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The room was dimly lit thanks to the flickering flames of a few candles.

Hanging on a back wall was a large map depicting three considerable-sized continents with many small islands scattered between them.

A huge shadow appeared in-between the two candles standing on either side of the chart, causing the tiny flares to shimmer from the gust of wind created by the form's entrance.

The silhouette observed the large X carved into two of the lands, leaving he third one with a question mark.

"Satokibi is the last of them," the shadow murmured, dark claws touching the landmass marked with a question. "I have not attempted to seize their land as they are mere kids who probably are too caught up in their sugar-coated dreams to realize that Naosu and Eiyugimu have already fallen under my claws months ago. However, I want to make certain to quash any hopes of rebellion."

The continent was shredded by a glint of talons.

"Mobilize the troops. We depart now."

The whirring of wings broke the silence.