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" Jordan! Hurry up!" Jonathan called from the back.

" I'm hurry! Hang, the fuck, on!" She snapped as she locked up the front door to the bakery. She was excited and almost bouncing while she hurried. A new club opened up and she and her friends were going to dance and get drunk. It had been a long week and she was more than ready for the break.

" Get your ass moving!" Her friend, and boss, called.

" For shit sakes, Jonathan!" Jordan Harris snapped while she hurried to the back. " Calm down." He was leaning against the wall, slowly twirling the ring of his key chain around his index finger.

" What time you supposed to meet us your girls?" He asked while he watched her.

" Around ten." She said while she strolled towards him.

" So you got some time than? I mean, it's only seven so you have time, right? Right? There's time?" The hope that was flooding his handsome features made her smile.

" Yeah, I got some time." She said. He grinned, pocketed his keys and gestured towards the door that lead up the back stairs.

" Thank God." He said.

" What about Art?" She asked, grabbing the door and pulling it open.

" He's fine. I called and checked on him." Jonathan said while they started to climb the stairs.

His eyes shot to her ass. She was wearing dark grey cargo pants with regular pockets and another set of pockets lower on her thighs. He loved her cargo pants. They hugged her ass and made his mouth water. A grin spread across his face again. The shirt she had chosen to wear that day had been driving him insane. It was tight and white. It was a three quarter length sleeve and button down that she kept button low. Her cleavage had been making his mind filter through a million different dirt things. Was it wrong to lust after his employee?

" He's so cute." Jordan was saying.

" He's something alright." Jonathan commented. " You got a ride home tonight?"

" Ah, I might take a cab why? You offering to come out and get me?" Jordan asked.

" Well, I don't want you to get into trouble." Jonathan said. " I know how you can be when your drunk." Jordan laughed, reaching the top of the staircase.

" What are you talking about?" She asked.

" You know what I'm talking about. You're a mouthy little bitch when you're drunk." Jonathan said. She shook her head and rolled her eyes as she reached the door to the little loft apartment. She turned around and stared at him. Jonathan smiled and brought his hands up. He placed them against the door so they were on either side of her head. He made a show of checking her out.

" You like it when I'm mouthy and drunk." Jordan said, bring her hands up to take of hold of his shirt. "I believe you are the one who benefits from it." She said, pulling him into her.

Was it wrong to lust after your employee? Not for him. Not when that employee was also your friend with benefits. He tilted his head, closed his eyes and kissed her at the same time he pressed his entire body against hers. His hands slipped from the door to her neck. Her small lips parted and her hot tongue met his in a frenzied, tangled mess.

He held her face against his as their breath mingled together. Her right hand moved from him to grasp at the door handle beside her. She twisted it quickly, wanting in the loft as badly as he did. He thrust his hips forward, rubbing his erection against her and loving the friction it was creating. He groaned at the sparks of pleasure that flashed through him.

" Open the fucking door." Jonathan panted across her lips.

" I'm trying." Jordan snapped.

She pushed him away from her and turned. His hands planted against her hips as his mouth clamped down on her shoulder. She turned the knob, thankful that the door gave away and opened for them. Jonathan propelled them forward and into the loft. He kicked the door shut, pushing them towards the bed on the floor. His hands moved up her sides to cup her breasts through her shirt.

" This fucking shirt looks so good on you." Jonathan muttered.

Together they fell onto the bed. His hands worked at the buttons on her shirt. Hers went to his belt. They lips fused together. Their teeth banged together before their tongues joined again. Heat and lust exploded between them, as it always did. Minutes went by before they were naked. The second her bare skin touched his, Jonathan was inside her.

They were together for one thing and one thing only. Thrusting, sweating, panting, moaning and groaning. Over and over again they hurried until Jonathan pressed his forehead into hers. Her little body exploded under him, milking his cock for all it was worth. He erupted in hot streams of fluid through her. Sex, orgasms, and friendship that was all they wanted from each other. And they got it.

They were almost best friends. Jordan loved Art and often came over to spend time with him to give Jonathan a break. They worked well together too. The best thing between them, Jonathan could go on dates and she never got jealous. He would go on dates and often time end the night inside her. Jordan didn't date though. She didn't want a boyfriend but she wanted sex. So their deal was perfect.


Jonathan rubbed his hand over his face and glared at the alarm clock by his bed. It was one in the morning and his phone was going off like crazy. That meant one of a few different things. Jordan either needed a ride somewhere or was drunk and horny. Or all those things. He groaned and brought his left hand to his eyes. He rubbed them hard as he grabbed up his phone.

" You alright?" His voice was rough with sleep.

" Come and get me." Her soft voice slurred, making him shaking his head.

" Where are you?" Jonathan asked.

" 5th and Market." She muttered.

" You owe me." Jonathan said as he pushed himself up. " Let me get dressed."

" I prefer you naked." Jordan said before she started giggling. Jonathan couldn't help but smile while he slipped from his warm bed. " Get the video recorder out. We are making a movie."

" You need to be quiet though. Art's sleeping." Jonathan said. He grabbed his pajama pants and stepped into them.

" You be...you be...quiet." She said, busting straight into laughter again.

" Sit tight, Jor. And for the love the God, stay where you are this time!" He ordered. Because Jordan liked to roam around when she was drunk.


Jonathan stood at the end of his bed the next morning with his arms crossed over his chest and a coffee cup wrapped up in his hand. He was smirking down at the small body sprawled out across his bed. Jordan's arms were under his pillow as she laid on her stomach. Her head was turned to the left and the blankets were bunched up around her body. She was still dressed in the clothes she had went to the bar in, a blue plaid, short skirt and a tight, white top. Her fishnet stockings were still in place. Her cafe high boots were tossed on the floor by the bed.

" Jordan, get the fuck up." Jonathan snapped. She groaned but didn't move. " Jordan, come on. You need to take a shower and get dressed. We have to go to work."

" Fuck you." She muttered.

" You tried too but you passed out. Now go!" Jonathan said


Jordan drug herself through the bakery later that morning, sucking down her fourth cup of coffee. Her head was pounding and she couldn't wait to go home and sleep. Maybe she should ask Jonathan if she could go home early. He would make fun of her but he'd let her. She sighed and started into the front of the store, walking around the counter to where Jonathan was standing. He was leaning with his back against the counter and his hands resting on top of it.

" Hey, can I take off? We aren't busy and I feel like shit." She said.

" Look at that girl. That one sitting at the center table. You think she's pretty?" Jonathan asked. Jordan frowned but looked over to where Jonathan was staring.

" She's alright." Jordan said.

" She's been coming in here every day for the past week. She looks sad, don't she?" Jonathan asked.

" Yeah, I guess. I'm leaving, alright?" She asked.

" Yeah, fine. Be careful." He said without taking his eyes from the woman.


As Jordan drove around the front of the bakery to head home, Jonathan was smiling and slipping down across from the sad woman at the table. Jordan rolled her eyes and shook her head. Jonathan and his damn need to make people feel better.