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Last time

I felt myself falling but before I reached the ground someone caught me I knew it was Oliver; the smell of coffee was strong. I didn't want to face reality; I didn't want to think about how the man id once loved killed someone, brutally and without reason. For the second time so far in my life, I felt safe in Oliver's arms.


Chapter two: I really hate doctor's

"Claire, Claire! Its time to wake up" my eyes flew open as I jumped "myrnin" I whined "don't shout in my ear" he just grinned at me then reality drop kicked me hard I looked to the stage area yep Shane was still there.

Amelie and Oliver were talking in harsh whispers to the side Shane was looking at me almost as if pleading, I just turned away from him. "where did Richard and Hannah go" I asked to no one specifically ,amelie and Oliver walked over "they went to get you some water, you were boiling" Oliver said, he sounded, weirdly, worried for my well being and even more weird it made me feel warm and fuzzy to think he cares for me.

Richard and Hannah decided to walk in at that moment they both let out sighs of relief "your ok then" I gave Hannah a smile "yeah, just shock" she smiled but it was tainted by worry as she passed me the water.

"Oliver maybe you should take Claire back, she doesn't seem very well and she shouldn't be here to witness Mr Collins punishment" I sent myrnin a grateful smile then the words sunk in "is he going to…" I couldn't finish "die" Oliver supplied softly. I gave him a thank you smile he smiled right back seeming to say, your welcome

"No he won't be dieing today, Sam and Michael have both requested for him not to be killed but he will be hurt, his crime was a big one he can not go unpunished" I nodded "I understand but please not too many visible marks" "we will try" "thank you amelie" she turned away from me, to Shane. I opened a portal back to Oliver's apartment.

I immediately went to walk to the couch but on the way my body had other ideas, I fell halfway but before I touched the ground I was in Oliver's arms "no your ill Claire, no couch for you" I didn't protest as he carried me to his room

He laid me on the bed and the second I blinked he was right next to me "Amelie's sending Theo over to give you a quick check up later" I groaned "it was just shock" I could tell he didn't believe me.

I gave up and changed the subject "so who's the lucky gal" it was his turn to groan "their just trying to wind me up, i've said it before love is for sentimental idiots and causes nothing but pain" for some reason each work felt like a stab to my heart.

"How are you feeling now" I sighed "a little tired" I heard a cough behind us, I turned over. Theo was standing in the doorway with a raised eyebrow "I now know exactly what myrnin was saying" he mumbled a little too loud

Oliver was standing up in the blink of an eye so I swung my legs of the side of the bed. Theo looked at Oliver "you look…different" Oliver just scowled "Theo with the best intentions for your health, be quick my patience is wearing thin" Theo just nodded.

Half an hour of boring tests later Theo frowned "Claire what are these lines on your arms" without waiting for an answer, probably knowing I would protest, he grabbed my arm and pulled the sleeve up "they're nothing" I snapped pulling it down as fast as I could.

He sighed, I swear I saw disappointment flash across his face," your fine you were probably right about it being shock" he seemed to run out of the apartment

Oliver was in front of me the second Theo left. He crouched down and pulled my sleeve back up I looked away. There were deep cuts up and down my lower arm. I winced as new cut opened above an old one. Oliver looked horrified.

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