A/N: Super Hero Syndrome: one of the best things about being a superhero for the first time. You put on that suit and save the day, and the next thing you know, you want to do it all the time! You're either flying circles around your friends, or pretending a kitty stuck in a tree is the worst thing you've ever seen and do all these super hero moves to get her down. Well, the League of Incredible Vegetables had SHS, too. And these one-shots will explain what happened to each of them.

I'm not good at writing in paragraph form, so I'll toggle back and forth between that and script prose. I don't own LarryBoy, the LIV, or the FearDar. If I owned that last thing, then I'd be in jail right next to Dr. Flurry. LOL

ENJOY! – WildImaginationGirl21