"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?" Ron asked almost horrified. I could've sworn I looked like a tomato, a burned tomato.

"Was it Malfoy? That bloody bastard!"

"It's ok Ron I got him for what he did already. 'Hopefully he gets hypothermia' I thought as I looked at harry picking up his wand and walking towards the common room door.

"Harry, wait! There's no need for that, its perfectly fine. Ill just hex him if he does that again."

"Are you sure about that 'mione?" he asked me worriedly.

"Yea" I said giving him a soft smile, pursing my lips into a thin line. I felt so happy to have such good friends like Harry and Ron. They both were like elder brothers to me, but sometimes really overprotective.

"Well, I'm off to bed, as you can see I need to cool off." I exclaimed puffing out air from my lungs, causing small strands of my soaked hair to fly to the side.

Ron grinned whilst harry smiled at Ron and then at me.

"Goodnight, 'mione" harry said as the both walked up to the stairs.

I too was about to walk up when I realized I was alone in the common room, again.

'`What if he comes again, I mean I did allow him into Hogwarts…Hermione! Do you still believe in him?' said my inner voice that I have weird conversations with. "Well, of course! He's not even human!" I spoke back whispering to myself. 'So what? You actually expect him to come into the common room right now and tell you all the possible answers to the questions you've got? 'Uhh…" I thought feeling quite dumb.

"Oh never mind."

I sighed and walked up the stairs, into the bathroom to change into my pajamas.

As soon as I finished I slipped into the warm blanket in my bed and instantly fell asleep.

The following morning was tiresome, as I had gotten cramps in my neck. Probably from the awkward sleeping position of mine last night. Never the less I reluctantly got changed for school not at all happy to see my timetable.


"UGH" I weirdly grunted and realized the girl's dormitory was quiet, too quiet.

'Oh my god everybody's still asleep!' I squeaked a little covering my mouth; surprised that no one woke up from that loud grunt I performed earlier.

Even though I had plenty of time to myself I had nothing to do. Most 'normal' girls would start applying coats, and coats of make up, or touch up on their hair…for hours or just simply stare at the mirror, complaining about their microscopic imperfections.

But since I wasn't like that I just grabbed a book and started heading to the black lake. In the morning, especially in winter it would be frozen, but not solidified, just really cold. It was quite odd actually; I never wake up this early during winter.

Stepping on the solid wooden planks that surrounded one part of the lake, I sighed and sat down on the edge, letting my legs hang loose by the lake.

I took out the book from my pocket and realized that I had taken the wrong book.

'TALES OF BEEDLE AND THE BARD", disappointed I put my book by my side and just blankly stared into the never-ending lake. It was dawn and the sun was just piercing through the gaps in the woods opposite me. 'Well Hermione, you got the wrong book...good job.'

I unconsciously began humming a random tune I heard on the radio last vacation. Bored out of my mind I began to get up when suddenly, out of the blue, I mean literally out the blue lake, I saw something bright blue or a horizontal line bursting out from the far end of the lake. I stepped a little closer and narrowed my eyes 'what in merlin's beard…?' I was approaching me at an unusually fast speed, almost carpeting the lake with what looked like…"ICE?" I exclaimed as the force of the wind that came with it made me lose balance and fall down on my back, my head flat on the ground.

"Ouch" I spoke as the fall made me close my eyes harshly. I was still flat on the ground and almost automatically I started rubbing my head.

I slowly opened my eyes and smashed into some bright blue ones. From where I was lying, believe me they looked enormous. My cheeks flushed lightly as I finally realized who it was… 'The man who doesn't understand personal space problems.'

Before I could scream, he spoke.

"Are you alright!?" he said softly.

I was still breathing hard, staring blankly into his eyes.

"What do you THINK?" I replied hastily getting up from the lying position. I turned around, relieved he was still there.

He was crouching with his staff lying by his side, and was still looking at me.

"I think you got hurt" He replied clumsily.

"What was that?!" I asked changing the topic and pointing towards the lake.

"Oh, that? That was the work of this" He said picking up his staff and throwing it in the air and then catching it with one hand. Noticing my blushed face he smirked and said "Impressed?"

"No!" although I wasn't expecting his staff to do something so big, I mean in comparison with my wand icicle…this was much bigger!

He fake frowned and then sat down beside me.

"Well, go on" He spoke looking at the lake with his blue eyes, smirking ever so slightly.

I was still looking at him with an astonished look "Go on what?"

"I know how you're dying to know who I am," He said grinning.

I flushed even redder, thinking of how he read my mind. 'Does he have mind reading powers too?'

"I'm not dying to know it…but now that you've asked"

So on and so forth, the endless question answer session began.

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