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"Why are you leaving?" She asked her mother. They were both in her room, she hadn't light any candles to light up the room. Her mother and her had always had the same colour on their skin. Light brown because of they are always out in the sun, but before they had lighter colour than their people. She had a close relationship with her mother, better than her father. "I don't want you to leave. Please stay, mother!" She took her mother hands so she stopped packing. Her dark eyes stared into her mother's dark eyes.

Her mother touched her chin. "My dear child, I don't want this but I have too. You're so young for your bloodline, you have a long life ahead of you. We might see each other again" her mother said.

"What do you mean with a long life? Strangely I don't understand why you and father don't ask me about getting a husband" she said.

"My dear Harethyn, you will see by time. I will help our people in the north. They're having trouble. The weather is getting worse, their lands are deserted now. Many woman and children lay dead there. And the people that are still alive is starving, you know how well I am with my healing skills." She smiled to her mother, she knows that. "You should be glad you don't live in the northern lands." Her mother finished packing and went outside, she stopped in the door and turned to her daughter. She kissed Harethyn on both side of her chin. "Be safe Harethyn and be strong."

Harethyn blocked his attacked and swing her sword but he blocked it too. He came close to her and locked her hands. She kicked him in the stomach with her knee and swings her sword one more time making a cut on his arm. He held with his other hand on the bleeding wound. "What was that?" He asked angry. Their father came and looked at the wound. "I thought-"

Their father interrupts him. "A fair fight yes, but your sister took all her opportunity to take you down and now you would've been dead" he said. Harethyn was surprised he backed up for her, he never did that.

"Yes, but this isn't a small wound I gave her!" He yelled. One healing lady came and took care of the wound and their father went over to Harethyn, taking away the black hair lock from her wound checked the little wound on her head.

"I'm fine. I'm not a baby like he is" she whispered to her father.

"Good job Harethyn, good job" he said and left. What is wrong with him? She thought. Her father never said that too her. She looked at her brother and then on her other brother that sat nearby on a rock laughing, but then he looked at her proud. She felt proud for the first time.

"What was that?" Her brother asked her again still angry. "I'm going out tonight, I cannot be wounded!"

"Oh you finally got yourself a nice girl?" Harethyn asked as a joke and her other brother laughed hard.

He took it offensive and were about to run on her but their other and older brother stopped him. "Haerr, don't take it so seriously. You know how she is against us, beside you should be proud of her. Our father is proud of her, so should we" their brother said. Haerr was two years older than Harethyn and Harreth was two years older than him. They all had the same black hair, only Harethyn had long hair down her back. The brothers had darker eye colour, but their sister had a little hint of grey.

"I'm sorry, I know you are going out tonight" Harethyn said. "I was only hoping I could wound you enough before father stepped in so you couldn't go out."

Haerr and Harreth looked at her. "Why are you saying that?" Haerr asked.

Harreth knew why, he is the only one who knows Harethyn so well. "She is afraid you won't come back" he said.

They walked back together and Haerr laid an arm around her. "Don't worry sister, I am always coming back and I will this time too. Beside us Haradrim knows the desert more than Gondorians do, I will be fine."

Harethyn looked out at her brother Haerr, he was going north with his companions. From just outside the throne room she could see over the wall and in the desert that was at their doorstep. A girl called after her twice. "I'll be there in a minute" Harethyn called back. She wanted to see her brother disappear in the desert.

"What are you doing out here?" The maid asked behind her. "Sandstorm is coming now, you have to come inside." Harethyn ignored her till she grabbed Harethyns arm and turned her around. "What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing" she lied. "Just leave me alone." The girl wasn't convinced. "You do know that my brother just went out in the heart of a sandstorm right?" She asked and nodded. The girl's eyes fell on the ground. Harethyn looked at the desert again; she couldn't see her brother in the distance anymore.

Harethyn walked into the throne room. It had been two years since she last saw her mother. She hasn't got any news from her at all. When she came in she saw a man in black standing before his father. The man turned around and barely looked at her before he turned to her father. Harethyn saw he was not from around. Her father nodded to the man and whispered something Harethyn could not hear. The man stood up and left. "Who was that?" Harethyn asked as she approached her father.

"How is training?" He asked, ignoring her question.

"I ask again; who was that?" Her father hated her stubbornness. What he knew it did not come from him.

"A man who gave me news about the northern lands" her father said and sat down on the throne.

"Is mother alright?" Harethyn asked, dying to hear more.

"More north than that." Harethyn looked wondering. "North as Mordor. He came from Mordor, one of Sauron's messengers." Harethyn knew immediately why he was here.