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Winter, 1621

"You're going back to Paris without me?"

Tying her cloak on, Milady de Winter glanced over her shoulder impatiently. "I have been gone far too long," she said. "It's been over six months now. Any longer and Athos will question my absence. As it is, I will have to blame the winter snows for my delay."

"But…but the child! You're leaving me alone with her?"

"I trust you to do see to her care, Kitty," Milady said firmly. She pulled the hood up over her head. "You didn't think I would remain here in this quaint and boring village, did you? I have clients to see and a smitten musketeer in Paris to return to."

Hovering in the doorway, Kitty Villeux shushed the whimpering baby she held in her arms. "I thought you loved Monsieur Athos," she said.

Milady paused to consider this, and then laughed softly. "I do, I suppose," she said. "But one day, I know we are going to be on different sides because someone makes me a better offer. When that day comes, he will hate me and that will be the end of the relationship."

Shaking her head, Kitty frowned. "Milady, surely the child could have a better home than this," she said. "I know nothing about raising children!"

"Neither do I, but I'm sure you will manage," Milady answered, turning around. She walked to the doorway and took the swaddled babe into her arms. "If it was known that I, Milady, had a child, anyone I've ever dealt with will want to use her as revenge."

She kissed the baby's forehead. "I will send you the necessary funds," she said, looking up at her maid. "Keep me apprised of her well being."

"If you didn't want her, why did you have her?" Kitty burst out. "There are ways to not have a child! And, there are families who would adore a beautiful child such as this. And you want me to remain here, where we are sure to be outcasts, and raise the child alone?"

Milady's eyes narrowed. "Hold your tongue, Kitty!" she said. "I do not have to explain my self to you!"

Still, under the accusing glare of the maid, Milady felt the tiniest bit of regret. She dared not tell Athos of the child. He would leave his current course and expect her to leave her career as well. As she looked at the child she held, Milady shook her head. That wasn't the life for her, no matter how much she did love her little Adélie.

"It will be better for Adélie, this way," Milady said softly.

"Why can you not give her to the father?" Kitty begged. "I have never been so far from Paris."

Complaining was not something Milady would stand for. "You will survive," she said, handing the child over.

Looking woebegone, Kitty followed Milady to the door. When Milady looked back, far down the road, she saw the maid still in the doorway, holding the child. Taking a deep breath, Milady faced the front. It was for the best; for child, and definitely best for her. She was certain of it.

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