Chapter 6

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In Naosu and Eiyugimu, everyone is born and they do grow up to a certain age; for Felix and the others, they stop aging at 30. For Felix's dad it was 50. Also, the citizens of Naosu are still called Nicelanders.

Satokibi's history isn't known, but the kids don't age past 9; they age mentally until it reaches 25. Also the kids don't have parents; I told ya, their continent's history is a mystery. Not even they know how it came to be.

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It was a typical day in Naosu; everyone was doing something.

Several of the Nicelanders were washing the windows or sweeping the front walkway of the enormous apartment that stood proudly in the middle of Niceland Park.

Felix was helping out where he could while his father, Felix Senior, was fixing things that needed repairing with his prized golden hammer which was imbued with magical properties.

And Ralph was doing what he did best: wrecking.

That was his profession and he took his job seriously.

After destroying multiple bricks that were rotted from weather or cracked in half with a missing piece, Ralph brushed off his hands and nodded at his handiwork before he went in search of Felix.

Felix was graciously helping Mary move a crate of apples into the apartment, his long-sleeved jacket that he wore during the beginning of autumn tied around his waist.

"Hey, Lix."

Felix paused, turning at the sound of his nickname, and smiled when he noticed Ralph lumbering toward him.

"Mornin', Ralph. I was just helpin' Miss Mary with this crate an' then I was gonna come see ya."

"Why don't you let me carry that, Lixie?" Ralph asked, plucking the crate from Felix and resting it on his shoulder.

"I can carry it by myself, Ralph. I'm not a little kid anymore."

Ralph rolled his eyes, grabbing Felix by the back of his shirt, and planted him on his other shoulder.

The brunette squeaked in embarrassed surprise holding onto Ralph's neck as the wrecker began to head down into the basement.

"Ralph! I'm not five anymore!"

"You didn't complain then," Ralph pointed out as he set down the crate beside the many others.

Ralph headed back upstairs, glancing at Felix when he noticed the other's silence.

"What is it?" he asked quietly, pausing in the center of the steps.

"I miss Turbo," the brunette whispered, gazing to the side.

"I know," Ralph replied softly, gently setting Felix on the ground in front of him. "But he chose his own demise."

Felix nodded and Ralph pushed down the brim of his cap with a smirk.

"Now, come on," the wrecker said, lightly prodding Felix to make him walk. "Let's get back to work."

As the two reached the top of the stairs, a shriek pierced the air followed by a fierce snarl.

After a quick glance at each other, the two bolted outside to see what the commotion was.

As they passed through the threshold of the front door, the duo was greeted with a disturbing sight.

Numerous Cy-bugs were crawling or flying around, causing the citizens to scramble as they searched for a hiding place away from the beasts.

In the midst of it all, a huge Cy-bug almost as tall as the apartment calmly strode forward, thin arms clasped behind its back as it eagerly observed the chaos happening before its eyes.

The creature halted when it spotted the stunned Ralph and Felix, giving a toothy grin.

"Why, if it isn't my old friends Ralph and Felix! I was just wondering where you two had disappeared to."

"No way…" Ralph muttered as he recognized the voice. "Turbo?"

"Glad to see you still remember me even though I've changed since the last time we met."

"What are you doin' here, Turbo?" Felix asked, slowly walking closer to the Cy-bug hybrid. "Everyone thought you were—"

"Dead?" Turbo scoffed, sneering. "Yes, that tends to happen when people hear that one's island was consumed by flames. But, as you can see, I am obviously alive and I suggest that if you all want to keep your lives you will willingly surrender Naosu over to me."

Felix halted, a frown gradually forming.

"Give Naosu to you?" he repeated. "Why in Sam's Hill would we do somethin' like that?"

Turbo gave a long-suffering sigh.

"Oh, why did I know you were going to say that?"

There was a flash of claws and the next thing Felix knew there was an alarming warmth spreading through his chest.

He slowly glanced down to see four crimson slashes streaking diagonally across his chest from his left shoulder to the bottom half of the right side of his ribs.

Falteringly, Felix nervously placed a hand against the blood pouring down his front as if to see if it was real and pulled back a bloody glove.

Turbo observed the red liquid dripping from his claws with a detached expression.

"Oops," he said innocently, his emotionless face morphing into a wicked grin. "My claws slipped."

Ralph glanced between Turbo and the stunned Felix before he charged at the Cy-bug hybrid without thinking, raising his massive hands above his head as he screamed a battle cry.

With a lazy flick of his tails, Turbo sent Ralph flying into the sixth floor of the apartment, causing the floors above to shudder from the impact and tilt backward where they crashed into the forest below.

"Seems you two have chosen death," Turbo said as he raised both claws above his head.

As he was about to bring them down, an elderly voice rang out, "Turbo, stop!"

Twisting his neck to look behind him, Turbo noticed a man in his late fifties walking toward him.

"Well, well, if it isn't Fix-It Senior."

Felix Senior paused several feet away from Turbo, staring at him sternly.

"Ralph," he called as the wrecker gradually stood up, shaking the rubble off him. "I want ya to grab Felix and git on out o' here."

Ralph leaped down from the sixth floor, landing easily albeit noisily on his feet, and glanced at Felix Senior worriedly.

"Are you sure—"

"I said git," Felix Senior shot a sharp glare at Ralph who instantly picked up Felix and slowly walked past the elder Fix-It as if unsure of whether or not to just grab him and run.

Felix Senior gave a nod, sneakily placing something into Ralph's free hand as he passed by.

Ralph hesitated a moment before he began to run toward the nearby woods, not daring to look back.

As the wrecker started to run, reality slowly began to sink into Felix and with a panicked gasp he struggled to look over Ralph's shoulder.

"No, wait, dad!"

The last thing he saw was Turbo gradually stalking closer to Felix Senior.

Felix awoke with a frightened gap and rapidly glanced around only to sigh and close his eyes as he remembered where he was.

Carefully, he slid Ralph's hand off him and quietly hopped to the ground, giving a quick glance back at the wrecker to make certain he hadn't wakened him.

The brunette silently left the bunkers, heading toward the main tunnel and entering the passageway that lead up to Naosu.

Felix came out into the misty, early morning forest and started toward Niceland Park where the pond was.

By the pre-dawn light and the chilly air, the brunette could tell it was just about six, only a half hour before the sun actually began to peek over the treetops.

Crouching beside the lake's edge, Felix cupped his hands to gather some water before splashing it on his face not only to wake himself up but to calm himself down.

After shaking his head to dry the ends of his hair, Felix used his hands to gather water once more, taking a small drink this time instead.

Afterward, he stood up and gazed at the miserable apartment standing in the near distance before he began to walk toward it, deciding to enter it for more nostalgia than anything.

As he exited the lobby, heading up to the sixth floor where Ralph had stayed, Felix entered the wrecker's dusty, abandoned room.

Felix gradually walked further into the exposed room, senses on high alert for any sort of movement, only to stop when he heard a small crunch beneath his foot.

Gradually removing his foot, Felix knelt down to pick up the filthy item he had accidentally stepped on, lightly brushing it off to reveal a frame before slowly pulling out a picture from between the frame and cardboard backing.

It was a photo of when he had been young.

It had a five-year-old Ralph, already standing seven feet and 350 pounds, holding a five-year-old Felix on one shoulder and a twenty-five-year-old Felix Senior on the other shoulder while a grey-skinned boy sat in-between them, wearing blue jean shorts and a black T-shirt, resting his arms on Ralph's head as his yellow eyes glared sullenly off into a random direction, black hair falling down the middle of his neck.

They were all grinning except for the black-haired boy.

Felix snorted softly, giving a faint smile as he remembered when the picture had been taken.

Times had been simpler back then; Turbo had just learned how to race, Ralph enjoyed showing both him and Felix how to wreck stuff, and Felix wanted to be like his father.

Their friendship had seemed so bright back then, but somehow it had turned out evil.

Felix frowned slightly, exhaling gently.

"You had it all, but you were careless to let it fall."

He gradually began to tear up the old photo and let the pieces rest in his open palm as a gust of wind came, scattering the fragments far away.

Felix returned to the underground just as the sun's rays began to pierce the pale blue horizon.

He entered the mess hall, not at all surprised to see Ralph and Calhoun already sitting at a table, each with a steaming cup of coffee and a third one across from them.

"There you are, Fix-It," Calhoun said as Felix sat down. "Where were you?"

"Just letting go of a piece of the past," Felix answered, taking a sip of his coffee.

Ralph said nothing as Calhoun raised an eyebrow.

Before any more questions could be asked, Vanellope and Taffyta stumbled into the room and headed toward the group.

"Well, good morning," Ralph greeted as the two plunked down on either side of him.

Vanellope glanced at Ralph then at Calhoun, noticing that they were drinking coffee like Felix.

"I don't get what the big whoop is about this coffee stuff," she said, snatching Felix's coffee mug from him and taking a sip.

A second later she spat it out, giving a disgusted groan.

"Eww, it tastes like bitter black licorice! Gross!"

Vanellope dumped the coffee, causing everyone but Calhoun to gasp.

Just as Felix was about to get up and strangle Vanellope for ruing his coffee, Calhoun slid a new cup over to him as if she had expected something like that to happen.

Felix quickly grabbed his cup and held it closer to him, glaring at Vanellope who stuck her tongue out in response.

After everyone had finished breakfast, Felix stood with Vanellope in the center of the main hub with Calhoun, Ralph, and Taffyta on the sidelines to watch.

"Before I begin your actual training, I want you to show me what you can do," Felix said.

"Okay," Vanellope shrugged.

"But before we see your stuff, I want you to go to Roy and change into shorts."

Puzzled, Vanellope glanced down at her skirt, wondering what was wrong with it.

"I won't train you in a skirt," Felix explained as if reading the young racer's mind.

"I bet you think I can't fight in one," Vanellope teased, smirking at the brunette.

"Oh, I know you can't, girlie."

"Okay, then," Vanellope crossed her arms over her chest. "Prove it."

Felix's reaction was quite different from what Vanellope had expected.

Instead of charging at her, he calmly walked up to her and did something she hadn't expected; he flipped up her skirt.

The next thing everyone knew, Felix was on the ground with a furious Vanellope on top of him, trying to strangle him and snarling curses at the brunette; Taffyta never knew that Vanellope knew such words.

Calhoun grabbed Vanellope by the back of her hoodie, prying the girl off Felix who calmly sat up with a bored expression.

"You guys saw what he did!" Vanellope protested, struggling to get out of Calhoun's grasp as erratic glitches raced through her body.

"Yes, we did," Calhoun said, setting Vanellope down. "We will deal with him later. However, I think it's best if we go speak with Roy and see if he has any shorts you can have."

Vanellope glared at the smug Felix as she followed after Calhoun who had begun to head to the bunkers.

A few minutes later, Calhoun came back with Vanellope hiding behind her legs so no one could see her.

"All right, kid," Calhoun said as she stopped in the middle of the main hub. "Come on out."

Vanellope rapidly shook her head. "No, I look stupid."

With a sigh, Calhoun grabbed Vanellope by her hood and dropped the girl in front of her.

Vanellope still wore her hoodie, but she now had on brown shorts reaching down to the top of her knees and her stockings were gone.

If it wasn't for her ponytail, Vanellope might have been confused for a boy.

"That's much better," Felix said as Calhoun went to the sidelines. "All right, girlie, I want you to come at me with everything ya got."

Vanellope stared at the brunette warily before she shrugged and dashed at him.

The fight was pretty simple; while Vanellope attacked, Felix easily evaded, ducked, and blocked every strike.

When Vanellope was finally beginning to run out of breath, Felix decided to strike back, not expecting what happened next.

Vanellope grabbed his outstretched arm, wrapping both of hers around his, yanking him forward and kicking his leg to flip him up and over her.

However, she didn't let go of Felix's arm fast enough and as he fell to the ground, she was brought down with him.

As the others went up to them, Vanellope sat up with a laugh.

"That was kinda fun."

Felix stood up, brushing himself off, and glanced at Vanellope out of the corner of his eye.

"All right, Vanellope," he said, causing the racer to look at him. "Your real training will start tomorrow."

The brunette began to walk away.

"I expect to see you in the training room at 0800 hours."