Title: Error of Tragedies

Original Author: Chinsuihime

Summary: Harry Potter as the neglected and abused brother of the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry Potter/Viktor Krum- manipulative!Dumbledore, abusive!Potters.

Pairings: Harry Potter x Viktor Krum, Sirius Black x Remus Lupin, James Potter x Lily Evans.

Disclaimer 1: I do not own the characters used in this story, they belong to J.K Rowling.

Warnings: Child Abuse, male love, Mpreg later on.

PLEASE! vote on the poll and follow the instructions in the title. This chapter is not how I really feel about the gay community, my little brother is gay and so are most of my friends, so… PLEASE DON'T HAVE MY HEAD! Thank you to my lovely readers, well… here… we… go…


~Hayden's POV~

They let me come back for the rest of this year, but would be monitoring me with this stupid tracking spell. I swear, I'm going to get my revenge.

Even with that little bastard out of the family, he still finds ways to get back into my life, no good lousy piece of shit. I swear he can't be normal, if he would have just did what he was told, I wouldn't be humiliated, "Hayden, come back to bed."

"Ginny, it needs to be stopped, Dumbledore wants his perfect world and any obstacle must be eliminated."

"Can we worry about that in the morning? Please?"

I turn from the sink and dry my face, these fucking nightmares about him, with me being the freak. Being gay is not right; boys should be with girls, being with the same sex is just so… DISGUSTING! Mum and Dad would die if I was that way, makes me sick just to think about it.

I'm the one who should be getting what he has, the fame, glory, protection, recognition, love of EVERYONE, the powers, his shared core wand wand… I wish him dead, I will do what Dumbledore, my parents and what no one else has or had the balls to do… his existence is futile.

It sided with the Dark Lord, I need to get rid of them… they shouldn't be permitted to breathe! Their freakishness, they want everything to change, social structure, elections, they want a REVOLUTION! How dare they?! This culture is very traditional! FUCK! If only Gryffindor was understanding about that, unfortunately, only Slytherin saw that little complication.

Walking slowly back to Ginny's bed, I take note of her naked form… she has little to no curves, but her ass is large and her tits are starting to catch up to it. Her long fire red hair flowing down her back, with a little rats nest on the right side, but it makes her look adorable. She opens her arms which I go straight to, her body is so cold, she needs someone to warm her up, I'm always so happy to help any damsel in distress.

"Hayden, relax, you're the Boy-Who-Lived, and Dumbledore didn't make a mistake, I KNOW he didn't."

I relax and think about her soft, flawless skin, how tight she is when I fuck her… stupid thing thinks I'm in love with her, well, yes, she's a good lay, but nothing more though, no spark, nothing, "What would I do without you Gin?"

"Be lonely," she whispers 'seductively', well I pretend for her, it's rather revolting, her voice goes deep and the expression on her face makes her look like she's going to be sick or angry. Honestly, she is the biggest whore in the school, I have to test myself daily to make sure I don't get anything from her other partners.

"You're right," I say, "Get some sleep Gin."

"Night love."

I'm not her love, I have my eyes set on a girl with brown hair and smells like flowers.

~Courtney's POV~

Dan went to sleep some hours ago, we had a disagreement on how to deal with Tom, what was best for the Wizarding and Muggle Worlds. He was for tradition, while I'm for revolution, but we couldn't seem to compromise with what had transpired today. He refuses to see what I see, the untouchable families, they have more secrets, people in their pockets, and so much more.

I shouldn't have said that he was an extreme conservative; I told him that he needed to get out of the dark ages and look at this millennium in a new light, that reform was needed, but that just made it worse. We love each other, but our political views don't quite agree on some topics. Dan called me a 'Demon's Spawn' that I was 'just like my Rapist father'. I hear Dan's breathing, deep and slow; he exerted a lot of magic during our fight, trying to get his point across, while I went into muggle politics mode with no magic.

Why should we use magic for everything? I love him, we complete each other, like Yin and Yang, but only with politics are we not in perfect harmony, or maybe we are… hummm. My mother believes that many things should be done like muggles, that magic is so much more than what we use it for, that gives me an idea.

~Fred's POV~

I'm gonna be a daddy, I'm not even out of school and… Fuck! I can't ask her to get rid of my children, Merlin, what guy would do that? Okay, breathe, she said she could handle it for some time, I could get a summer job, George and I can start up a business, I'm gonna be a dad…

Cedric and I walked in a deathly silence several hours ago; maybe he was upset that he wouldn't be a blood father to one of them… I don't know, but our walk was full of tension. When we arrived he simply stated, "I'm straight, I will not kiss you unless she is in front of us and we have to look as though we get along, got it?"

"Hey, look, get your head out of your arse and do what's best for our relationship with Hannah. She loves us both and we don't have to feel that way towards each other, Hannah is the only thing that matters, don't worry about it, night."

How could he be so insensitive, Hannah is our common factor, she needs us both, I love her, the mother of my children, huh, he doesn't have the decency to act for her benefit, how is he ALSO her mate?

~Tom's POV~

I really fucked up, Courtney's mother, Lila, my beautiful gem, told not only the Wizarding World, but our daughter that she was a product of a rape. I know I was cruel when I lost control, but never did that happen, the rape. I did the math, she was conceived on our anniversary, I was in complete control. I hope she knows, her mother won't admit it until her last breath, then it may be too later for me… it may be hard for her to except, but it's the truth.

My followers are currently celebrating the fact that my previous views and body are back, not the tyrannical bastard I am known to be in this age, if only they knew.

~Hannah's POV~

Laying on the hospital bed, my mind is abuzz with preparations on my children's room and bringing into this world. I'm gonna be a mommy! Oh how I can't wait! Whoa, slow down, Fred and Cedric are still in school, meaning I'm going to raise these children for several years, alone… *Yawn* "Momma, what's wrong?"

*Shhhhhh* "Don't wake your brother."

"Sorry, what's wrong momma? You're worried, daddy's worried-"

"What?" this one's voicing more than he would if he was shy, this one must be Kyle.

"Daddy's worried about you, and our other daddy, about how hard it's going to be for them, since they're still in school, how our other daddy isn't too happy to share you and-"

"Kyle, hush, it's okay," I try to coax him, "both your daddies love you, don't worry," okay, now how is that going to stop ME?

"That's my name? Kyle?" he asks, YES, he got onto a different topic.

"Yes, you like it?"

"What's my brother's name?"

"Sebastion, or Sebi, for short."

"I like our names, whose last name will we have?"

"We'll see when I talk to your fathers, okay?"

"Okay," *YAWN* "I'm going back to sleep, night momma."

"Night, Kyle," I say, I look around the white walled room, I feel cold and alone. I see all the empty beds, the beds that look as though they are lying in wait to take an unsuspecting victim from this life.

I feel sick, the antiseptic smell, the white colors… I shudder, I hate hospitals, I would rather die at home than have to be saved in a cold, heartless area by cold, heartless healers. I want to throw-up; this isn't a comfortable room to be in, no matter the reason. I hear footsteps, they are fast and steadily they slow, stopping outside the hospital-wing.

The door slowly opens, possibly trying not to wake the occupant in the room, well, I'm awake and getting very annoyed with their antics. The person walks in, unfortunately, the robes these people wear make it hard to tell their sex, until a male voice escapes their lips, the words are Latin.

"Please be asleep," Tom? "I just need to get this letter and hoard of memories to my daughter," he continues to walk my way, "I know I'm a right bastard, but she is still my blood, even if she hates the fact… the spell I cast will repeat what I said, please help me." He pulls out a package and sets it on the night stand next to my bed, along with some flowers; he turns and slowly leaves the room… what the fuck?

~Ryder's POV~

I can't get back to sleep, I have a sickening feeling that something's going to happen… Merlin, please, let me be wrong. I hear my heart race, I feel like a lost child in the woods, trying to get home. I want to scream, but the wolves are howling, and I have to try and stay alive and get home.

I want to be home, with my family and friends all happy, my boyfriends growing fonder of each other each day and our family growing. I know a war is coming, but the people who hold the most weight are unknown and the type of war it will be; physical or political.

I look out the window that the castle provided and see the beautiful, clear blue sky, the imperfections making all the more beautiful, the stars, scattered so far away from each other, yet, to our eyes, look so close together. I slowly get out of bed to go sit on the sill, to look at the beauty that philosophers have contemplated the stars to be for millenniums prior this moment.

Reaching the sill I place my weight against the pillows that the school provided. Pulling my knees to my chest I look up to the sky. How many people in the history of this school have sat at one of the sills and mimicked this position, just to contemplate the days in a lonely silence. I look out the window and take note of the beautiful reflection in the lake, the slight movement in the trees, the creatures flying in the sky and the stars above.

The stars, the vast quantities of space, what is it really? Is it more than molecules, particles among other things? Are we alone in this cold vastness? Are we really here? Are we just an idea of someone else's imagination? Are we ourselves just dust particles in an even larger vastness of someone's mind?

I look back at my lovers, still contemplating my rambling; I have all the time in the world to contemplate life's mysteries, but why should I? I have the love and support of three wonderful men, men I plan to spend the rest of my life with.

Looking back to the stars, I again contemplate our future, not even the stars last forever, taking hundreds upon hundreds of years to form and the light from the burning hot plasma to reach the earth, but how do we know that the single star that burns brightly, light years away, hasn't already burnt out or imploded, creating new stars and dust particles to create a new star?

I take one last look at the stars and the vastness above, get up from my seat and walk back to bed, where I am welcomed into a black, blissful sleep.

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