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" Are you comfortable?" Jonathan asked as he adjusted the blankets around Jordan for the third time. She had just gotten home from the hospital after spending five days there and was no settled into his couch with Erika, Mary, Jonathan, and Sean around. Marco hadn't come, stating he had had enough of the Lifetime Moments to last him.

" Yeah." Jordan said.

" Are you sure?" Jonathan asked.

" She said she's fine, Jonathan, move!" Erika demanded, pushing him out of the way and making Jordan smile.

" Bitch." Jonathan muttered, moving away from his couch.

" Ass." Erika shot back. All said in love and good fun, as was every insult through around in the group.

" You guys are so fucked up." Sean said from his spot across the room.

" You'll get used to it." Mary said as she started towards Jordan.

" I brought you some soup." Erika said while she carefully sat down on the couch.

" Thanks." Jordan said.

" Remember what the doctor said." Mary said. She perched on the edge of Jonathan's coffee table. "Take it easy and no drinking for the next month." Jordan rolled her eyes in mock annoyance.

" So stupid." She said.

" No, it's not!" Mary snapped. " And you are going to follow his directions or else!"

" She's going to follow them, don't worry." Jonathan said. " I'm in charge of things now." Jordan shot him a glare.

" Don't get used to it!" She snapped, making him smile.

" If you don't need anything else, I'm going to get going." Erika said.

" I'm fine." Jordan promised. Erika leaned forward and the girls kissed cheeks.

" I will call you in a few hours. I love you." She said.

" I love you, too." Jordan said.

" I think Mary and I need to head out too." Sean said, coming forward. " Mary hasn't been sleeping well because she's been so worried about you." He took a hold of Mary's arm and gently guided her up. She looked Jonathan who was standing at the end of the couch.

" If you need anything, if you have any questions at all or if she starts having more pain..." Jonathan nodded with his smile still in place.

" I will call, I promise." He said. Mary nodded, look back to Jordan.

" For once in your life, listen to what someone tells you to do." She said. " And rest."

" Okay, Mom." Jordan said.

" Come on, Baby doll. I want to get you home. You're going to listen to me and sleep." Sean said, tugging her away. A few goodbyes rang out before the front door opened then shut.

" You know, I'm just not sure I'm comfortable with him being a part of our group." He said.

" Why not?" Jordan asked.

" Because," Jonathan came down to his knees by the couch and started messing with the blanket again. " you have been with him. He's seen you naked. You have seen him naked and I'm sure he's all tight and trimmed in ways I'm not." Jordan grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

" He didn't do it for me. He doesn't look half as good naked to me as you do." She said, making him smile. " Just looking at him doesn't make my stomach do the things it does when I look at you. I get turned on just looking at you with your clothes on." Jonathan's smile spread to a grin.

" I can not wait until you are well enough for sex." He blurted out.

" That makes two of us. Now that I'm home, will you tell me what's happening with the police?" Jordan asked. Jonathan took a hold of one her hands and started to massage it.

" Well, Preston admitted to killing Art and told the police where to find his body. After you're better and can stand company, I want to have a service for Art." Jonathan said.

" We can do it when you want, JayJay. You guys are the ones who think I need to be on my back all the time." Jordan said.

" Anyway, " Jonathan continued, clearly ignoring her. " he admitted to kidnapping you too. Dick was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. I was told they wanted to charge me with something but they decided not too. The detective in charge said he can understand why I didn't report your kidnapping, that he can understand why I wanted to go after Preston before turning him in. He said he can understand why I wanted to beat him up for killing my brother. I kind of wondering Marco has anything to do with me not getting into trouble."

" I want to go to Preston's sentencing." Jordan said.

" No. No way. I do not want you around him." Jonathan said quickly.

" Please Jonathan, let me do this. I understand him now. I get why he did what he did, even if I don't agree with it. He was depressed and it was an honest accident. I'm not looking to be his friend but I want to courts to know that he wasn't entirely in control of himself because of the depression." She said.

" He killed Art and kidnapped you." Jonathan said.

" You remember when I told you about my drug use and my depression, right? You remember when I told you that I was so lost I just didn't know what do to?" Jordan asked.

" Yeah but I don't understand what that has to do with him." Jonathan said.

With Jordan's head resting on the pillow and one of Jonathan's hand enclosed in both of hers, she told him everything Preston and her had talked about. Jonathan listened and after a few times, he brought his other hand to her arm and started to stroke his fingers down her skin then back up again. He nodded and listened, still not convinced that Preston was a good guy.

" JayJay, you know me. You know that I don't like just anyone. You know it takes me a while to really warm up to people. I believe him when he says he didn't set out to kill Art and take me. I believe that he wasn't in his right mind." Jordan said quietly. " Do I think he needs to be out free and not pay for what he did? No, of course not but I don't think he is a completely cold bloodied killer either." Jonathan sighed and looked away.

" I told them about Art and the animals." Jonathan said quietly. " I do think you're right, that he could have killed Emily. He was so angry with her." He leaned down and gently kissed her arm before he nestled his cheek against her skin.

" Did you tell the police about it?" She asked. He nodded, still with his face against her arm.

" I did. Emily's death is going to be a cold case, he admitted. Since Art is dead and there is no proof that he killed her, they won't be able to say yes, he did it or no, he didn't. Although he believes me. He believes that Art could have done it." Jordan brought her other hand to his face and tilted it up so she could look into his eyes.

" I'm sorry, JayJay." Jonathan pushed himself up and took a hold of her neck. He pressed his lips against her bottom lip and sucked it lightly into his mouth. He let his teeth drag against her then released her as she touched his wrists.

" I love you." He whispered.

" I love you too." Jordan returned. Jonathan sighed and pressed his forehead against hers.

" We'll go to his hearing. I'll contact his lawyer and tell him you want to say something about Preston to the court." Jonathan said. Her hands moved to his chest where they closed on his shirt.

" Thank you."

" On one condition." Jonathan pulled away enough to look at her. " You listen to me on this healing. You do everything I say when I say it. I want you to rest, you rest. I want you on the couch to lay down, you're laying down. You eat what I give you and you don't fight me." Jordan smiled.

" You're really going to take advantage of this, aren't you?" She asked.

" Doc says you need to take it easy but I know you won't. You know you won't. You want to go to that hearing, you are going to do what I want or I won't take you. You are at my mercy, Jor, admit it. You aren't allowed to drive for the next six weeks so you are dependent on me." Jonathan said.

" Fine." She said with mock annoyance.


The following week, Jordan had some pain and wasn't feeling good so Jonathan refused to allow her to leave the house. She wrote a letter for the court and Jonathan delivered it to Preston's lawyer for it to be read. Art was buried but Jonathan decided to hold off on having a service until Jordan was feeling better. Jonathan was cleared off all wrong doing while Preston given a sentience of fifty years to life. His lawyer sent a letter to Jordan on his behalf, thanking her for what she wrote and asking how she was feeling. Jordan didn't write back. Jonathan didn't want her to talk to him and Jordan could understood that. She respected Jonathan's feelings and didn't maintain contact with him.

" You know what I'm thinking?" Jonathan asked as he drive her home from a doctor's appointment.

" What?" Jordan asked.

" I'm thinking you should move in with me." Jordan looked back at him, her fingers tracing over her almost completely healed wound. " I know this is a huge step for you because you have never lived with a boyfriend, hell having a boyfriend for any length of time is a huge step for you, but I want you to think about it."

" I guess, there's no real point in living apart." She said quietly, looking back outside. " I mean, I haven't been back to my place since before this whole thing started." Jonathan tried to not smile.

" So you're think about it?" Jonathan asked. Then he rushed forward to say, " Because that's all I'm asking. I just want you to think about it. You don't have to give me the answer now. Take a couple of days and think about it." Jordan looked over at him and reached her hand out for his. The second their hands touched, their fingers interlaced quickly.

" My lease is up in two months." She said.

" So...then we can get a storage unit?" He asked slowly. " For, you know, your couch and bigger stuff." He was so hopeful she would move it that it was shining across his face and ringing through his voice. Jordan couldn't help but smile.

" Yeah, a storage unit sounds good." She said. He squeezed her hand then brought it up to his mouth.

" We should start looking for one tomorrow." He said before brushing his lips against her knuckles.

The end!