Title: Error of Tragedies

Original Author: Chinsuihime

Summary: Harry Potter as the neglected and abused brother of the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry Potter/Viktor Krum- manipulative!Dumbledore, abusive!Potters.

Pairings: Harry Potter x Viktor Krum, Sirius Black x Remus Lupin, James Potter x Lily Evans.

Disclaimer 1: I do not own the characters used in this story, they belong to J.K Rowling

Disclaimer 2: I adopted this, the first chapter is the original author's, but is a combination of the 8 chapters that they have written.

Warnings: Child Abuse, male love, Mpreg later on.

Moony had always known that Lily didn't like little Harry, but was too afraid to voice it to Sirius, due to his temper and family history of insanity. Moony could tell that his cub would have it ruff, but swore on his werewolf and wizard magic that he would always be there and be supportive.

Back when Lily was pregnant, Dumbledore told them of the prophecy and Lily was so smug when she became aware of her son's future. It was known that she would be boasting to Alice Longbottom about her carrying the 'savior' of the Wizarding world.

When Lily gave birth she was so enthusiastic to see her little boy, she was a lot less than a little shocked that Harry had slipped out not too long afterward. He was at least 4 pounds… verses Hayden's 8 pounds, turns out he was being blocked by Hayden in the womb. Harry was so underweight because Hayden would usually gobble up everything Lily consumed. Unfortunately Harry was destined to live in his brother's shadow.

Moony was named the god-parent of the second, while Padfoot was named the god-parent of the first.

Harry, who was a very large surprise to us all, came out with the thickest black hair, very petite, snow white skin, no flaws to be seen, and huge Avada Kedavra green eyes. Hayden, who was the first, came out with tanned skin, black hair, chubby, and large brown, puppy dog eyes.

The nursery in Godric's hollow was fit for a king… or a 'savior'. A huge crib, changing table, diaper dispenser, nappies and bottles in glorious abundance, but only gave light that the Potter's only have ONE child. Gryffindor gold and red the theme for the prophesized child, but what of poor Harry, most didn't know of his existence.

A few doors along the corridor was little Harry's room, a spare room, bare except for the Potter crest upon the back wall, with one lonely crib, which held a child who never cried and cot for the house elf, plus a port-key in the corner.

That was the way it was and would always be for little Harry. His tousled black hair, those huge, Avada Kedavra green eyes, stared strangely understandingly back at Remus. Remus questioned the aged expression on his face, like he had lived a long life and knew what the world would hold for him, even before it happened.

"I'll take care of you, little Harry " he'd promised, he would rather die than let his cub down the way his parents were beginning to.

Harry gurgled happily and grabbed his feet to play with. He was such a happy child, but was stuck in a position he could possibly never get out of, always being second to his brother.

Months Later

Harry and Hayden were 15 months old, and situated in the living room. Hayden on the babysitter, ridding her like she was a pony, Harry on the tiled floor watching, waiting patiently for his turn. Voldemort burst through the wards and the door before the babysitter, a tall, chubby blond teenage girl with glasses from the neighborhood, was Crucioed… until death took her blissfully into his merciful arms. The Dark Lord turned his wand on the Potter children. He uttered the killing curse, and screamed in horror as it rebounded on him and destroyed his body. The house shook, and the falling debris gouged a bloody V on Hayden's cheek. Harry had been under some rubble and passed out by the time 'The Order' had arrived on seen.

Dumbledore picked up Hayden with a proud look on his face, raising the squalling baby and proclaimed him the Boy-Who-Lived. Everyone there had the same look, but had forgotten about poor Harry.

Remus burst through the door at Godric's Hollow and saw the order, he held his breath, waiting for the news that Harry had been killed and that he had failed his cub.

"Hey, Moony" James greeted, so happy that his son was safe.

"Is he okay?" Moony asked worriedly, and getting ever so frantic by the minute, "What happened?"

"Hayden is fine, just a litt-"

"Not Hayden," Moony sneered, "Harry, you know, my GOD-SON! " Moony pushed past him and into the living room, searching through the rubble to find Harry. He picked the quiet baby up and held him to his chest. Nothing was seriously wrong or anything to really worried about, not that he could have him back in his protective arms.

"I'm so glad you're safe" Remus kissed him on the forehead, then looked down puzzled at the new, foreign magic coming from the little one.

"Oh" Lily said, as though she had forgotten something so unimportant, "I knew something was missing."

Remus growled and used his robe to mop up the blood on his brow. Clearing his forehead to see the Lightning bolt scar, now realizing where the odd sensation was coming from.

"Albus?" the wolf said bewildered.

"Yes, Remus?" he asks as though he was interrupting a very holy moment.

"Can you take a look at Harry's scar? I can feel magic coming from it," the tone of the shaking voice didn't seem to faze anyone.

"Nonsense, my boy, it's most likely from piece of debris," he said with a bored tone.

"But-" he was frantic, he wanted to scream, but knew better.

"Not now, Remus. Albus needs to check over Hayden," James says, annoyed.

Remus looked back at Harry and saw huge green eyes looking back at him. After repairing the living quarters, which took no less than fifteen minutes, he carried him back up to is room and scoffed at the sight of it. If only werewolves were allowed to adopt kids.

7 years later, the situating hadn't changed much.

Remus watched as Harry and Hayden sat at the table. Hayden was messy and had food flying everywhere. It was a bit disgusting really. He had about thirty pounds on his brother, and looked like it too. No, not all was muscle, most of it was certainly NOT muscle.

Harry calmly ate his food, almost one pea at a time. It was disturbing to see a child so reserved. Harry is about 75 pounds and most of it WAS indeed muscle, after being in his room all the time and reading, then sleeping, Remus told him that he needed to workout, for he would soon be old enough to date and would need something that would have the girls drooling, it was a joke, but Harry took it seriously.

Remus scooped Ice cream into two bowls for them, making sure to distribute it evenly. When he walked in to give it to the boys, Hayden snatched the bowl from Moony's hand, and began pigging out, again, but Harry took his with a soft smile and a thanks.

Remus knew what was coming next, but refused to get into another spat with the cunt about the different treatments of the two boys, "Mom, Harry took more Ice cream than me," he whined.

"Hayden they are the same amount," Remus sighed

"What? Again. What have I told you about that?" Lily scolded, not hearing Remus, slapping Harry on his hand and switching his for Hayden's almost half eaten bowl.

"Lily-" Remus started but Harry grabbed his hand and shook his head, telling him not to worry about it. It had happened so many times before that Harry just accepted it now, and at almost 7, he was so much more mature than Sirius.

Hayden wolfed his down and them looked longingly at Harry's bowl, then got an evil grin on his face, "Mom, tell Harry to give me back my ice cream" he yelled.

Lily came back into the room and took Harry's bowl from him and gave to Hayden, "If I have to talk to you one more time, I'm going to punish you" she scolded again. Smiling brightly, she kissed Hayden on the forehead and bustled off.

Remus watched as Harry sighed and got up off his chair and pushed it back in. Remus wanted dearly to get his god-son out of this hell hole, but was unable to, due to that fucking wolf that bit him! "I'm going to my room, bye Uncle Moony" and shuffled off.

2 years later

Because of Hayden, Harry's room was now the basement, "Hayden needs more space because of all the things he has," James had said. Harry took his relocation without a word; he refused to give Hayden the pleasure of ruffling him. Despite the basement being cold and dank, it was spacious and had enough room for his books. Books he snuck out of the Potter Library, which he wasn't allowed in because he could ruin what was in there, the family antiques and mementos of the family's past, and birthday and Christmas gifts from Uncles Moony and Sirius.

It was Hayden's and Harry's 9th birthday. A party of epic proportion, ministry officials and ambassadors, Hogwarts alumni and Wizengamot members all clamored to the golden boy. Harry was not permitted to ruin his brother's special day, "B-but w-we-we're tw-twins," he had cried to himself, but James wouldn't hear of it.

James, Lily and Hayden Potter, everyone knew that the Potter's only had their 'Savior,' were the power family that everyone wanted to know and be. They had everything the outsiders wanted; power, money and favor.

Harry put on his best robes, which he had gotten from Remus yesterday and hid it before Hayden and Lily could take it from him, thinking that it was given to him by mistake, and after brushing his untamable, curly hair, Harry ascended his stairs and found the door locked as usual, a wandless, wordless Alohomora quickly took care of that.

He eased in behind the guests, and avoided his family, searching out his Uncle Moony.

Remus watched with thinly veiled disgust at Lily and James potter, people he once considered his closest friends. Their obnoxious son was pigging out at the table to the disgust of some of the guests. He felt someone tug at his robes, looking down he saw his little Harry, who was looking adorably handsome in his dark green robes.

"Hey, cub" he hugged the child and felt someone tug on his arm.

"Remus, what are you doing hiding back here?" Lily asked, humor lacing her voice, "Who are you with?"

"Harry " Hayden sneered, "You're ruining my party"

"I'm not staying; I just wanted to see Uncle Moony. I'm leaving in a few minutes," he said quickly.

Remus couldn't believe that his once best friends were treating their son so horribly. The boys are twins and this should be their party, not just the eldest.

"Where did you get this robe? You stole it from your brother, didn't you?" James hissed at Harry.

"Of course not" Remus injected smoothly, fighting his every instinct to kick James' ass, "I sent it to Harry yesterday."

"Why? Hayden always needs new robes," his friend hissed at him.

Remus looked at them in disbelief, "It's Harry's birthday today as well, so I sent him some robes and some books. Or did you two forget you had twins?"

"Thank you, Uncle Moony, you didn't have to," Harry hugged him tightly about the waist.

"It's okay, cub. You know I love you."

"Thanks again, bye," Harry says, leaving the others behind, squeezing past guests to leave. Harry disappeared into the crowd and back into his room/basement. It would only be a matter of time before the Potter's came to take his robe and punish him again.

They didn't disappoint. He wasn't hexed, but the bruises and fractures from his father's fists lasted longer and hurt worse of all. Harry didn't cry anymore, he knew that his uncle wanted him to have muscle because of such occasions, since it was stronger than the fat on his brother, it works.

2 years later

Harry sat outside. He had dug a rock loose and used it to escape his room/basement/prison for some time. They had locked him in for 3 days without food and Harry couldn't call the elf, or port-key, because he knew he would be punished.

Looking up to the sky he sees two large birds heading towards the house, "Probably for Haydan," he sighs. To his surprise the two huge owls drop letters into his lap; one from Durmstrang and one from Hogwarts.

Harry crept back into his room, reading his letters by the light of his wandless lumos spell. The door burst open moments later and Harry hid his letters and said "Nox."

"Ha ha, loser, Betcha didn't get one of these," he said waving his letter in his face. Harry cocked his head to one side and gave his obnoxious, egotistic brother a curious "Are you that stupid?" look.

"Mom, Harry's being mean to me!" he yelled and smirked as Lily and James thundered down the stairs. Harry sighs, knowing that it would do no good to argue.

"Boy, you better apologize to your brother right now!" James ordered, face turning purple because his youngest had insulted his pride and joy.

"I apologize for bothering you," he said without any emotion lacing his voice or playing on his face.

"What's this?" Lily asked pointing to the letter in Hayden's hands. A proud look plays upon her thin face.

"Oh, it's my acceptance letter from Hogwarts," Hayden puffed up.

"Oh, honey we're so proud of you," Lily and James cooed.

Remus came down the stairs then, "Hey what's going on down here?"

"Hayden got his Hogwarts letter," James says proudly.

"Isn't that great Moony?" Hayden and Lily ask in unison.

"Congratulations Hayden," Remus says, but then turns his attention to the other youngster in the room, "Did you get your letter Harry?"

"This squib?" James sneered; hating the fact that Dumbledore told him that his other was not going to be a proud addition to the Potter family tree.

"The loser?" Hayden laughs.

"Yes, I got my letter" Harry said in a loud whisper, a bit hurt at his father's words.

"Liar, squibs don't get letters," Lily scolded, agreeing with her husband.

Harry pulled the Hogwarts letter from beneath the book that was lying on the bed.

"No way! You're NOT going with me!" the eldest complained, starting to throw a hissy fit, though it had been years since the eldest cried, he knew that if he released enough magic to make it seem he was losing control, that his parents would give him anything he wanted.

"I don't want you going to school with Hayden, you squib," James sneered, not wanting his family to be a laughing-stock because Lils couldn't produce two great heirs at once.

Remus knew better than to get into another one of these sessions. Harry would bear the brunt of his words or actions. He knew Harry could handle it, though his cub shouldn't have to.

"It's fine, I'll be going to Durmstrang instead," Harry says, pulling out the second letter, to the shock of everyone in the room, but it seemed that only one would be proud of his great accomplishment.

"That's so unfair!" Hayden whined, thinking he should be the one to get TWO letters; he IS the Boy-Who-Lived, who WOULDN'T want him to go to their school.

"Congrats Harry," Remus praised and hugged Harry tightly, thanking the institute for making his cub feel special, for once.

"I refuse to pay for you to go to that death eater camp!" James all but screams at his son.

"I already sent my acceptance letter, I leave on the 25th of August," Harry says in a monotone.

Hayden sneered at Harry, "You Death Eater," and stormed up the stairs. Lily gave Harry a look of pure disappointment, which Harry met with a blank stare. James stormed up in huff.

Both Harry and Remus knew what would happen once Remus left.

August 25th

Harry packed his stuff into his 3 compartment trunk, which holds his second hand and his brand new robes and shoes, his books, parchment and quills, and treats for his first owl Hedwig.

He lugged his trunk up the stairs and unlocked the usually locked door and went into the living room. He began to wonder why he received two letters, Hayden could do everything he could, but he guessed that since the world was open to him that he didn't try to keep his abilities strong.

Albus Dumbledore sat in his resplendent robes of puce polka dotted green robes, peering at Harry disappointedly over his half-moon glasses, "Harry, my boy," he says in a tone that was supposed to be grandfatherly.

"Good day, Mr. Dumbledore" Harry said politely. Lily, James and Hayden had smug looks on their faces, while Moony looked upset, Sirius looked confused.

Harry felt something probe his mind and calmly shoved them out. He had a feeling he knew what this was about, "Can I help you Mr. Dumbledore?" looking pointedly at the old man. Harry shifted the button port-key into his other hand and counted the few minutes until it activated.

"I was told by your parents that you received an acceptance letter from Durmstrang," he says looking in pure shock.


"I advise you, not to go," the man says.

"Why ever not, Mr. Dumbledore?" Harry was upset, was Uncle Moony the ONLY one who cared that he was special. He knew the old man didn't like him; he never acted as though the youngling existed. He would play grandfather to his brother, but would never even say "Hello," to Harry.

"Harry, Durmstrang isn't like Hogwarts," the man paused, "It's brutal and not very accepting of persons with your magical stature" he said


"Where did you get your stuff?" Hayden asked, eyes narrowed at his unimportant brother.

"You stole this, didn't you" Lily sneered, walking over to check out his owl.

"Of course, he didn't" Remus said, anger rising. Sirius looked at the man, he doesn't have a clue what is transpiring

"We haven't given you any money to buy these things" James said, his face draining of blood and his knuckles turning white, due to the tight fists they are in.

"I bought my stuff with my OWN money" Harry said, getting tired of this conversation, this meddling old man, his Uncle Padfoot being oblivious, his mother and father waiting on his brother hand and foot, his brother lying to get him in trouble, and people not realizing what goes on when they leave. The only one who even remotely cares is Moony, he's the only reason he didn't end his life all these years.

Hayden scoffed, but Harry ignored him, he didn't exist in Harry's mind. Hayden starts getting fidgety when no one acknowledged him, it was worse when his parents said he would attend Hogwarts if they could convince him, Hayden sat in disbelief while waiting for the headmaster to arrive.

"I bought it with the money Uncle Sirius and Remus would give me at Christmas and on my Birthdays. I never spent any of it, so I used it then"

Albus looked questioningly at Remus who said, "Of course it's true. He pulled out the sack of Galleons and gave me the list to get his stuff, the same day he got his letter" Moony smiled toothily at them.

"Remus, you're encouraging him?" Lily admonished to the werewolf who scoffed. She could be so blind.

"Ah, yes, back to Harry," the elder said.

Harry wanted to know how he could be forgotten do easily, but refused to ask, "I'm sorry, Mr. Dumbledore. I've already made my decision."

"Now see here, young man. You better listen to Dumbledore, or I'll punish you," James warned.

"Wait, so what you're saying is that, you don't want me to go to Durmstrang, yet you don't want me to go to Hogwarts? Where am I supposed to go?" Harry asks in a deep confusion.

"I'm sending you to live with my sister Petunia, she'll send you to a muggle school," Lily sneered.

"Why a muggle school?" Sirius asked, not seeing, again.

"Duh, Uncle Sirius. Squibs go to muggle schools," His friend says like he is a small child.

"Who said I was a squib?" Harry let in quietly. He wanted to know, he wasn't one. How could he do such strong magic and be a squib?

Remus chuckled and Sirius looked at his questioningly, but Remus whispered, "I'll tell you later."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Dumbledore. I really must be leaving." Harry says, feeling that the port-key was ready to be used.

"If you go to Durmstrang, I'll disown you," James dared.

"Oh" Harry paused and looked contemplative "okay. Well, you should do it now and save yourself some trouble, then," Harry said without the slightest emotion on his face.

"You little bastard! I , James Potter, hereby disown, one Harry James Potter and reject him from the Potter family and Gryffindor line. I now have one son, Hayden Godric Potter."

Harry swayed as the Potter blood was spelled from his body, his green eyes brightened and his hair lengthened to about mid-back. Removing and tossing his now useless glasses onto the table, Harry no-name smiled peacefully, "Thank you. Good day Mr. Dumbledore, Misters and Mrs. Potter. Padfoot and Moony, I'll message you when I'm settled in"

With an almost silent pop, Harry previously Potter was port-keyed away never to be seen again for a few years.

After realizing that this wasn't a joke, "Remus, how could you?!" Lily exclaimed

The werewolf shrugged and replied, "It was a lot easier than you think"

"What the hell is going on?" Sirius asked, wondering about his god-son.

"I'm going to Durmstrang to kick his ass!" James screamed, which shocked the wolf because he did just disown the child.

"That's impossible, Durmstrang is unplottable and you have to be portkeyed in" Dumbledore said, "Things are out of my hands, and thanks to you Remus. Young Harry is going down the path of Darkness."

Remus stood, glaring at the headmaster slightly, "Headmaster, I respect you. I respect your knowledge and experience. But things aren't going to be certain. Just because you say they are. Harry is a wonderful child, polite and intelligent. He is POWERFUL, and I believe to be more powerful than the Boy-Who-Lived," he can't bear to call the child by his name, "He would have made a great Slytherin or a Ravenclaw, but for a man so old and wise to turn his head to abuse and neglect is one thing to much," turning to the Potters he sneered at them, "I knew how you treated him, I put those memories in a pensive. Since that was the only way I could look at you. You're growing Hayden to be a monster, an arrogant bully, worse than what we did to Severus when we were in school, but thankfully Padfoot and I have already made amends. I don't understand why you would treat your son like that. SO what if he didn't save the Wizarding world. Is that a reason to abuse him? You DISGUST me and I NEVER want to see you again. Whether Sirius wants to talk to you is his business," with a disgusted look at the people in the room, he grabbed a confused Sirius' hand and pulled him to the floo.

Sirius could barely contain himself as he and Remy flooed back to the Black manor. Once inside and situated on the couch, "Okay, Remus Lupin soon to be Black tell me what's going on" Sirius ordered , pulling the werewolf onto the sofa with him.

"Okay. I don't even know where to start," he says defeated.

Sirius kissed Remus hard and deep, sweeping his tongue devouringly into Remus'. Remus pulled away with a sigh, his wet, kiss bruised lips parting to allow the air out, "At the beginning would be best dear."

"Do you remember that night when lily gave birth?"

"Yeah, why?" he asks, not seeing where this would lead.

"Do you remember that Hayden was born 8 pounds and instead of the after birth, came Harry at 4 pounds?" Remus asks, but not really looking for an answer.

"Yep, the tiniest baby, I had ever seen. Cuter than Hayden though "Sirius said, reminiscing on the happy moment.

"Yep, it started since then, did you ever see Harry's nursery?" knowing his lover probably hadn't.

"No, James always said that he was a light sleeper and that I would wake him up," he confessed.

"Harry's nursery was an empty spare room with a transfigured crib and a cot for the house elf port-key. The damned elf raised him. I remember going into Hayden's room, it was fit for the savior of the wizarding world. I heard another gurgle a few doors down and that's how I found Harry." Remus was close to tears as he remembered the night he say the room for the first time.

"What? Why would James and Lily do that?" asked the other, in disbelief.

"They were so caught up in themselves as the parents of the boy who lived."

"I remember seeing Harry being beaten by his parents, which was instigated by Hayden. I watched as he was malnourished and forced to live in a dark, dank basement, when there were perfectly good rooms upstairs, but NO the perfect child needed all the room to himself. I never said anything because I was afraid to lose two people that saw me for me and not the werewolf, I was afraid of being alone and friendless," Moony sobbed into his hands.

"It's gonna be, okay," Sirius held his sobbing fiancé in his arms and sighed.

Oh, James and Lily what trouble you have sown. You made Hayden into a monster and practically threw Harry away. God, I was so blind to see you mistreated Harry. I hope you can forgive me.

At Durmstrang

Harry's first impression of Durmstrang was summed up in one word, well really it was a sound, Harry whistled. He'd never seen much outside his basement, much less outside Godric's Hollow. The black castle was foreboding and intimidating.

He was met at the front door by a disgruntled looking young man, "Hello, 'Arry potter?" the teen grumbled in a thick accent.

"I was disowned a few minutes ago, is this that problem?" Harry asked almost nervously.

"Nope, ve get a lot of those around 'ere. I am Viktor Krum and I vill take you to ze hospital ving. It be standard procedure to make sure, that you don't carry any diseases on anyfing like zat.

"Okay" Harry mumbled.

Viktor was not beautiful by any stretch of the word or the imagination. His duck footed walk was not an asset, but he was still enchanting in his own way. He was alluring to Harry and the ex-Potter wanted nothing better than to touch Viktor. He highly doubted that Mr. Krum would appreciate it anyway.

Harry sighed, drawing the attention of the teen walking in front of him, "Are you vell?"

"I am fine, I had a very long, long, long..." he didn't know how to finish.

"Day?" the young man asks, trying to give the boy the comfort of speaking his mind.

"Life," Harry muttered.

Harry begun to take in his surroundings, the dark crimson covered walls, filled with portraits and paintings, both sentient and silent. Some smiled and waved while others sneered down their noses at him. He smiled at them all.

The medi-witch in the hospital wing, Madame Bunshelle, had given him the once over and he was free to go to the antechamber near the Great hall until the sorting that night.

Harry walked a few steps behind Viktor, and a soft pink blush would dust his cheeks. Krum led him into a deserted, portrait-less room, shoving him against the nearest wall.

"You've bevitched me," Viktor stated.

"What? Of course not, why would I?" Harry became a bit frantic.

Viktor grumbled something before tracing Harry's lips with his rough finger. Harry sighed and pushed him gently away, "I am sorry, I do not know vhat came over me," he pauses, "Come I vill lead you to the waiting room."

Harry followed quietly.

The few hours until dinner time moved by quickly, the large stone wall room with its comfy chairs and its huge fireplace was filling up with students, both new and returning.

There were people from all over the world in the room; Asian, Spanish, African and other nationalities. Magical beings such as Vampires, werewolves, veela and more were scattered about the room. Obviously Durmstrang didn't hold the Ministry's view against non-humans… like Uncle Moony.

It was 6:30 when Viktor and 3 others came into the room and led them in two lines into the great Hall of Durmstrang. Rumor has it that Hogwarts great hall was astoundingly beautiful and all that rot. Nothing Harry ever dreamt of could rival this beautiful place.

The walls were a soft gray that glowed under the hundreds of candles and candelabra's about the hall, illuminating the pearlescent ivory plate, goblets and cutlery. Seven long tables adorned the large hall, with another long table at the head where the teachers and Headmaster sat.

The other six tables were filled with hundreds of curiously looking on students, some sneering at the newbies. There were some encouraging smiles from the teachers and some students. Viktor and the other three led them to the vacant table near the left of the great hall.

The newbies looked around in awe before turning their gaze to the now standing man. Igor Karkaroff, the headmaster of the illustrious Durmstrang Institute was a tall, thin man. Hair and curled goatee as white as Dumbledore's, "Good evening, students, both new and returning," The hall was silent as he spoke, he had a dominating presence that reminded Harry faintly of Albus Fucking Dumbledore, "I am not going to give a long speech. You were chosen to attend Durmstrang because you are special, your magic is impressive and you show maturity. Unlike our counterpart, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. there is no sorting. Students are segregated by their years, being 1st year to 7th year," the man paused, directing his attention to the new students, "There are no preconceived prejudices here. Any political campaigning will not be tolerated and the ones who are creating discord will be expelled and taken care off," the way the headmaster coolly threatened to kill students, he realized that Durmstrang would be difficult, but he would make something of himself.

Harry entered the 1st years common room and was in awe. The large room was in different shades of green. The large fireplace and soft rugs and tapestries gave the place a warm homey feel.

The two prefects turned to address the group, "Girls Dormitory to the left, Boys to the right."

"5 persons a room," one said.

"Rules and introductions will be made at breakfast, which is from 6'30 am until 8am," the other said, clearly twins, though they were of different sexes, but seemed to get along fine.

"Before you leave, any students who have been disowned please stay behind," they said in unison.

Harry shifted uncomfortably, watching other students shuffling off to bed , making new friends and enemies already. The room cleared until it was Harry, five other boys and two prefects, "I know that some of you may be feeling overwhelmed, but the 22-28 of November is called Adoption week… where the disowned and orphan kids find families." The female said.

The male prefect spoke now, "We just wanted to give you guys a heads up. It'll be explained in depth in the morning"

Harry followed the other four boys into an empty room and they each made themselves comfortable. There were five large curtained four poster beds, with their trunks already placed at the foot of the bed. The room, like the common room was done in shades of green from curtains to rugs to sheets.

Harry was too sleepy to do anything else; he changed into his pajamas and without a word to the other silent boys, climbed into bed, "Letters to Padfoot and Moony will have to wait until tomorrow."

With the 'Dogs'

Sirius sighed and looked down at his lover again. Remus had cried himself to sleep in his lap. He couldn't believe what was happening underneath his ignorant nose.

He wondered how much Dumbledore knows, he never really trusted the headmaster. That benign, grandfather ruse doesn't work on him anymore. Casting a featherweight charm, he hoisted Moony up and carried him to bed. Only time would tell.

At Durmstrang

Harry arose early the next morning. Silently following the route to the Owlery that Viktor showed him. Finding Hedwig easily among the other brown colored owls.

"Hey, girl. Are you up to delivering a few letters for me?" With an indignant hoot that made Harry chuckle, Hedwig was off, her white form disappearing into the snowing ski.

Dear Moony,

Durmstrang is… something else. It's beautiful. The castle is pure black; the great hall is even grander than the pictures of the one at Hogwarts. There is a huge, raging river than courses along the back of the school. I can't tell you exactly where here is because I really don't know.

I was greeted at the front gate by the strangest guy. I've ever met. He isn't handsome by any stretch of reality much less imagination. His face looks mashed in and his knees are knocked. I think I like him. He's gruff and doesn't speak much. It's not romantic or anything, he's just an enigma to me.

The Head Nurse at the Infirmary, Madam Bunshelle, is really nice. The scanning spells and potions she forced down my throat weren't. Apparently a general checkup is mandatory when you just arrive.

Apparently disowned kids are the norm here. They check for abuse, impairments, disabilities and diseases of any kind.

It's pretty cold around here especially in the mornings. BRRRRRR. I had wondered about the uniform when we purchased it. But, thank Merlin, it's really warm.

To depressing matters now, how did the Potter's and Dumbledore react? Did they bother you? More importantly did you tell Sirius?

I might not have done this before, but, Uncle Moony… Thank you so much. I would be nothing without you. All the times you visited me, I feared that my pre-teen heart might expire from the angst. I lived because of you. All the times where a few dashes of Lily's dangerous potions in the soup could have killed them, the large snake that lives in the nearby forest I could have sent to them. I let them lived because Dumbledore wouldn't have his hero, the hero wouldn't have his parent. But most of all, Remus Lupin-Black would have lost his friends.

It's okay, Uncle Moony, I understand that you didn't want to lose the only set of close friends you've ever made. You feel like a part of you is missing.

Thank you again for Hedwig, she is perfect. Well behaved and intelligent. She outshines the others by far.

Nearing Christmas time, Durmstrang has something called Adoption week. It's where families come in for a 'family to child session' with us disowned or orphans and we get adopted.

Strange, huh?

I can it see it already, us rejects all in a line and getting picked up like a books at Flourish and Blotts.

I really wished that it were you instead of some pair of strangers. British government rules suck, don't you agree?

Another thing, when I was disowned, did you notice the physical changes that took place. I look like a girl, with this long hair (which I kinda like), I always wanted my hair to look like Sirius'. Let him know that I passed him out. I also don't need my glasses anymore, my eyes seem a lighter shade of green than Lily Potter's. I sent a letter to Gringotts to see if they could or would answer my questions.

Let Sirius know that I love him. I know that he and James were almost like brothers and he didn't want to see anything that'll make him seem less than perfect. I forgive him, and I know he cares for me. Give him a hug and a kiss for me, and I shall see you when I can. Please don't forget to write me. You are the only family I have and whatever odd couple that tries to play mum and dad will always be playing second fiddle to you guys.

Love always

Harry Lupin-Black (for now)

After watching Hedwig fly off with his letter. Harry went to the great hall.

Sitting at the table designated to first years like himself, there was a smattering of students up at 6:30 in the morning.

Alike Hogwarts, food appeared , prepared most likely by houselves. Harry got himself some toast, pineapple jam and tea, and observed as students filtered in. He could make out the other four boys in his room.

They sat near to him, Harry decided to be sociable and say good morning.

"Good morning, we share a room don't we?" The red head in the group asks.

"Yeah, sorry about last night, I was really tired" Harry said sheepishly

The red head smiled at him.

"My name is Harry...er...no-body I guess" he said with a rueful grin

"Aah, disowned?" they asked.

Harry nodded.

"Well...my name is Bhutan Spektor, I'm Mongolian" the red head said, "The blond to my left is Julian Kaneohe, he's British, the brunette is Ameth Reye, he's Egyptian and the other brunette is Jack Johnson who is American."

A relatively comfortable silence took over as the others filled up on toast and sausage and tea.

Harry took this chance to look at the others. Bhutan was petite for a guy; he had small delicate looking hands and long red hair, which Harry knew was strange for an Asian person. His eyes were a light indigo almost royal blue color that sparkled mischievously. Julian Keane was a normal looking guy, plain features with short spiky blond hair with mercury colored eyes that held very little emotion. Ameth had an exotic look about him, maybe his sun tanned skin and well shaped lips. His cerulean eyes were gorgeous, like everything else about him. He was gorgeous. Jack Johnson was the stereotypical American jock, buff looking guy, with brown hair in a buzz cut, his plain blue eyes held a glint that Harry realized that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

Harry gave a small smile and went back to breakfast.

Bhutan peeked at Harry as he nibbled on his toast. The boy had long black hair, and the greenest eyes he'd ever seen. His lips tilted in an almost sad way. His creature senses told him to beware and respect the power emanating from him.

Breakfast finished at 8 am and the prefects came and explained all the rules to them, the river was definitely out bounds and the Large, dark forest named the Silent Forest near was twice as treacherous as the forbidden forest at Hogwarts.

It wasn't long before a tall woman with straight brown hair and plain brown eyes came and introduced herself as Marjorie McKinnon, the First Year Mistress.

She passed out our timetables individually, looking over each student. It was kind of unnerving. Harry took his timetable with a soft thank you after he'd been looked over. He felt like a creature under observation or something.

Monday to Friday was absolutely packed, he hoped that he would make it.

Months later

The year was going fine, Harry enjoyed studying everything in sight. He was doing well in school and was on friendly terms with his roommates, whom were friendly with him, especially Ameth.

Letters from Padfoot and Moony talked about possessed teachers and philosopher's stone, three headed Cerebus' and general madness at Hogwarts. Durmstrang was rife with rumor from Hogwarts up to the ending off the term. Harry honestly though that the cold of the harsh winter outside caused one to forget anything besides rushing to your common room's fireplace.

Finally came the time he both dreaded and prayed for. Adoption Week had finally arrived. It was great to think that you might get a guardian in a couple of days. Harry went to bed the day before Adoption Week started, dreaming on happy cookie baking mothers and dads that work in the ministry, large house with picket fence and 3 siblings.

It was a few hours into the opening of adoption week before Harry realized why he dreaded it… Harry was weighed, measured, tested and pranced up and down like a show horse for these pureblooded families that came to the Adoption week. Families with old money, some with dirtied names and statuses, coming to scoop up the rejected heirs from good names to boost their own… Harry hated this auction like atmosphere; he was actually waiting for someone to check his teeth before dragging him off to a plantation in the West Indies.

During the one session with the families, Harry deliberately made mistakes with the families he didn't like. The bigoted bastards.

Harry was going to meet his last couple on the last day of Adoption week. Most of the adoptees were already chosen and getting to know they're new families.

Harry met an elderly looking couple in the sitting room, "Good day."

"Good day, Lad," says the elder man.

Harry sat down and looked curiously at the couple, they looked familiar but he just couldn't put the faced to the name.

"So" the lady started, "let's get the basics; what is your name?"

"Harry," he replied.

"How old are you dear?" the elder lady asks.

"11 years ma'am," Harry strangely liked this old couple, Harry got up and went to the lady and sat between them.

"Oh my," the man said shock lacing his voice.

"I'm sorry, if I seem forward. I just feel really comfortable with you two," Harry stated truthfully.

"I like you too," said the old man a smile playing on his lips.

"Will you please adopt me?" Harry asks.

"Yes, I believe we can" said the man.

That was that, it wasn't until the signing that Harry saw their surname, "THE FLAMELS!" he was so excited, and it definitely showed. Needless to say Padfoot and Moony received an enthusiastic howler about his new parents.

Black Manor, Wiltshire

It was the alarm that was placed on floo that alerted Remus, who ran wand out and ready into the living quarters of the Manor.

The wolf didn't know whether to grimace, scowl, or start firing curses, since in the fireplace was the head of one person he never wanted to see again.

"Good evening, Remus."

"Good evening, Headmaster Dumbledore. Can I help you?" unfailingly polite, after acting like this for almost twelve years he didn't seem to be able to quit the act for his god-son's sake.

"I was wondering if you were interested on taking up the mantle of Defense Against the Dark Arts course at Hogwarts?"

Remus narrowed his eyes at the twinkle-eyed manipulator, "I will speak with Sirius and get back to you"

"Very well, goodbye Remus," the old wizard nodded and pulled his head out.

Flamel manor

Harry lay on his new bed in his new room and sighed.

The Flamels owned an unplottable manor somewhere in the highlands. It was a large place made from a natural stone. The interior was warm and inviting, the chairs soft, the fire roaring. It was misty, so calm and peaceful outside.

His room was large, the bed was sprawling and fluffy soft, with downy comforters, lavender in color, but heather in scent. He had this gorgeous fluffy rug which he could curl his toes into, a merrily cracking fire and basically all the things he never got and would never have gotten at the Potter's.

Perry, his new nickname for Pernelle until he became comfortable enough to call her mum, had given him a tour of their home. He felt so warm at the thought of being a family, a REAL family.

Despite a few miscommunication jinxes, they were getting along quite splendidly, every few days he owled Remus and Sirius, asking them about their lives and if the ministry is giving werewolves a break yet.

Apparently there had been a breakout at Azkaban, an inmate by the name of Bellatrix Lestrange and her husband Rudolphus Lestrange had escaped with his brother Rabastan Lestrange and Michael Nott. However, the highlight of the news was that after a disastrous term as teacher of DADA Gilderoy Lockhart was caught molesting and obliviating several students before accidentally doing it to himself. Nick and Sirius thought it appalling and vaguely amusing, Perry and Remus though it disgusting… it was weird at how the two couples reminded him of each other.

To finalize everything and to move away from the Potter's altogether, Harry was renamed Ryder Apollo Flamel, and he loved it. He felt as though he had finally come home.

Black Manor, Wiltshire (-slash ahead-)

Remus met Sirius, who was getting ready for bed, so he sat down nearby and waited until Sirius paid him any attention. He told Sirius about the conversation and waited for the inevitable explosion to take place.

"Absolutely not! I forbid it!" screams Sirius, after what happened with Harry, he wanted nothing more than to keep the rest of his family safe from that man's manipulations.

"Sirius Black!" Moony scolded.

"No, I will not have you under his thumb, ever again Remus."

"I just wanna be able to contribute to this home and our lives as well. He's the only one that'll hire me," unfortunately he was right, but being under the headmaster's thumb made him want to be sick.

"Not a snowballs chance in hell, Moony!" Sirius growled.

"Please, Sirius. I don't want to fight about this," he begged his mate.

Sirius wanted nothing more than to scream in frustration, but instead, put his arms around his fiancé and cuddled him close, "Moony, I love you. But honestly, you drive me absolutely bonkers sometimes, you know, absolutely barmy."

Remus nuzzled his neck before pressing a kiss to it, "Hmm, I love you too, Padfoot," he purred to his love. Sirius moaned as Remus' and his kisses became a lot more fervent, "Maybe, I should show you just how much."

Sirius pulled Remus down onto the bed as they kissed slowly, savoring every moment. Remus yanked at the silk pajama pants that Sirius always wore to bed and bared the lower half of his lover's body for his viewing pleasure.

Sirius, not one to remain idle, using one of his only wandless spells, he banished all of his and Remus' clothes before rolling to the top and kissing and touching Remus' chest and torso, pinching his lover's stiff brown nipples, before leaning in to soothe them with his mouth and tongue.

The werewolf moaned his appreciation and ran his hands through Sirius' hair and yanking him down into a fierce kiss. They moaned into each other's mouth as their cocks touched each other. Sirius, using his leaking pre-cum as lubricant, grasped both Remus and himself before stroking.

Long, tight strokes that made the werewolf breathless, if the rugged panting was any indication, "More," Remus pleaded

"Yes, I'll give you more" Sirius murmured as he took his slick finger and trailed along the werewolf's ass crack.

Shoving in knuckle deep, Sirius shivered at the tightness and heat, moaning when the submissive man moaned and arched his back. Padfoot bent to lick and suckle at a flushed throat and collar bone. "Love you" Siri murmured.

Remus looked into his sparkling gray eyes and replied, "I love you too, but if you don't fuck me now, I will make a widower out of myself."

Sirius chuckled at how his loving, reserved Remy could transform from mild-mannered gentleman to an absolute fiend in bed .He started stroking Remus, wandlessly accioing the lube from the bedside table drawer, Padfoot sniffed it.

"Hmm, wild lily and sugarcane fragrance… Hey Moony, it's your favorite."


"Hmm? Oh yeah. I almost forgot you there for a sec, love."

Sirius lubed Remus up, enjoying the sight of his fiancé riding his fingers with such abandon. Slicking himself up, he thrust into the tight, smoldering heat of Remus' body.

Sirius abandoned the idea of slow lovemaking, because he didn't know if he could last more than a few strokes. Remus was moaning and tossing his head wildly and Siri couldn't stand to see his eyes begging for release.

Siri pounded Remus with everything he had, without hurting him badly. Although the werewolf would probably get off on that.

Sliding his hand along slick thighs, Siri grasped Remus' cock, stuck between their grinding bodies and began fisting the wolf, who howled and arched deliciously on the bed.


"Yes Remy, I'm fucking," Sirius says breathlessly.

Remus arched his back and came explosively, screaming Sirius' name while covering both of their chests with cum.

Sirius gasped when Remus tightened on him and could only manage 3 more thrusts before flooding Remus' body with his seed.

He slumped to the side of his mate, sweaty and disheveled.

Sirius lay as still as he possibly could and tried not to die after an orgasm that intense. He could hear Remus talking to him, but in the name of Merlin he couldn't make it out, therefore he nodded and agreed to whatever he said.

Tomorrow Sirius Black would learn that he agreed to Remus' jaunt to Hogwarts and also the lesson to never agree to anything right after an orgasm.