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"I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for protection." – Sigmund Freud

Jack Frost walked along the power lines high above Metro City, his hood up and his staff resting upon his shoulder. His blue eyes scanned the city, admiring his work. "Not bad."

Snow was covering the sidewalks and ice had been painted upon the roads, causing chaos for the adults trying to get to work. But it was a snow day, Jack reasoned. That meant no work and no school. Snow meant fun.

He smiled, thinking back to what had happened months before; how he had become an official Guardian and had found his center.

Speaking of which...time to find some kids. Jack removed his hood and took flight, scanning the city for children to spread his fun to.

"Don't forget your special hat, darling."

"Mum." Teal groaned in annoyance as his mother placed the stretchy hat over his large blue head, covering it up unlike any hat ever could. It was green to match his eyes, and was also the same colour as his scarf and gloves.

Andrea smiled down at her adopted son before kissing him on the forehead. "Stay warm. And make sure Jack Frost doesn't nip at your nose."

"Who's Jack Frost?" asked Teal in confusion. "And why would he nip at people's noses? Shouldn't he be told off for it?"

There was a chuckle behind Andrea before Teal's adoptive father, John Warden, appeared. He held a small bowl in his arms which contained a green fish with wide eyes and sharp teeth. "It's just an expression, Teal. Now go have some fun. Maybe try and make a few friends this time."

"Why bother?" said Teal. He looked down sadly. "No one wants to play with me."

"Maybe they just don't know how to ask you," the fish spoke up.

Teal sighed. "I wish I can take you with me, Minion."

"But I'll freeze," said the fish. "It's the first snow day of winter. Go have some fun."

"I'll try." The nine year old grabbed his sketch book from the kitchen worktop before hurrying over to the door, entering the cold outside.

The brunette woman sighed. "I just don't know what to do about him, John. It would be a lot easier if the Scott kid didn't pick on him."

"I know." After carefully putting Minion down, John placed reassuring hands upon his wife's shoulders and rubbed her gently.

Minion watched the couple before his eyes turned to the door which his charge had disappeared through. With all his heart he wished for the boy to be given a friend – or, even more appropriate, a Guardian.

Teal held his sketch book close to him as he scribbled his drawings on the page; he was sketching blueprints for the best igloo ever, which he planned to build himself. Hopefully this will get the other kids to play with me.

In the distance he heard the laughter and cheering of other children and looked up; a small group of them were having a snowball fight in the distance. He recognized them from his class. A boy with messy, sandy coloured hair; the African-American twins, a boy and a girl; a girl with mousy brown hair; a boy with dark brown hair; and a girl with jet black hair. Nearby very young children were making snow angels, looking about three years of age; a girl with sandy coloured hair, a girl with blonde hair, and a boy with brown hair and glasses.

The blue boy smiled at the scene; he badly wanted to join in, but knew they wouldn't let him – unless he impressed them. That's why this igloo has to work. He turned to walk away and get to work...

...and collided into someone. He looked up to see who it was, and his green eyes widened at the tall, muscled boy standing before him.

"That's right," said Wayne Scott. "You leave those kids alone." Behind him were his followers. A chubby, ginger kid with hundreds of freckles named Hal, four other boys named Joey, Sam, Nick and Cameron, and then a blonde girl named Jo. They were all glaring at Teal.

Teal ducked his head low and walked past them, hoping they wouldn't give him any trouble if he just left.

But then Nick grabbed his sketch book and took a look. "You're gonna build an igloo? How can one puny kid like you build something like this?"

"You can barely lift anything with those noodle arms," said Cameron.

The blue boy tried to snatch the book back. "I can try! I know I can!"

Wayne then took the sketch book and hovered in the air out of reach, and Teal tried to jump in order to get it back. "And you've drawn other kids inside it. What are you trying to do, freak? Brainwash them with this? Lock them up and hold them prisoner?"

"No! I would never do that!" Teal protested, still trying to jump up for his sketch book. "I only want to make friends!"

"That's a lie!" Wayne yelled back. "My father says you're nothing but bad news! You want to brainwash kids to do bad things!" He landed again and shoved the sketch book into the boy's chest, before repeatedly shoving him back further. "You're bad, and you'll always be bad! And it's my job to keep you in line!"

With one final shove, Wayne sent Teal falling into a large pile of snow, and the boy cried out from the shock of the cold.

"Let's bury him!" Hal proclaimed. He and the other four boys began to circle Teal, while Wayne and Jo watched with smirks upon their faces.

What neither of them counted on was an unseen force behind them; an older boy playing with the other kids, who had been watching the entire scene in shock. Jack had been surprised to see a kid with blue skin, but this had grown into anger and horror when he witnessed the other kids picking on him. It barely registered that the lead boy could fly; Jack knew he had to get this blue kid away from the bullies.

He flew over them and created a snowball in his hands, before throwing it at the lead boy.

The snowball hit the boy in the face...but unlike the many times he'd done this before, there was no blue magic. Instead Wayne turned around angrily, looking for the culprit. "Who threw that?!" The other kids held up their hands in defence.

Jack blinked in surprise. "It didn't work?" But there was no time to ponder this; the kids were distracted, and it was a perfect time to get Teal out of there.

Teal seemed to have the same idea; he picked himself up and ran, and noticing a sled in his path, Jack created a sheet of ice below his feet. Teal slipped up and fell on the sled, and another sheet of ice caused him to whiz away at top speed. He cried out as Jack created a path for him.

That was when the bullies noticed him gone. "He's getting away!" Sam cried out.

"Oh no he doesn't." Wayne took to the air and gave chase, gaining on Teal within seconds.

Jack looked over his shoulder and noticed the flying boy. He can fly?! How did that happen?! Again, he knew there was no time to ponder this, and began to steer Teal through the busy streets in a series of zigzags, hoping to throw off Wayne.

It partly worked; Wayne continued to chase them, but it was obvious to Jack that the boy wasn't used to flying. He kept on bumping into things, leaving dents in walls, cars and the pavement itself.

People cried out in shock as they got out of the way of the chase, and cars swerved on the icy roads in an attempt not to hit the boys. Jack decided to use this to his advantage. "Wind, slow him down!" The wind obeyed, and a huge gust was sent back at Wayne. The boy didn't expect the force and was sent flying backwards, his arms covering his eyes.

Jack had timed this right so they were on the road, and seeing an oncoming truck, he steered Teal down another road. When Wayne removed his arms his eyes widened at the sight of the truck, and he quickly flew out of the way. He gained control over his flight soon afterwards...only to find that Teal had gone.

Looking behind him, Jack saw that Wayne was no longer chasing them. "Show's over, kid." He created an ice ramp which sent Teal hurtling into a large pile of snow, and the boy landed safely without a scratch. Jack then landed up on a telephone pole, leaning against it.

Teal picked himself up, and after checking to make sure his sketch book survived the trip – it had – he looked around, trying to comprehend what had just happened.

The ice path had just...appeared before him as if it was being created out of thin air. Teal had a large brain which he could use for many different things...but he couldn't comprehend what had just happened. It was scientifically impossible.

"I don't know how that happened," he said to himself, "but I'm gonna find out what caused that." He hurried away, determined to get home and start work on his research.

Jack smiled, watching the boy hurry away. Stay safe, kid. From what he'd heard of the conversation, he realized that hadn't been the first time the boy had been picked on – meaning that it wouldn't be the last, either.

There must be a way to stop this permanently, he thought. I wonder if the others know about this kid. They must do. With that thought in mind, he took to the air. "Wind, take me to the North Pole!"

It obeyed.