AN: Now that Daily Affirmations is finished I wanted to try something new. This one is drama, some tears, a laugh or two and romance. This is a Bella and Edward story for you all to enjoy. I must warn it will be a rock road for our lead characters, but I am a happily ever after girl.

My amazing beta is Sunflower3759! She is amazing!

I hope you enjoy the first chapter and let me know what you think. Thank you.

A Sort Of Fairy Tale

Chapter One: Snow White, Bella Blue

Bella stared at the snow swirling outside of the window. The lights from the Christmas decorations shimmered onto the snow, making her dizzy. Snow was miserable. It was wet and cold, and just the thought of that sensation made her cringe. Luckily, the coffee shop was warm and cozy. Returning to the computer images on her screen, Bella couldn't help but smile at the pictures before her.

"I can't believe you talked her into posing for you." Garrett Matthews said, as he peered over her shoulder to take in the dancer on the screen. "They are absolutely beautiful. It's Snow White, right?

"It is." She replied, as she smiled at her photography class final project; the dark haired girl gracing the screen in the ballerina costume walking through the snow seemed to be a vision of grace and poise, her eyes big and wide. But in actuality, her feelings were anything but. "It took Alice awhile to be convinced, but I managed to wear her down."

"Exactly how did you do that?" Garrett inquired, with a slight eyebrow raise. He didn't think the brunette beauty before him could ever convince her timid best friend to ever be so bold.

"Guilt, some tears, and I might have talked about my fear of failure." Bella clicked on a few buttons to darken the woods in the background. "Actually, I promised her that it would be very tasteful, and I that I would go to that artsy film with her, starring Lili Taylor and a puppet."

"That sounds horrible," Garrett stated with a cringe. "Have fun with that."

Alice Brandon was a quiet, sweet girl, who loved to watch movies that she believed would challenge her. Unfortunately, they were usually horrible, and Alice would have to sadly review them for the local independent newspaper. She would feel so terrible about having to be critical, that her reviews were posted under an alias. Bella always tried to help her best friend see how wonderful and talented and compassionate she was. But Alice was never convinced. She would stick on her oversized glasses and cower in old hoodies covered in paint to avoid being the center of atention. Someday, Alice would have to see how truly lovely she was, and Bella could only hope that would happen soon.

With Alice still in her head, Bella looked at the clock on her monitor. "Oh shit, dude! I am supposed to be on the clock."

"No worries, I'll let it slide if you never call me 'dude' again." Garrett looked at the colorful Christmas decorations that Bella created for the shop. Abstract, glittery stars hung from the rafters, and wild painting of Santa and his reindeer were sketched on the glass of the windows. A tree in the corner, glowed brightly, filled with lights and tiny glass balls. It was a winter wonderland in Garrett's eyes. "You did all these amazing decorations off the clock. I owe you some time, lady."

"It's going to get crazy in here soon. You are going need me back there getting the lattes ready so the hipsters get their fix. Don't you have some guy coming here to play tonight?" Bella looked up at Garrett with a grin. Her boss was such a handsome guy, with his dark hair and crooked grin. She wished he could find a nice girl to settle down with.

Garrett felt like he was drowning in those deep, brown of eyes of hers. He was putty in her hands and she didn't even know it.

He shook himself from gazing at Bella. It was embarrassing how silly he sometimes got over her. "He isn't playing until eight, and actually, he is going to be slinging coffee with us. I hired him to work here, he has his bartending license. I'll have him and Jasper uncap beer and pour wine. We can do the caffeinated beverages."

"Dumbest idea ever, Garrett." Bella gave him an annoyed look. "A bunch of drunk coeds throwing up on the floors, and frat boys knocking up girls in the bathroom is what you're going to get."

"I have to keep the customers coming in after seven, Bella. They run over to The Box and start drinking. I need the money to keep this place open."

The money situation wasn't as dire as Garrett had predicted, but he could imagine the possibilities of combining the coffee house crowd with those wanting to relax with responsible drinking. He truly could see this working out for the best. It was obvious to him that Bella was not good dealing with change.

"Uh huh...but let me tell you buddy, if one person knocks any of my ornaments off of that tree, I'll knock them into next week," Bella said and gave a little frown.

Garrett gave her hand a squeeze. "I will happily keep you out of jail, if that was to occur."

"I will give it a..." Bella began to say, as the bell on the door rang out alerting her to a customer.

Turning around in her seat and seeing who entered, Bella suddenly felt nauseous. The wild hair that twisted in reds, browns and golds hadn't changed much in the two years since she last saw it. The pouty lips, so ripe for kissing, still held the same power to destroy her. That face that whispered words of love to her, that were clearly now seen to be lies, made her want to weep like the stupid child she was when they had met so long ago. Bella wanted to curl up in a ball and disappear.

"Bella, are you all right?" Garrett asked worriedly. She nodded in the affirmative without thought. "I should probably introduce you to Edward. Hey man! Come on over here."

Edward Cullen flashed a smile to his new boss. Garrett seemed like a cool guy. He had barely registered the girl sitting with him, until she looked up with her beautiful solemn face. It was the first girl, and if he was truly honest, the only girl he had ever loved. When they had met in high school she had been special to him...but he threw that away. Yet somehow , after all these years, Bella Swan was still his weakness.

"Nice to see you, Edward." Garrett stood and held out his hand for them to shake. "Let me introduce you to..."

"Bella," Edward said. He took in her sad face and decided that he would throw on the charm. She had always been susceptible to it.

"Edward Cullen," she replied flatly.

Garrett looked at them both in bewilderment. "You two know each other?"

Edward gave Bella a wink. "We certainly do, we were..."

"Acquaintances." Bella wanted to punch him. She stood up with her head up high. "I am going to fill up the coffee grinders."

Garrett didn't like the pained expression on his crush's face. He made a mental note to find out what this man had done to her. "I am going to grab your paperwork from the back, Edward."

"Sounds great," Edward said politely. He waited until Garrett moved towards the office then grabbed Bella's arm. It felt amazing. "It seems we will be working together, Bella, we should probably work out a way to get along."

Bella stiffened and pulled her arm away with all her might. She hissed at him, "I don't want you to speak to me unless you need me to pass you a cup for coffee, asshole. We aren't friends, we are nothing. You are nothing. That night that you left me to face death alone, was the night you died to me too. Stay away."

Bella grabbed up her laptop and fled towards the back room.

Thoughts of that night at the morgue flooded back into her brain, all brought back by that fucker, Edward Cullen.

She could actually feel the frigid air circle her, as she had stared down at the most important person in her life...his lifeless body, now prone, on the hard, cold slab.

She never though she could hate someone so much. Willing away the tears, Bella discreetly wiped at them.

He would never, ever, see her cry again.