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Battle of La Part 1: The New Comers

"Sir the pack K-32 is retreating!" said James. "Good work James. Teem get back and rest, tomorrow a new Pack has come to the fight and we don't know if they will be our allies or enemies!"

"Yes Sir!" The pack said "Hey James you stay here a second." Commanded Zeus. "Yes sir, what do you want?" "James you are a good member of the Dark Wolves so I need you to help to find my son. He was going to go and help the wounded wolves but he never made it to camp." He said with a flat tone.

"We know where he is and he is okay." "You guys are one step ahead of me today." "You have trained us well." Commented James. "Thank you for your service you may go." "Thank you sir." "Oh James one more thing tell the pack that I will be out for a little longer tonight." "Alright I will." James said walking to the pack.

The rest of the pack left for their dens while Zeus stayed back. "Angle, why did you have to leave us now? When we... When I need you more than ever! The pack could really use a fighter like you right now..."

"Hey Dad who you talking to?" Zeus son asked. "Your Mother... Dusk do you remember her?" "Yeah she was the best fighter we had." "Dusk what happened to you on the way to camp?" Zeus asked

"Oh, I ah, was hanging around" Duck said getting embarrassed. "Dusk you sprung a trap again didn't you?" Zeus Asked about to laugh "Yes I did..." "Haha! Yeah! Come on Dusk lets go back to camp." "Right behind you dad!"

They were almost to the camp and Dusk says. "Hey dad, the rest of the camp was asleep when I came to find you." "Okay Dusk thanks for the heads up." Zeus said smiling. "No problem. Well I am going to bed... night dad." "Okay son see you tomorrow, night." Zeus sat at the edge of the camp and looks at his soldiers until he also fell asleep.

The next morning

"Get up every one! Today is the day we find out if we are allies or enemies with the new pack!" "Sir, we have to get going the sun is almost up and we need to there at sunup!" James said sounding wierd. "Thanks James, every one we need to get going so start going if you are ready!"

"Okay dad I am the last one let's go." Dusk said walking off. "Hold on Dusk you aren't leader yet I say when we go!" "Dad let's just go!" "Alright already, you are just as ready to go as your mother would have been." "You mean that in a good way right day?" Duck asked. "Yes Dusk I do."

At La Valley

"Well here we are La Valley the greatest battles to ever take place was here!" Shouted Zeus. "This is where we were going to meet right?" asked Dusk. "Well it was but the new pack isn't here yet."

The pack waited for an hour without anyone saying anything until Dusk says "Dad we have waited here for an hour! They are a no show!" "Patients my son, they will come." "Dad I just…Don't …know…. about…. That." "Son are you okay?" Zeus asked getting concerned.

"Um… Oh yeah I am fine." Dusk muttered. " WOW! Who it that?! She is beautiful…" Dusk thought to himself. "It's looks like the new pack is here like you said they would be." "You see Dusk I was right." "Yeah dad you were right again."

"What is your pack name?" asked Zeus sternly. "We are 315 Wolf Trot. What about you." 315's Leader asked. "We are the Dark Wolves."

"Who is your leader Dark Wolves?" asked 315's leader again. "I am, my name is Zeus! And who is your leader 315 Wolf Trot?" Zeus asked. "I am! said a tall flat black, well-built, wolf stepped forward. "My name is Apollo this is my wife Katrina and my daughter Acashia."

"Pleased to meet you." Said Zeus respectfully. "Zeus, we can meet here again tomorrow. My pack is exhausted and famished!" Snapped Apollo "Aright we see you then Apollo!" Zeus said watching the other pack walk off.

"Well that went well" Dusk said sarcastically. "Duck remember they are new and in any alien territory. Plus they had a long trip!" "Yeah you're right but still there was no reason to treat you that way!"

"Dusk you really should just let it go! Trust me." James said trying to make Dusk stop. "Dusk I have a question for you." said Zeus "Yes dad what is it?" "Do you think Acashia was a good-looking wolf?" "WHAT! NO! Maybe a little..." Mumbled Dusk.

"Don't start anything we don't even know if they are our allies or enemies?!" Zeus said smercking. "I know it's just…" "I know son I was the same why with your mother." "Well alright if you say so." Said Dusk in a mocking way.

Later that night

"Everyone quiet! We have a new pack in the valley so what! Even if they are enemies they are smaller!" Zeus aid quieting the pack. "Zeus, what if that's wasn't all of their pack? Then what will we do then?" Questioned one of the lower ranks. "So what they have more wolves than use! They have more of a chance of being are friends with us so shut it now!" "Sorry Sir." "Yeah you better be!" Zeus said clearly enraged. "Now go and hunt we need food!" "Yes Sir!" Shouted the pack.

"Hey Dusk stay here you need to rest more, If pack 315 is our enemy you're in our top five best fighters." Zeus said. "Alright… But I don't want to, you know that." Dusk said lying down. "Yes I do, no rest."

The hunt was over but Zeus and Dusk were already asleep. "Hu… What? Oh what is it Bruce?" Zeus asked. "Sir we are back from the hunt. Here is your share of the meat." Bruce said putting the meat down in front of Zeus. "Good work, thank you Bruce." "You're welcome sir."

"Dusk... Dusk, Dusk! WAKE UP!" "AAHHHH! DAD what did you did that?!" Dusk asked a little irritated. "Food is here." "Oh, thanks! Do that more often!" "Yeah, I wish I could son but with the wars we are forced to hunt only at ...dusk... Soon with the help of 315 pack we will be able to run off or kill the pack K-32 and Black Moon and stop it forever!"

"Yeah I hope so… Now let's EAT!" said dusk with a mouthful of meat. "I couldn't have said it better myself Dusk!"

Same night at 315's camp

"Apollo please listen to me we need their experience to help us. That was why we even met them remember." Pleaded Katrina. "Fine we will have the Dark Wolves help us. We will join packs and in exchange for them helping us we will help them in any way we can!"

"Thank you for seeing it my way." Katrina Said smiling widely. "Katrina you have always had a way of getting me to do thing that really need to happen thank you." Apollo said. "Mom, Dad… When will we be going to hunt?" Acashia asked. "Oh sorry Acashia we will go now." Answered Apollo. "Okay thanks dad!"

Dark Wolves Camp

"Well Dusk that was a good meal wasn't it? Dusk? Haha he never changes. Goodnight son. Everyone please get some sleep we may have to fight. I need you all wall rested! Goodnight and thank you all for being so loyal to me and yourselves!"

The hunt with Acashia

"Nice job Acashia your first hunt here and you already have gotten a caribou good work!" complemented Katrina. "Thanks mom but now that I have eaten it I am going back to camp okay?" "Alright, sweetie see you later!" "Bye mom, bye dad." Acashia said walking back to the pack.

Later that night

"Katrina, please come lay down." Begged Apollo. "I just don't feel safe here." Katrina said smelling the air. "Katrina you not being able to sleep is keeping from being able the sleep! Just lay down. Please?"

"Oh all right but tomorrow we need to find a better place to sleep!" she said laying down "Okay, we will. NOW PLEASE SLEEP?!" "Okay, okay… I will!Good night Apollo." "Thank you Katrina good night."

The next morning at Dark Wolves camp

"Dark Wolves get up now! We will finally find out about the pack 315." "Sir do we all really need to go?" "Are you questioning a command!" "No Sir!" "I thought so, now let's get out of here." Zeus said getting mad at the lower raked wolf again.

They had been walking for about 45 minutes when Zeus asked "Bruce where is Dusk?" "I don't know sir, but I will go check at camp." "Okay thanks Bruce!"

At their camp Bruce found a sound asleep Dusk "Dusk... Dusk!" Bruce called. "What is it Bruce?" Dusk asked. "The whole pack has left and are almost at the valley!"

"What the crap! Why didn't anyone wake me!?" Dusk asked running to the valley. "We thought you had already left and were waiting on us." Bruce said following close behind. "Bruce When was the last time I ever did anything like that?" "Umm..." "See my point." said Duck. "Yeah we should have woken you up. Sorry." Bruce apologized. "It's fine now but let's let get to the valley!"

"Zeus I found Dusk!" Bruce said running up to Zeus. "Good work Bruce. Dusk why didn't you wake up and come with use?" Zeus asked. "I did dad I just fell back asleep. Sorry!" "Don't do it again! Go it!" "Yeah!" Dusk was about to ask his dad something when I was interrupted by his dad greeting Apollo.

"Apollo good to see you again!" Zeus said greeting him. "Same to you Zeus!" "Sorry to come across like this but I am a to the point wolf. Have you come to a decision on whether we are to be allies?" Zeus asked.

"I believe we have, we are going to join your pack!" Apollo said shaking paws with Zeus "Good choice, Apollo, Good that's over let's go and show you the rest of the territory. Dark Wolves you may go." Zeus said. "Same for you Wolf Trot." Apollo said.

"Apollo this is the land we are trying to take back. Before the packs Dark Moon and K-23 came we were one big pack keeping all the land but ever since we split there has been wars." Said Zeus as Apollo was looking over the scorched land, treeless, and burned from all the riots that happen.

"Wow! How long have you been fighting this war Zeus?" "Over three and half years now… Come on, get your wife and daughter and I will go get my son and meet me back here." Zeus said. "Okay I will do that." Apollo said in astonishment.

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