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Chapter 1: facing reality


I was practically jumping down the steps of Oliver's apartment, longing for a mocha from the coffee shop below, as soon as my feet touched the bottom step I shouted 'yo ollipop' I saw rather than heard his sigh, even though I swear I saw his lip twitch up briefly, "what, Claire" I smiled "mocha" I said simply he gave me a small smile "what no please for me today" I shrugged "nah, don't feel like it" he rolled his eyes and soon enough my mocha was on the counter I took a seat and watched him.

He had really changed from that grumpy decrepit old man it wasn't just that he'd changed physically, myrnin had given him some tablets to take to restore him to his 20' was actually quite handsome now his hair now back to its original black, he was tall, mean and lean, and it strangely appealed to me.

It wasn't just his appearance that had changed, now he seemed meaner to certain people but for some strange reason nicer to me, although it could just be so he didn't kill me while im under his care. Im under his care since Shane cheated on me with some red headed whore so it was either Oliver's couch, the streets or face Shane everyday I think I made a pretty good choice with Oliver's couch it wasn't as bad as I first thought.

Jason broke me from my thoughts "hey Claire, Oliver amelie wants you there's an open portal in the office" Jason was now completely clean, much to eve's happiness, and was even on talking terms with showers, which made eve even happier and was a massive relief on all our noses. Oliver out of the kindness of his heart let Jason work here.

I got up and followed Oliver to his office, dropping my empty cup in the bin as I passed. When I stepped through the portal I found myself in the same place Brandon body had been it hadn't changed it still looked like a funeral parlour.

Amelie, Myrnin, Richard and Hannah were all sat down Oliver was standing, hovering near the group but not that look happy and excited "well since were all here, Myrnin's brought Sam back" then a look of pure puzzlement came across her face "Oliver?" she seemed smug, Oliver in return scowled "what" I couldn't help but mutter under my breath "hello aren't you happy today" Myrnin chuckled at my comment his crazy grin making an appearance, Oliver looked at me, eyebrow raised a small smile on his lips, then Myrnin's grin turned into confusion "Amelie, do you feel that, the mood" amelie gave a small nod of her head then Myrnin smiled like the madman he was.

"He's in love" Amelie said, her excitement obvious from the volume of her voice, Oliver scowled Amelie, sensing the approaching violence, quickly defused him "im sorry, I got a bit carried away"

Although I tried to not to, I couldn't stop the sneeze, even though it was light and quiet; I was in a room with 3 of the oldest vamps in the world, I had no chance of no one noticing.

I smiled sheepishly "this room is really dusty" I proceeded to sneeze again. Oliver smiled warmly at me, "oh dear Oliver, we best get down to why I called you here" Amelie motioned to a guard who went up to the stage he pulled a rope that pulled the thick, heavy curtains to the side. My eyes focussed in on a man on his knees, that man was Shane.

"Im sorry but Mr Collins has killed a vampire, Jason rosser was an eyewitness and there is video evidence to back him up. He killed Dr Saltzman; he used a silver stake knife, cut his head off and covered him in silver." She paused possibly evaluating what I was likely to do. Then the words I was dreading came out of her mouth "the attack was...unprovoked" she looked…oddly sympathetic.

I felt myself falling but before I reached the ground someone caught me I knew it was Oliver; the smell of coffee was strong. I didn't want to face reality; I didn't want to think about how the man id once loved killed someone, brutally and without reason. For the second time so far in my life, I felt safe in Oliver's arms.