This is my first ever story so please let me know how you like it!

It was during a thunderstorm at the middle of the night when a shadowy figure entered castle town. "It's been a long time since I've been back here." The man muttered as he held the drenched hood of his cloak further over his head, completely hiding his face from castle town's night guards. The guards themselves never gave the stranger a second glance, they were too busy trying to shelter themselves from the icy rain and harsh winds and that suited the cloaked man just fine as he made his way down some cobblestone steps still holding his hood over his face, avoiding the suspicion filled gaze of some other guards. 'I didn't make it all the way here just to end up in a dungeon for looking suspicious, not that I blame them' the young man sneered from under his cloak. Shivering as the cloak did little to shield him from the rain that chilled him to the bone, as the downpour got worse the stranger finally made it towards an inn; luckily for him the inn was still open.

As he entered the inn he saw an old man -whom he presumed was the innkeeper- sitting behind the counter reading a book. Almost entirely bald but for a few strands of long grey hair messily scattered across his head, he would have honestly looked better with them cut off. He also had a rather large nose with a wart on the right side doing nothing to improve an already unattractive feature. As the cloaked man began to walk up to the counter he heard a squeaky voice that sounded like a combination of a rusty gate opening and a cat getting its tail stepped on, the man swore his ears were bleeding!

Trying to listen to what the innkeeper was saying without cringing, he grimaced.

"You're a bit late in coming in here, I was about to shut but you're in luck, I've got one room left."

Trying not to shudder from the old man's voice the young man managed to say "Ok, I'll take the room" through gritted teeth, as the man reached the counter he realized that the innkeeper wasn't sitting but was in fact standing. If the old man stood beside him, he would only reach up to the cloaked man's chest.

Noticing the hooded man staring at him the innkeeper croaked out "It'll cost you 300 rupee's for the room, seeing as how it's the last one."

His jaw dropped at the price of the room "By the three, that's double the price for a room around here!"

The old man grinned and once again assaulted his ears with his horrific voice, "if you don't like it then get out but this is the only inn left open tonight."

Grumbling he shot the innkeeper a death glare before slamming the rupees on the counter and waiting for his key.

"Fucking robbing old coot, that was most of my rupees I'll be lucky if I've got 50 left! I hope you die in your sleep or better still maybe I'll slit your throat and then I won't need to suffer your voice anymore!" the man grumbled as he climbed the stairs to his room, flinching as he heard the old man crackle from downstairs "I swear my pillow will have blood on it tomorrow!" Opening the door to his room he was disgusted to see how small and basic it was a small bed, a bedside table with a candle on it and a chair. "I can't believe I paid 300 rupee's for this" he scowled as he peeled his soaking wet cloak from his equally soaked body, revealing a hylian in a black tunic and trousers, with raven black hair in a short ponytail and crimson orbs that seemed to almost glow in the dimly lit room, sighing as he wiped his dripping bangs that stopped just over his eyes from his moon kissed skin.

Moving to the foot of his bed leaving a puddle of water near the door, he placed his sword and shield against the bedside table and his bag at the side of his bed. Stripping from his gear and the remaining wet clothes, shivering as the cold air touched his damp naked skin he rummaged through his bag for clean dry clothes. Hanging his wet ones on the chair before climbing into his bed, leaning over to blow out the candle on the table he began to think about how long it had been since he had last been in castle town, hell how long since he'd been to Hyrule!

'It's been six years, since I left, six years since Link killed that bastard Ganondorf! I wonder what the "hero" is doing nowadays, maybe I'll give him a visit" he thought as he fell asleep listening to the rain with a mischievous smirk on his face.