Plankton's Experiment: The Sugar Rush

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Yep, even though I didn't actually update it at all until just recently, Plankton's Experiment has finally finished, and now, it's time for Plankton to be exposed to bizarre universes far beyond what his little eye can handle. Let's see if he can hilariously attempt to manage stomach cuteness and sugary goodness dailed up to eleven.

Disclaimer: Plankton belongs to Nick. Sugar Rush and everything else belongs to Disney.

Sheldon J. Plankton has caused a lot of mayhem back in Bikini Bottom. As a result of his latest scheme, he was tossed into a portal that could take him literally anywhere. Unfortunately for him, he had no idea of what he was about to get himself into...

"Ugh... where am I?" Plankton muttered, placing his right stubby green hand on his head as he got up. He still had his odd blue backpack and yellow shorts on, with his green substance still having plenty of juice left in it. He looked down at the ground, to see it was yellowish. He sniffed it, his eye widening as he realized how nice it smelled. "The ground smells like cinnamon buns..." He shuddered as he held himself. "Where am I?"

Suddenly, several karts came zooming down the path. Plankton screamed as he tried to dodge the karts, but he got flattened like a pancake yet again, groaning in pain as he blinked.

"Ugh... why does everyone have to step on the small guy?" Plankton groaned as he tried getting up, but failed.

Suddenly, the northern winds blew Plankton off the ground and into the air. causing him to soar all over Sugar Rush. Plankton then landed right on top of the finish line, with the racers all passing it as the race was over.

"What is going on?" Plankton asked, still trying to get himself back into normal shape. He finally popped himself back to normal, only to fall off the finish gate and land on top of one of the racer's head. He groaned, popping out of the vanilla icing as he shook his head, sniffing it as his lone eye widened. "What am I on...?"

Candlehead looked up, curious as to what fell on her head. She and Plankton locked eyes. Both screamed in terror, with Candlehead running about as she jumped out of her kart, running towards the western direction, away from the Sugar Rush Speedway as Plankton screamed, trying to hold on for his dear life.

Today just wasn't his day.