"I...I love…you." Becks voice told her.

"You…you what?" She asked, tears now forming in her eyes.

"I love you."

Feeling his hand squeeze hers, she knew everything was going to be okay. As long as she had him by her side, everything would be fine. Looking into his eyes, she knew that he truly meant every word that was come out of his mouth.

"Really? Wait. You didn't hear all of that did you?"

"Yes… I thought it was beautiful, and what you were saying about how I don't want you anymore? Of course you know that's not true. I love every bone in your body, even if you might break other peoples." He joked as he saw a single tear roll down her cheek which he slowly wiped away with his thumb. "I love how… you're not afraid what anyone thinks of you. Not afraid to say what you feel, and the most precious thing, how much you hold onto things, like all our memories, like even our first date."


They were on their way back from the movie theatre, after Beck had taken her to see the Scissoring on opening night, he had heard her talk non-stop about it for the past week, so he knew it was perfect. Walking down her road in the pale moonlight, with a boy she had really started to care for, she might be that crazy that she thought she might be falling in love with him. As she gazed up at the sky at the single stars, he slipped his hand into hers, lacing their fingers together, never wanting to let them go. As they walked up to her porch, sadness crept up on him, knowing that he would have to let her leave. "I had such an amazing time with you." He said staring into her gorgeous blue eyes. "And I just wish I could keep having an amazing time with you, but I know, I know I have to let you go home." He held his hands up in defence, then snaking his arm round her back pulled her in and gave her a soft gentle kiss on her lips as she held onto his shoulder with both hands. He felt her smile while they were kissing, he knew she loved it. "Go on, it's cold you get inside." Smiling at how much of a gentleman he was, she pecked his lips one last time and walked towards the door, but not before turning round to him to tell him 'I love you'. Replying, he could help but show the huge grin that spread across his face, like a small child at Christmas. He practically skipped all the way home; he had got the girl that he loved.


"That was an amaaazing first date." She smiled to him.

"I know. And I want to keep having amazing dates with you all the time so Jade? Would you be my girlfriend again?"

She didn't have words to say. The thought that he would even ask that again after all she had done to him was crazy.

"Yes but…"

"No buts. You're gonna be my girlfriend even if I have to make you."

"What about me mov-" She was cut off by his strong arms wrapping around her body, pulling her into a deep kiss that basically screamed you're the one.

"Now. What was that about moving again?"

"Nothing. Just a small thought." she winked.

The small group outside that had been watching the entire episode practically applauded them. Them alone had wanted those two back together more than anyone, besides Beck and Jade themselves. They saw that even when they were broken up; it was still there, their spark. Piling into the room the room they saw both their faces, beaming. The happiest couple in the world.

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