A/N- So this is now an edited version, should be more readable but mistakes may have slipped through.

Chapter One.

"So Doctor, where are we going? From the excitement in your face I'd say, we're going to visit something you like." Clara, the Doctors latest companion, speculated holding onto the railing.

"And you'd be right Clara." The Doctor gleamed dancing around the console.

"So where are we?" Clara asked, after being thrown around the TARDIS.

"Clara, welcome to Stormcage Containment Facility." The Doctor announced stepping out of the TARDIS and into a dingy dark corridor that was only lit with flickering lights.

"Playing with convicts' are we." Clara Teased. She noticed the Doctor looking for someone "Who are you looking for?"

"Well..." The Doctor started but was interrupted.

"Hello Sweetie." River Song smiled through the bars of her prison cell.

"Hi honey I'm home" The Doctor span around. "So where are we now?"

"The fields of Monno, the one with the stars." River reminisced and then proceeded to ask "And you my love?"

"Spoilers." The Doctor teased.

"I hate you." River muttered whilst the Doctor opened her cell door.

"No you don't." The Doctor laughed.

"Hello Clara" River smiled at the girl.

"I'm sorry do I know you?" Clara asked looking confused.

"Clara, meet River song." The Doctor started.

"Doctor River Song." River interjected.

"Doctor River song; my wife."He corrected himself.

"As in Professor Song?" "Clara questioned.

"Spoilers! Now sweetie I'm sure you didn't come all this way to do nothing." River said grabbing some things.

"Well there was this one thing we started but never got to finish." The Doctor started with the upmost innocence.

"Sweetie we have company!" River laughed and the Doctor blushed a deep red.

"River!" The Doctor exclaimed. "Not like that!"
"Sweetie always like that." River winked.

"Do you mind?" Clara asked she was starting to get bored of all this flirting.

"Well yes... Um well what about an adventure?" The Doctor asked ushering them back into the TARDIS.

"Oh Sweetie just being with you is an adventure." River laughed and walked up to the console, the Doctor following close behind.

Clara sighed; she didn't like this River at all.