, at least for the guys. But junk food was most likely going to be the main 'food group.' Cookies, candy, and cakes were on the list. But she didn't want it to be all that was there. There were students that just couldn't eat that stuff or just weren't a big fan of sweets. Sure, that's where hot dogs came in, but she didn't want it to be 'it's either sweets or hot dogs'. So, she put hamburgers and pizza on the list as well. She was sure that she would think of something else when she went out shopping today. She had to make this the best. She wanted everyone to have as much fun as they can that night. With a smile, she checked things over one more time before leaving to go to the cafeteria.

She found her friends there, sitting at their usual table in their usual spots. The guys on one side and the girls on the other. She couldn't help but to think what great friends she has. She knew that they would always be there for her. Even Seifer, who has joined their gang not to long ago. She thought of him as a big brother. A big protective brother that always picked on her. And she couldn't be more happy with that, even if it did annoy her at times. But that was what big brothers were for, right? Zell was the same, in a way. He was five months younger than Selphie, but he still acted like a big caring brother to her. He was always there to make her laugh when she was feeling a bit down. He always said a frown never looked good on her. And Squall would do little things to make her feel better. Like, he would buy her a flower or buy her lunch. Quistis was like a big sister, always looking out for her. And Rinoa… well… Rinoa was a close friend. Selphie didn't really see her as a sister, but she was a really great friend.

'I have really great friends,' Selphie thought to herself happily. 'They're always there when I need them. Even Seifer. He's like a big protective brother. I'm so glad he's part of our gang now. He and Squall are best friends now. Totally unexpected, but not bad at all. It works.'

Since Zell was sitting with his back toward her, Selphie decided to scare him. When everyone at the table except Zell saw her coming, she made the 'Shhh' gesture. She grinned and quickly hugged Zell from behind, shouting, "Hiya, Zell!"

"Ahhhhh! HOLY SHIT!" Zell screamed and fell back in his seat.

Everyone at their table, and everyone else that saw, started laughing. Even Squall. Selphie smiled at her success. She was happy to see Squall laughing. She didn't expect him to laugh, but to her surprise he did. She was very happy about that. Anyone who managed to make Squall laugh or even smile for that matter deserves a metal.

"That just proves that you're a chicken-wuzz," Seifer said to Zell.

Selphie laughed as she seated herself in-between Quistis and Zell.

"Dammit Selphie. You scared the living hell out of me!" said Zell

"That was the point," she told him with a huge smile on her face. "So what's up?"

"Well, we were thinking that we should go shopping for costumes," said Rinoa. "It's Halloween soon, and we remembered you were talking about having a Halloween themed ball or something."

"Don't you mean you were thinking?" asked Squall, eyeing her. He hated how she made decisions for everyone.

"Nooooo. We," she corrected.

"I'm not dressing up."

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm not."

"YES YOU ARE!" the three girls shouted at him.

"Whatever," Squall said rolling his eyes. There was no arguing with them.

"Yay!" exclaimeed Selphie excitedly, a huge smile on her face. Now she had to make this ball epic.

"I guess I can go as SeeD."

"Squall, that's boring. Why go as something you are when you can go as something you're not?" Selphie asked, giving him a pout.

"Because I don't want to dress up."

"Why don't you go as a um…a rock star! You'll look so cool! Or… Um… Hmm… Maybe a monster? I know! A Greek god! You'd look so hot!" She then felt herself go red. Did she just say that out loud?

Squall thought about this for a while. "I have to think about it. I'm not saying yes," he told her. He would have to put a lot of thought into it. Dressing up seemed childish to him. He was never one to get into things like Halloween or costume parties.

"Ok! I hope you do dress up, Squall. It could be really fun. I know it's not your kind of thing, but there's no harm on having fun every once in a while, right?" she asked him. She saw that he was going to say something, but Rinoa interrupted him.

"I'm going as a princess," said Rinoa with pride and joy.

'Surprise,' thought Squall. 'She acts like one already. Selphie should tell her to dress up like something she's not.'

"What are you all going as?" Selphie asked the rest of the gang.

"I'm going as a doctor," said Quistis, with a small smile. Selphie always thought that if Quistis wasn't an instructor, she would be a doctor.

"I gonna go as a boxer," said Zell as he did some boxing moves. Selphie giggled, shaking her head at him.

"I'm going as a FBI agent," said Irvine. "You know, since I can't really go as a cowboy. That'd be 'boring.'"

"Firefighter," Seifer simply said.

"Oooooooo, that's a good one! Tee-hee. You'd look really great!" said Selphie, smiling happily at him.

"I changed my mind. I'll go as what cowboy said here."

"Oh, come on, Seifer! I was only saying the truth. I'd think you look good as a FBI agent, too. You're so mean to me!" Selphie said with fake tears in her eyes.

"But it's so fun!" Seifer said with a smile. "But I'll probably stick with the first one."

"You big ol' meanie. Well, I came here to ask you guys if you could-"

"Help you set up decorations in the quad," they all finished for her.

"Yeah, what you guys said," she said with a giggle. "You know me so well. Well, will you? PUH-LEASE?"

"Ok, Selphie, we'll help," said Squall. 'Might as well. She'll never leave you alone until you do.' His friends gave him a weird look, but he chose to ignore it. Sure, it was a little out of character for him to agree so quickly, but Selphie was going to beg until they agreed to help.

"Great! We can get started now. I need to go shopping for candy and some more decorations, so who wants to go with me?"

"I'll go," Squall said getting up. "I need to get out of here for a few hours. Plus Seifer and Irvine are taller than me, they can put the streamers and banners up." Selphie noticed the look that Rinoa gave him, but Squall saw it and chose to ignore it, or he just didn't see it at all. Again, it was a little out of character for him to volunteer, but Squall was right. Selphie thought Squall needed a little time to get out of Garden. Time where he wasn't actually required to. Like… go on a mission or something.

"You're right. Then eat up Squall! We have candy shopping to do!"

"I already ate. You should eat. You'll need the energy." He looked at the tiny energetic girl who just stared up at him. "Never mind. But I'd still like you to eat a little something at least." 'She never runs out of energy.'

Selphie nodded and got up to get herself a bagel with cream cheese along with a coffee to drink. Like she needed something else to add on to her energy. But coffee was good, and she didn't want to pass it up. She took it back to the table and had a nice conversation with her friends while she ate.

Selphie grabbed his hand and led him to the parking lot. Once they got there, she climbed in the passenger's side of Squall's truck that he got for his birthday from Laguna. Squall got in the drivers side with a sigh. He liked the truck, but he felt like Laguna was trying to buy him with it. Selphie told him that he should accept the gift and try to let his father be in his life. He knew she was right. It wasn't his father's fault that he was forced to go to an orphanage when he was a baby. Sure, his father knew about him, but until a year ago, they never knew about each other. So… can he blame the man? Maybe when Laguna had Ellone taken from the orphanage, he should have asked about Squall… But Squall also knew that it was easy to come to the assumption that a baby died with his mother. Squall didn't know what to really think, but he knew that Laguna must feel horrible. He supposed he could give the man a shot.

"Squall, this is so cool! He picked a really nice one for you!" said Selphie.

"It is nice to have. I don't have to drive a huge Garden car around," he said, agreeing with his friend.

"He's really trying, Squall. So you should give him a chance and maybe spend some time it him. Get to know him," she said with a small pout.

Squall just turned the radio on. It boomed Godsmack. He figured Selphie would change it to something more of her liking, but to his surprised, he found her dancing in her seat. Not that was strange. She seemed like she'd be one of those girls that was into pop music. Like… What was that singer Rinoa listened to? Britney something. He couldn't remember the whole name. He wasn't one to listen to it. But he was forced to under certain circumstances.

"You like Godsmack?" Squall yelled over the music.

"Yeah! They're awesome!" She yelled back.

After the song was over, Selphie still didn't change it. Squall turned down the music. He looked over at her in surprise.

"Heeeey, I was listening to that, you person," Selphie said playfully punching him on the arm.

"Do you like rock?" he asked, surprised by her choice of music.

"I love rock. Any kind of rock is fine with me. Classic Rock, Hard Rock, a little of Pop Rock. I like it all. Well, except for, like, Screamo. Can't understand a word they're saying. Lets just say I like A LOT of rock music."

"I thought you would listen to the crap Rinoa listens to. By the way, remind me to remove about half of what's on there."

"Nope! Well, maybe just a bit. I don't like Rap or Hip – Hop. For Pop, though, it REALLY depends on the singer. Um, I kinda really like Asian Pop, though," she said, giving him a smile. "Okay, will do! But I get to tell you which Pop songs to keep!"

Squall was surprised. He really did think she would listen to whatever Rinoa listens to, and to him, it wasn't good music at all. He was glad that she did listen to rock. No one else in the gang besides Seifer and Zell listened to rock. Then again, he did sometimes catch Irvine listening to rock sometimes, but he cowboy stuck to country most of the time. Not that country was bad. Squall just liked to stick to his rock.

Selphie started going through his iPod, looking for something else to listen to. She found that there were A LOT of rock bands and singers on it, as well as some pop. Rinoa probably put the pop on there. Selphie didn't strike Squall as a pop listener. Well… She did find an Ayumi Hamasaki cd in his room once… Then again… it could have been Rinoa's. With a giggle, she went to said singer and played one of her songs, just to see the reaction she'd get from him. To her surprise, she got just a small smile. Well, there was nothing wrong with Ayu!

"Squall! I'm surprised! Ayumi is a pop singer! You like her?" she asked her friend, looking over at him.

Squall merely shrugged and looked over at the small girl. "Japanese music isn't bad at all," he said to her, giving her a smile.

"Squall, you're pretty awesome. Can't believe we have so much in common," she said to him, giving him a huge smile.

"Hey, do you we can stop by the music shop? Girugamesh's new cd just came out and I wanna get it."

"Selphie, I think you're my new best friend." Squall said with a smile.

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