Panting, Sanji paused and looked down at the man under him. His breathing caught in his throat as his eyes widened.

Zoro's back was arched, his legs wrapped around Sanji's waist. His head was tossed back in pleasure, with a thin sheen of sweat covering his body. Muscles were strained. The marks from Sanji's own mouth littered his tan skin. He flexed his fingers on the swordsmen's hips tightening his grip.

He was momentary stunned by how beautiful he looked. How inciting his facial expression was, how the little sounds that were coming out of those kiss swollen lips made his cock harden. Pulling a hand away from Zoro's hip, he grabbed his hand and threaded their fingers together, squeezing hard before leaning in and kissing him deeply.

Sanji heard the confused moan, and felt it against his lips but simply started moving inside him in a much slower pace than before. More sweet and loving. He had been fucking him—they'd stripped down and gotten on the floor instead of taking the time to make it to an actual bed. After minimal foreplay, Sanji was inside him and taking the other man hard on the ground.

Now he felt a bit bad about taking it so fast. Zoro was right, he did try and rush things with him. He thought being soft and passionate was for ladies. It was always good—the sex was always amazing.. but it could be so much better.

A roll of his hips made a strangled moan tear through Zoro's lips and a desperate whimper pass his own.

Sanji couldn't help but grin as he pulled his face back to see that delicious facial expression on the other mans face once more.