I'm a pawn they told me, I'm no man. I'm an object they told me, things have no feelings. I'm a peace of their game they said, they don't fight but follow orders. I kept wonder why… Why it was normal to live like that. Is it normal to live in a world where the people that stand "higher" than you use and abuse you? Is it? Is it correct to let someone control your life for you and already decided what your future will be like? Is it? No, I'm not an object I told them. Not a doll that can be abused. I break the rules instead of following them. Because what good are rules if the only thing they do is oppress you and who you are? No, I'm not a pawn. Not even close to an object. I don't belong on the chessboard. I belong on the ground, looking up to the sky, at my future with my kids and wife I still want to have. No, I'm not a pawn of their game. I don't play in other their games, I have my own game. Do you know what's could? It's called life. That's the game I play.