In the waiting room a mother nervously covered her son's ears as a constant stream of cursing, swearing and pain filled yelps flew from the doctors' room. "This one's cracked too..." the old doctor mumbled as he gave the cracked rib one more jab, earning another yelp from Dark as he sat on the examination table, glaring at Sheik who was currently leaning against a wall grinning from ear to ear, for forcefully dragging him to the sadistic doctor after recovering from the shock of seeing his old friend from this morning.

"Gyaah! I fucking know it's cracked so stop jabbing at it and just fix it so I can get out of here!" Dark bellowed at the doctor before beginning to wheeze and cough up blood.

Huffing, the doctor eventually pulled out a potion from one of the many cupboards in the room and gave it to Dark before he began to rap his ribs in bandages. "I usually don't give my patients potions because too many weakens the body's recovery process." The doctor explained.

"Like I give a shit about that!" Dark said rasping as he drowned the potion in one go, cringing at the bitter aftertaste.

As he waited for the doctor to finish rapping his ribs Dark noticed how much Sheik had changed through the years, he no longer had the feminine figure which Dark would tease him for at any given moment, his body was now as toned and muscular as Dark's giving Sheik a more masculine look. No longer wearing his turban Dark saw that his once waste long golden brown hair was now cut short to the middle of his neck giving it a natural spiky look, his long fringe was also cut shorter but just enough so that they didn't cover his red eyes, they weren't as deep a red as Dark's as they were more ruby than crimson. Ruby eyes were trademark for the Sheikah as much as crimson was for Shadow Beings. Sheik's short hair reminded Dark that he wanted to cut his own as he was fed-up with always having to tie it up. Dark has about to look away until something shiny caught his eye, it was a bracelet on Sheik's left wrist. 'A bondage bracelet. When did you get married?... hm, I'll ask him later' Dark thought winching as the doctor pulled at his bandages a little too roughly. "Ack! For fuck sake! Hurry up!" Dark was now very tempted to use his dagger once again today. As the doctor gave Dark the all clear he stormed out of the building cursing and swearing about the old doctor the whole way.

The grey clouds had finally parted revealing it to be mid-day as the pair left the doctors. Dark was happy to leave, he couldn't stand doctors with all their questions and probing! Sheik knew Dark hated doctors for that specific reason, and that was one of the reasons why he dragged him there. It was his way of getting his own back for Dark leaving so suddenly back then. Dark only told him that he was leaving Hyrule by letter and that was after he left! It was most likely so that Sheik couldn't try to stop him from leaving because he was already gone. Of course the other reason for taking him to the doctors was because he panicked when Dark began to have coughing fits and bringing up blood.

Basking in the gentle heat of the morning sun Dark began to stretch lazily only to have his ribs throb reminding him that he still had his bruises. That's the thing about potions; they can heal gashes broken bones but for some strange reason they can do nothing for bruises. 'As long as I don't do anything too extreme they should be okay.' Dark thought as he gently patted his ribs. "Don't tell me you're still mad about me leaving; you must have known I would eventually?" Dark said as he walked through the town square with a silent Sheik.

"No, I'm not mad anymore. I understand why you left; you wanted to see more of the world. After all you weren't exactly able to do that when you were with Ganondorf and then after coming here we were shoved straight into another battle with him." Sheik said carelessly.

"Yeah... "Replied Dark, quietly as he slowly walked behind Sheik eventually coming to a stop at the fountain with a pained expression on his face.

Suddenly realizing his mistake Sheik spun around, grabbing Dark by the shoulders with his head bowed he almost screamed in panic "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way, I wasn't thinking. I forgot how horrible it was for you back then, please forgive me!" After a couple of painful minutes of silence Sheik heard a small chuckle, looking up at Dark he was shocked to see Dark smiling it was small but still a smile, those were rare for Dark.

"I forgot how much you worry about me; I didn't know you still cared!" Dark said teasingly while still smiling. "Of course I still care you're my friend why wouldn't I?"

Sheik said in disbelief, his grip on Dark's shoulders tightening "You think because you left for 6 years I would no longer be your friend? I know the reason for you leaving and I'm not angry, I'm happy that you got to have your freedom! And I'm also happy you came back because you are still my friend and nothing is going to change that!"

Dark was ecstatic to know that he still had a friend; it had been years since he had been this happy. Nothing could destroy his mood right now, well except "that" but he doubted Sheik would say "that" so it's good!

"Heh! Thanks Sheik that really means a lot to me... but you can let go now." Dark said beginning to feel uncomfortable with the way sheik was holding him.

Letting go of Dark's shoulders Sheik rubbed the back of his neck also feeling a bit awkward about their little scene. The both were receiving odd looks from passerby's that were the in the area. "Em... so, where are you going now?" Sheik said with hopes of clearing the air.

"I donno maybe go to Telma's." Dark said with a shrug

"Ah, well I'll see you later then; I've got something's to do." Sheik said with a wave as he began to leave.

"Hey, Sheik before you leave... why are there so many guards about the place is there something going on?" Dark asked curious as to the unusually large amount of guards that were around castle town.

"Oh, that's right you don't know! The harvest festival is coming up in two weeks and the royal family will be joining plus we'll have a lot more travellers thanks to the trading routes being open again." Sheik explained.

"I see, so the extra guards are to help keep the royal family safe." Dark realized.

After saying good bye to one another they went their separate ways, Dark made his way through the bazaar, buying himself an apple and half a loaf of bread for breakfast a smile on his face grew into a grin knowing that when a festival is due then there will be a lot of Marks for monster slaying and since he was now completely healed he was eager to start. 'I'm going to be loaded after this!' Dark thought happily as he walked down the cobblestone steps to Telma's bar. Stepping through the door Dark stumbled upon a rather amusing sight; he saw the skinniest man he had ever seen trying to carry a barrel of beer which was half the size of him into the back of the bar. His face was beetroot red and his legs shaking from the sheer weight of the heavy barrel, his body swayed dangerously as he slowly shuffled to the back door huffing and grunting on his way. Dark was tempted to just stand and watch the man struggle but the man looked as if he was about to sway to the side at any moment and break open the barrel and Dark didn't care to have his feet swimming in beer. As if on cue the barrel began to slip from the man's grasp and Dark was just quick enough to catch it before it hit the ground.

"Phew, thanks' I was about to drop it." the man said gratefully as he fixed his grip.

"If you didn't snap in two first..." Dark mused quietly to himself; luckily the man didn't hear him as they carried it into the back room.

"Thanks' again mister, Telma would have had my head if I dropped it." the man thanked again as they walked to the front of the bar. "Why didn't you just roll it in? It would have been a lot simpler." Dark questioned as he sat on a stool and bit into his apple.

"Ah, I didn't think of that... "The man replied sheepishly while scratching his head. Dark just rolled his eyes and continued eating his apple until he heard someone walking down the stairway.

"Miguel have you finished loading the barrels yet?" called a rich voice from the stairs.

"Ah, yes Telma, they're all finished." Miguel called as Telma walked to the front of the bar while drying her hands.

"Good you didn't break any of them this time, because if you did it would be coming out of your payment." Miguel cringed at the thought of having a chunk his payment lost and quickly said his goodbyes before darting out of the bar before he accidentally did any damage to Telma's merchandise.

"That was a bit harsh don't ya think?" Dark said from his stool making Telma jump out of her skin.

"Wah! What the- Dark? Is that you?!" Telma cried in surprise as she took a step towards Dark while he gave a fanged grin in response. "Oh sweetie how have you been? It's been years!" Telma said gleefully as she suddenly pulled Dark off his stool and into a bone crushing hug.

"T-Telma watch the ribs!" Dark complained as Telma released him from her vice-like grip.

"What did you do to yourself this time? Seriously Dark almost every time I see you, you've got a wound of some sort." Telma said while shaking her head.

"Nah, it's just bruises." Dark said as he sat back down on his stool and finished off his apple.

"Is that so... Well, I heard from Sheik that you went travelling, did you just get back?" Telma said as she sat on the stool beside Dark.

"Yeah, got back last night. So how's the bar been?"

"Just fine, I haven't had to replace any of my tables and chairs since you left." Telma teased.

"Oh come on, I prayed for the damages before I left didn't I? Plus it wasn't just me that wrecked it..." Dark grumbled as he sulked in his stool. "Don't worry honey, Sheik paid for his share of the damages too but the next time the both of you decide to fight, please take it out side." Telma said as she folded the cloth in her hands and set it on the counter beside her and stood up to face Dark. "So my darling, are you just here for a chat or is there something else I can help you with?" Telma asked with a wink.

Dark brushed it off knowing that she was just playing and got straight to business. "I'm here to see if you have any bills put up?" Dark asked as he walked behind the counter and throw his apple core in the waste basket.

"I do in fact; it's just over here on the notice board." On the wall beside the front door was the notice board which was stacked with bills for monster hunting. "As you can see there's a lot, I know you won't be the only one doing them but I'm hoping that you'll remove a good number of bills from the board by the end of the day." Telma said with a warm smile as she and Dark walked up to the board.

"You know I will." Dark said as he removed a bill from the board.

It was late in the evening as a happy Dark with a pouch full with rupees sat at Telma's bar. The bar had a cheerful atmosphere surrounded with others that also decided to have a laugh and a well-earned drink after a long day of monster hunting. Dark sniggered as he watched a foreigner choke on Hyrule whiskey after taking a large gulp, not realizing how strong it was as Hyrule whiskey was stronger than most other whiskeys. Walking over and patting his back Dark said "You should really sip that or it will take the throat off of you. Especially since you're not used to it, being a foreigner and all."

"How did you know?" the man said hoarsely after his throat recovered enough for him to speak.

"Well your clothes for one thing plus you're accent doesn't exactly sound Hylian ether." Dark said as he sat down beside the man.

"Ah I see, well my name's Wes, I'm a travelling merchant and you are...?" The man known as Wes said.

"I'm -"

"DARK! You have got one hell of a lot of explaining to do!" An extremely angry voice said from behind Dark and Wes.

Half of the bar went quiet as the two men turned around. Wes went pale as he and Dark came face to face with an extremely pissed off Sheik.

"What's up Sheik?" Dark said sounding almost bored as he leaned his elbows against the table sipping his drink, not affected by explosive temper of the Sheikah in the slightest.

"I'll tell you 'what's up!' I'm going to rip your fucking guts out if you don't explain what the fuck you did in that inn this morning!" Sheik roared.

"Ah, I was wondering when you were going to hound me for that?!" Dark said still not bothered by how pissed off Sheik was.

"Maybe you two should continue this in the other room?" Telma said calmly as she walked up to Dark and Sheik.

"Thank you, Telma." Sheik said stiffly as he dragged Dark by the arm to the spare room behind the bar, slamming the door behind him.

Shaking her head Telma sighed as she wasn't surprised in the slightest that not even a day had passed since Dark came back to Hyrule and he was already in trouble with Sheik about something. Ever since they both turned up in Hyrule out of nowhere 6 years ago, they've been at each other's throats but somehow were still good friends.

"Explain..." Sheik ordered as he leaned on the door with his arms crossed, frowning as he and Dark could hear Telma telling the people in the bar to go back to what they were doing as clear as day, letting them know how thin the walls were. "Omnes ego feci accipere cura demandatur alicuius guys ut sunt trashing diversorio, quod non fuit aliquid pro eis ad bliteum, locus prope inanis ... praesertim thalamo vos potestis credere, quod vetus Fulica qu fecit me solvere 300 rupee suus 'pro crappy conclave cum magis vel minus nihil in eo! Eram iustus super paratus scindam caput eius off hoc mane!" (All I did was take care of some guys that were trashing the inn, not that there was anything for them to trash, the place was practically empty... especially my room, can you believe that old coot made me pay 300 rupee's for a crappy room with more or less nothing in it! I was just about ready to rip his head off this morning!) Dark grumbled as he sat on a crate as the spare room was currently being used as a storage room.

"Te tenebras illinc apparentia quasi sanguine balneum! Plus tu non iustus 'curam' de eis sit! Mortuos suos, Dark vos practically occidistis eos!" (Dark you left that place looking like a blood bath! Plus you didn't just 'take care' of them! Their dead, Dark you practically butchered them!) Sheik sighed as he rubbed his temples "Sis felix es tantum questus a tunde in carpi ad hoc vobis Cos acute sibi gratiam fecit sicut illi duo serial interfectores voluit. Sed et intellexit quod vos non servavit, ut in aula fuit quoque vir quidem tecum locutus es ad IV post menses autem vivere, quod ego vobis in illa hora vos mane experrectus est iustus homo, et tu non mane." (You're lucky you're only getting a slap on the wrist for this cos you actually did us a favour as those two were wanted serial killers. Also you may not had realized it but you also saved a life, as there was another man in the hall too, he said you saved his life but after living with you for 4 months, I know that for you to be up in that time in the morning means they just woke you up and you're not a morning person.) Sheik said smugly as he saw Dark huffed in annoyance for being found out.

"Respice sum i in tribulationis pro hoc aut non!" (Look am I in trouble for this or not!) Dark snapped. "Immo non te operam, ne iterum quia non addam ut impune possit." (No, no you're not just try and not do it again because next time you might not get away with it so easily.) Sheik warned as they left the room. To be sure no one "overheard" they had decided that they should speak Old Hylian and it was a good thing too because as they left the "storage room" they were given strange looks from the people closest to the room. Dark and Sheik were not surprised as Old Hylian was now a lost language, only a hand full of people in Hyrule including Dark and Sheik could understand and speak Old Hylian as everyone now spoke Modern Hylian.

As they walked to the front of the bar to Dark's previous seat Dark noticed that Wes was nowhere to be found. "You're mean Sheik; you scared my new friend away!" He grumbled teasingly.

"How do you know that he didn't just leave for another reason?" Sheik countered.

"So are you staying for a drink?" Dark said ignoring Sheik's last comment as the two sat down.

"I suppose but nothing alcoholic I've got to go to the castle after this." He replied. Some travellers in the table beside them were looking a bit nervous after Sheik's earlier outburst but were ignored as the men were too busy betting as to the reason for Wes leaving for them to notice.

"So since I see you two are friends again what will it be?" said Telma as she walked up to the two men's table. Dark ordered a beer and Sheik got some milk.

"Hey Telma, why did Wes leave, did Sheik scare him off?!" Dark asked as he jabbed his thumb in Sheiks direction.

"No he left because he has to set up his stall early tomorrow." Telma explained chuckling. Dark cursed under his breath as he gave Sheik the 50 rupee's he had won.

"Will Link be there?" Dark said out of the blue.

"What?" Sheik said confused by the random question.

"The castle... will Link be there?" Dark answered while sipping on his drink.

Sheik took a couple of minutes to think about it. "Yes, I think so... why?" Sheik said eyeing him suspiciously.

"Nothing bad I promise, I've just got to give him this!" Dark said as he rummaged through his bag pulling out a letter."Here, you might as well give it to him since you're more likely to see him than me." Dark said as he gives Sheik the letter.

"That still doesn't explain why you were sneaking around! Why didn't you just give it to him out right?" Sheik asked still suspicious.

"Were would the fun be in that! Besides I was hoping to have a little fun with him first but you spoiled that so I decided to have some fun with you instead!" Dark said with a fanged grin.

Groaning Sheik said "you never change do you!" As Sheik finished his milk something shiny glittered in Dark's eyes, it was Sheik's bracelet which reminded him about his question from this morning.

"Hey Sheik, when did you tie the knot with someone?" He asked as he tapped Sheik's bondage bracelet to show that he was talking about.

"Ah, well about half a year after you left, I'll introduce you to her sometime, I've even got some kids." Sheik said a bit embarrassed.

"Really, how many?!" Dark said surprised

"Two boys and one on the way!" Sheik said proudly. "Well I've got to go; I guess I'll see you tomorrow." Sheik said as he stood to leave.

"Sure see ya!" Dark said with a lopsided grin as Sheik left for the castle leaving Dark to finish his drink.

As the sun set, castle town was set ablaze as a curtain of fiery reds and oranges washed over it, sending twilight in its wake. A song played along the winds. Only a hand full in Hyrule knew the song and the instrument that played it.

Sheik leaned against the window in the main lounge of the castle, a peaceful smile on his face as he fondly watched Link and the now queen Zelda chat as her twin children danced around their feet. The boy twin Oran often bombarding Link with questions and begging for Link to show him a sword technique, while the girl twin Nura would chase after her brother in a game of tag with Sheik often being used as a safe area.

Nura ran to Sheik and clung to his leg, once again using him as a safe spot. "That's not fair; you can't keep running to Sheik! I don't want him to be the safe spot any more. I bet Sheik's sick of you always grabbing his leg anyway!" Oran said, smirking at his pouting sister as she looked up at Sheik looking as if she was going to cry

"I-I'm not annoying you am I Sheik?" Nura said worryingly. Looking down Sheik felt his heart melt as he looked into her big watery eyes his fatherly instincts taking over.

Petting her head he said "of course not princess, I don't mind." Turning to her brother Nura stuck her tongue out at him.

"Humph, you always do that when you get what want" Oran grumbled under his breath while crossing his arms.

Sheik and Zelda froze in place as a melody drifted across the town. Hearing a song at this time of day was unusual but that was not the reason they froze it was because of the type of song that was being played. "That's the song of time!" Sheik said in surprise 'I haven't heard that song since I was in my own time... Dark are you the one playing it?'

Still clinging to Sheik's leg Nura said "It's a pretty song but I haven't heard it before, mommy who's playing it?"

Both twins looked up at their mother expecting her to know the answer. Zelda smiled gently at her children " I wouldn't expect ether of you to know that song it has not been played for hundreds of years, although I am curious as to who is playing it though as only a select few outside the royal family know that song, I would also like to know here they came to possess an ocarina the only one known to be still around is the ocarina of time and that has been safely hidden."

"Zelda what is the chance someone could get the ocarina of time?" Link asked, worried that someone may have stolen the ocarina.

"Don't worry Link it hasn't been stolen. It's hidden by my magic and I would know if someone was trying to steal it." Zelda answered, Link was instantly relieved by that.

As Sheik was wondering if Dark was the one playing the song of time he suddenly remembered about the letter Dark had given to him for Link. "Ah, Link! I just remembered my friend gave me a letter for you." Handing Link the letter Link recognized the handwriting, eagerly tore the letter open and began to read, when he finished he was grinning wildly.

"It's from Shad, he said that he's finished exploring and will be back in Hyrule soon!" Link said excited that his friend was coming home. "By the way if you don't mind me asking who's your friend and why did your he have the letter and not the postman?" Link asked confused

"Would you have preferred the postman?" Sheik said with a grin.

"N-no thank you!" Link cried, horror written over his face as a sudden image of the postman and his indecent uniform that looked like underwear entered his mind.

Sheik chuckled as he said "I'm not too sure why he has it but his is name is Dark, I don't think you've met him yet, he also helped us to defeat Ganondorf, even if it was from the shadows." Sheik explained.

"Why didn't he help up front with everybody else?"Link asked a little suspiciously.

"He... had a bad experience with Dark magic in the past and decided it was best helping from the sidelines!" Sheik quickly answered, not wanting to tell them the true reason as to why he decided to work from the shadows so that they wouldn't jump to conclusions. He wasn't exactly telling a lie, he just wasn't telling them the truth as a whole.


Sheik's lungs were burning and his legs were beginning to numb as he ran through the cliff face of Death Mountain but he didn't care, the only thing that was on Sheik's mind right now was getting to Link on time. Link was currently trying to fight off three Shadow Beasts that had him cornered near a cliff edge while in his Hylian form. Thanks to the large rocks and the electric barrier which surrounded Link and the monsters the Sheikah was having trouble getting a clear shot with his bow, when he noticed an area not far above him which looked like it had a clearer view. The only thing was that he didn't have time to head up as Link was getting dangerously close to the edge.

Link had all ready taken one of the Shadow Beasts out and was half way killing the second but in order to dispel the barrier he had to kill the last two Shadow Beasts together but the third was staying out of Link reach by hiding in-between the large rocks, which also meant Sheik getting a clear shot almost imposable so the only thing left him to do was to head for the area above and pray to the goddesses that Link could hold out until he made it. As the Sheikah neared his destination the heard a twang of a bow and then a thud of something dropping. Rushing to the top of the cliff Sheik saw Dark with a bow; he had aimed in the area Link was in. Fearing Dark had shot Link, Sheik launched himself to the cliff edge in order to see what happened. Releasing the breath he hadn't realized he was holding Sheik gave a sigh of relief as he saw that Dark had in fact shot the hidden Shadow Beast just as Link killed his own as a result the barrier was removed. Standing up Sheik dusted himself off and glanced at Dark, his arms were crossed and in an accusing tone he asked "Did you think I was going to shoot Link?"

Sheik just stared at Dark with guilty eyes while Dark waited for his answer. "Sorry... I just panicked" he finally replied.

Dark just sighed as he put his bow over his shoulder. "Have you ever wondered why the Shadow Beasts look the most human of the Shadow monsters? It's because they're Shadow Beings and Twili that have been turned into monsters, I could sense their magic mixed with the Dark magic... I bet the imp, Minda could sense it too." Dark said solemnly as he hide behind a rock as he peeked down at the pair as they began to make their way up to were Dark and Sheik stood.

Sheik was speechless it hadn't even occurred to him that the Shadow Beasts could have been people once. "Sheik... don't tell Link at least not yet, I don't think he'd be able to handle the fact that he killed something that used to be a person and before you start asking the reason I'm not fighting outright like everybody else, it's because I might not always want to help out plus I don't want to be another puppet." Dark said softly. Before Sheik could question him on what he meant by not wanting to be another puppet Dark had disappeared through the shadows just as Link and Minda walk up to Sheik to thank him for his help with the Shadow Beast not knowing their true saviour had left. Minda had her suspicions though as she thought she could sense the fresh scent of a Shadow Being but wasn't sure if it was just the lingering scent of the Shadow Beasts so she let the subject drop for now.

Flashback end.

Thinking back Sheik wondered 'Dark did you know that it was Ganondorf from behind the scenes?' Zelda gave him a look that said she didn't completely believe him but decided she would ask him for the truth in private as she guessed he was sugar coating it for Dark's sake. Sheik noticed that Zelda wasn't buying it and sighed knowing he was going to have to tell her the whole truth but thankfully Link seemed to be happy with that answer and didn't say any more about it, much to Sheik's relief.

Realizing it was too quiet Link, Zelda and Sheik began to look for the twins only to find them curled up on one of the sofas asleep. Deciding to call it a night Zelda and Link picked up the twins and began to carry them to their bedrooms. "Link would you like to spend the night in one of our guest rooms; it's much too late for you to head back to Ordon." Zelda asked as he tucked the twin's in.

"Thank you but I already have a room in an inn for the night. Link said politely. "Good night my lady, I shall see you tomorrow I know that you will have much to discuss and good night to you too Link, if you're lucky I might be able to introduce you to Dark tomorrow." Sheik said before he and Link made their way home.

The moon was high in the sky then Dark jumped down from a rooftop and made his way to a new inn to stay for the night with an ocarina in his hand given to him by a friend from so long ago.