Chapter 5

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Calhoun stared at the sight before her with mild amusement, one hand resting on her hip.

It was seven in the morning, the normal time that everyone got up to start the day; Ralph and Felix had returned from their mission hours ago and were currently conked out on their cot, Felix sprawled out on the wrecker's chest with Ralph's large hand lightly covering the small brunette's body like a blanket.

Ralph was snoring so loudly it was a wonder Vanellope and Taffyta hadn't been woken up by the noise.

The two racers were snuggled together with Taffyta's chin resting on Vanellope's head, the latter having her face nestled in the crook of the cream-haired racer's neck.

As Calhoun continued to stare at the strangely adorable sight before her, she debated on whether or not she should wake the two up.

Giving a sharp whistle, because she knew it wouldn't awaken Ralph or Felix, Calhoun shouted, "All right, ya willowsnaps, time to wake up!"

Both Taffyta and Vanellope slowly opened their eyes, pulling apart slightly, only to blush and widen their eyes as they noticed the position they were in.

Calhoun watched in amusement as the two comically leaped apart, Vanellope pressing her back against the rocky wall behind the cot while Taffyta dropped to the ground with a thud.

The two whirled to stare at Calhoun with equal deer caught in the headlights expressions when the blonde gave a short chuckle.

"Nice of you two lovebirds to join the living."

The reaction from the racers was almost instantaneous.

"We are not lovebirds!"

"Whatever you say," Calhoun dismissed as Vanellope and Taffyta glanced at each other when they realized they had said it at the same time. "Now come on, ya cavities, it's time for breakfast."

As Calhoun turned and began to walk away, the two racers immediately scrambled up and chased after the sergeant.

"If you don't know your way around these tunnels, you'll get lost very easily," Calhoun explained as she, Vanellope, and Taffyta headed toward the large area where they had first met.

She paused in the center of the area.

"This is the main cavern; it's where we keep the ammunition, weapons, and cruisers. The tunnel we just came from is the bunkers. That tunnel,"

Calhoun motioned to the passageway beside the bunker tunnel.

"Leads to the kitchen area which has another short passage leading to the mess hall. Ahead of us is the training room. The tunnel adjacent to us leads to sickbay. And that tunnel to my left would be the primary tunnel which connects several other passageways sprawled underneath Naosu, Eiyugimu, and I'm certain, even under Satokibi."

"And no one knows about these tunnels but you guys?" Taffyta questioned, trailing after Calhoun who had begun to make her way toward the kitchen.

Calhoun smirked down at Taffyta.

"Not even Turbo."

"Sergeant Calhoun!" a voice called, causing the blonde to halt so abruptly that Vanellope and Taffyta almost ran into her legs.

"Cadet Kohut and Markowski," Calhoun greeted to whoever had addressed her. "What's your status?"

Taffyta and Vanellope curiously looked around Calhoun's leg to see two men with shaven heads in thick black armor walking toward them.

The man with dark chocolate skin, Kohut, saluted Calhoun as he paused a respectful distance away.

"The traps were full today, sir. We caught a fox, a rabbit, and a deer."

"What should we do with them?" the other man, Markowski, questioned.

"Take half the deer and the rabbit and salt them," Calhoun said. "The rest we can use."

"Affirmative," the two saluted, Calhoun returning the gesture, before they turned and left.

"You guys trap animals?" Vanellope asked as Calhoun lead them toward the kitchen.

"Yes. We have no choice. Most of what we get comes from Naosu; fruit, vegetables, meat, protein. We still have yet to find the time to plant some rice patties."

"But won't those…bugs destroy the trees and stuff?" Taffyta asked as Vanellope glanced around curiously.

Calhoun glanced at the racer grimly.

"That's what we're waiting for," she sighed. "But so far, we've been lucky."

Before anything else could be asked, Calhoun paused in front of a small brick stove where a short woman in her early thirties stood.

"Good morning, Mary."

Mary had shoulder-length brown hair, caramel eyes, and wore a purple T-shirt with blue jeans decorated with flowers.

"Oh, good morning, Tamora," Mary greeted, turning to face Calhoun as Vanellope gazed up at the ceiling. "Breakfast for you and the two little ones?"

Vanellope noticed five small holes in the cavern roof where the smoke from the stove filtered through and guessed the holes acted as a sort of chimney.

"And coffee for me as well, Mary," Calhoun added, watching Vanellope as she went over to the short stack of logs sitting beside the stove.

"Pretty soon, you'll have to send someone to Tapper to get some more," Mary said as she poured the liquid in a cup and handed it to Calhoun along with a bowl. "We're running low."

"When we get down to a cup or two, remind me," Calhoun responded as Mary also handed a bowl to Vanellope and Taffyta. "I'll send Fix-It over there."

Mary nodded as the three entered the mess hall.

They chose a small table close to the entrance and sat down.

"To get you two up-to-date on the Cy-bugs and Turbo, I'll tell you everything on the Cy-bugs and what I know of Turbo," Calhoun explained, taking a bite of her gruel.

Taffyta stared at her porridge skeptically, lifting up her spoon and watching the thin oatmeal fall back into the bowl, before she gave a disgusted grunt and pushed the bowl away.

Vanellope dipped her tongue into the bowl, deciding to take a small taste in case she didn't like it, only to recoil as the gruel burned her tongue.

"Scientists had attempted to create a bug that would help Eiyugimu in a war if it ever came to that," Calhoun explained, choosing to ignore the fact that Taffyta slid her bowl toward Vanellope who was readily eating the gruel after making certain her tongue wasn't dead. "However, there was a flaw in their experiment—the bugs didn't listen to the scientist like they had expected. The cyborg bugs, or Cy-bugs, turned on their creators and began devouring everything and everyone. The Cy-bugs were mindless; they didn't know that the scientists were the ones who had created them. All they knew was kill, eat, and multiply. We did whatever we could to contain the Cy-bugs within our country, even creating a barrier around our land and a beacon to attract them."

"So, why don't you just use the beacon to get them?" Vanellope asked, flicking a spoonful of gruel at Taffyta. "That would zap them, right? Boom, no more Cy-bugs."

"They're too far away. And Turbo destroyed the beacon when he launched his attack. And the Cy-bugs can lay 20 eggs every hour with the adolescent Cy-bugs growing to adulthood within minutes," Calhoun shook her head. "It would be impossible to think that a single beacon can gather every single Cy-bug."

"So you locked your continent away from the others," Taffyta guessed, shoving her bowl in Vanellope's face only to have the princess duck under the dish.

"Correct. And within, my men and I battled the Cy-bugs every day in an attempt to lower their numbers."

"But the Cy-bugs become what they eat, right?" Vanellope glanced at Calhoun curiously. "So, if one ate a gun, then it'd grow a gun, right?"

Calhoun looked at the racers sharply. "I didn't tell you that."

"We saw a Cy-bug eat an apple core," Vanellope shrugged. "So I sorta put two and two together."

"Smart kid," Calhoun smirked. "That's all the Cy-bug information we have and as for Turbo, I only have what Fix-It told me. He lived at an isle called Turbo Island; fitting name since he was the most loved person there. He was a racer. Him and these two other people who were twins. I don't remember their names. Then this new island, Michi Hibiki, became popular and Turbo's fans slowly left him."

"So what does that have to do with how he became what he is?" Vanellope asked.

"If you would just listen, I'll tell you my theory," Calhoun sighed. "Anyway, at first Turbo let it slide, knowing his fans would eventually come back to him. However, they didn't and he started to become jealous. So he visited Michi and met with the head racer, warning him that he was not going to lose his followers to some half-baked hotshot. When he continued to lose his fans, Turbo went back to Michi and murdered the head racer, initiating a war between the two islands."

Calhoun paused, taking a sip of her coffee.

"Everyone and everything on both islands were burned, decimated, and razed to the ground. Somehow, Turbo survived and he must have managed to travel to Eiyugimu where it's likely he got eaten by a Cy-bug. That's the only reason he looks the way he does."

"And what does that have to do with this?" Taffyta asked, glancing around her to show what she meant.

"He attacked Eiyugimu, the Cy-bugs listening to his orders like he was their king. We never knew about these tunnels; we only found them when we were trying to find a place to hide. For three months we hid down here, only coming up to gather food and ammunition during the night. Then, Fix-It and his crew came down here, hiding from Turbo."

"So he started at new war with your two lands?" Taffyta questioned. "Why? Your two continents—our continent—did nothing to him!"

"He's power-hungry. He knew with his new body anything could be his and no one would stand in his way. The beginning of the war six months ago," Calhoun's grip tightened on her coffee mug slightly, "everyone lost something in the attack. Felix lost his beloved father who left him a golden hammer as a parting gift."

Everyone lost something.

"What did you lose, Miss Calhoun?" Taffyta inquired politely.

Vanellope raised an eyebrow when she noticed Calhoun stiffen slightly and when the sergeant turned her head to the side, the black-haired racer saw a glimpse of the second dog tag beneath Calhoun's own.

'Ad'? What's an 'ad'?

Before Vanellope could ask what 'ad' meant, Felix and Ralph walked into the room, each carrying a cup of coffee.

"Mornin', Calhoun," Ralph greeted as they came up to the table. "Cavities."

Calhoun cleared her throat, giving a soft sniff as she looked at the two.

"Good morning, Wreck-It. Fix-It."

"We are not cavities!" Vanellope protested, scowling at Ralph as the wrecker smiled.

"You come from a land of sweets, so you're cavities to me."

As Vanellope hopped up on Ralph's shoulder in one movement, lightly pulling at his hair to make him take back the cavity comment while Ralph laughed, Calhoun turned her attention to Felix.

"Fix-It, I want you to train these two."

Felix, who had been casually drinking his coffee, spat it out in alarm when he heard Calhoun's words.

Taffyta glanced at Calhoun in surprise as Vanellope stopped play-pulling at Ralph's hair, a startled glitch rippling through her.

"Train them?" Felix repeated incredulously. "Them? They're nine!"

"They can be of use to us."

Felix stuttered, looking between Calhoun and the two racers, trying to figure out how to respond.

"You will train them," Calhoun said, standing up and picking up her empty bowl. "Or at least one of them. If you don't, I will break you."

Felix scowled as Calhoun left before he stared at Taffyta.

"You. You'll work with Mary; that means cooking and cleaning."

"Whoa, whoa, wait," Vanellope hopped down from Ralph's shoulders. "Why won't you train Taffyta?"

"Look at her; she isn't cut out for combat. She'll be better off staying to help Mary with the meals."

"What about me?" Vanellope crossed her arms over her chest, raising an eyebrow. "You heard the sergeant."

"I ain't scared of her and I still won't train you. Ralph or someone else can," Felix sipped his coffee, deeming that the conversation was finished.

"I bet you're scared to train me."

Felix froze and glanced at Vanellope who was smirking.

"I bet you don't think that I'll last three days under your training regimen."

"Vanellope…" Taffyta warned as Felix calmly set his cup down and stood up.

"All right, then," the brunette said as he walked up to Vanellope and stopped in front of her. "Impress me."

He strolled past the racer.

"We start at dawn."

Vanellope chuckled softly, rocking back on her heels as she clasped her hands behind her back, staring after Felix with a satisfied grin.

"I look forward to it."