Hey guys! I thought I'd write a fanfic for my best friend and she suggested that I upload it somewhere. So here it is O: Hope you guys like it! I'm more into descriptive stories so I apologize if the first chapter bores you. I'll make sure I add more dialogues. Also, this is my first time writing a fanfic so bear with my mistakes D: More chapters to come soon :3

Were you to go for a stroll round the town at this magical time of the year you wouldn't help but notice the bustling streets with cheerful people laden with packages, dulcet Christmas melodies resonating through the air, filling the whole place with festive cheer - even places as mundane as the food shop just around the corner are transformed into a magical experience. No wonder children rave over winter - a season packed with lots of surprises,when everything undergoes complete transformation - the invigorating pine smell hanging in the air, trees sheathed in glistening coats of ice, buildings (not at all picturesque) lavishly decorated with strip lights stretching out to illuminate the place in a spectrum of festal colours. And there is nothing that casts such an entrancing spell over the town than the beginning of the long-awaited holidays. There is something in the very season of the year that endows Christmas with such joyfulness and festivity. The festive fragrances of cinnamon and tangerines, joyous Christmas carols resounding throughout the whole place - it was everything that spiced up the everyday life and added colour to the boring routine days.

To sum it all, it was the time of the year which housed tons of enchanting events, it was the season for gathering together, assembling the kindred hearts, a season having the ultimate power to transform. But it's not the only factor accounting for complete transformation. It's time that also changes people. Like that 30-year-old kind voluptuous lady next door now angrily waving her cane at nasty kids who stick their tongues out at her.

"Scram, you dirty rascals!" Wrinkled all over. Cheeks hanging low. Appalling, to say the least.

But that's not the transformation we're talking about here. It had been nearly 8 years since Jack's departure. It was quite the memorable parting - little Jamie, encircled in the arms of Jack, firmly believing that he'll come back again, that he'll keep bringing magic to his childhood - with all the fun slides, the heavy snowfalls, the surprise snowball attacks on innocent pedestrians and even the perilous flights over the area. He would always feel the blazing desire to experience that over and over again. But which kid wouldn't?

The little Jamie we all remember was not the kid he used to be. In fact, he was a far cry from that innocent boy who couldn't hold his own against the others when trying to convince them about the guardians' existence, he wasn't the one whose views would be swept away by his friends the way it had happened before. No, he was another person. Not only had he changed in a physical manner, but he had, naturally, grown out of his child-self. Sure, he was still a kid at heart - playful, cheerful, always keeping a smile glued to his face - quite the charming boy. And that's one of the main reasons his parents have achieved such business success.

Little did I mention that Jamie had decided to help out his parents at their up-and-coming candy shop. There, people would escape the frigid chill and immerse themselves in a pleasantly furnished place where the rich, heavenly aroma of all kinds of sweets wafted through the air and always managed to lure in ravenous customers. But the enticing scent wasn't the only thing which caught people's attention. It was the shop's name itself - Chocolate Reverie. It wasn't like the other shops in town - Uncle Bob's chocolates. Or Sugarlicious. Or Caramel heaven. His shop bore the stamp of originality, of temptation. There was something quite alluring in its name which always seemed to attract passers-by.

Not a single day in this shop passed without it boasting joy and pleasure - everyone having entered it would be in a relaxed and blissful state of mind, being able to release all that amassed stress and just enjoy a nice shot of espresso, topped with steamed hot creamy milk and finished off with a crown of fresh whipped cream and a dusting of chocolate, accompanied by a plate of fine sweets.

People loved gathering there. It had become a meeting point for a lot of them and it was the main reason why it would constantly be thronging with famished customers. But at this time of the year, things had subsided a little - the clamour of voices had disappeared and the number of people had diminished now that they all had to go to the expense of buying Christmas presents and spending more time with their family. The shop now offered a serene and peaceful ambience, where people would enjoy the calm Christmas music resounding from the speakers. He took great delight in it. He wouldn't have to deal with so many people and he had lot more time for himself. It was indeed a calm but cold winter morning.

But despite that fact that it was the dead of winter, the wind dragged the smoke of freshly baked cupcakes with a small hint of cinnamon along the streets. And the smell would grow more and more pungent as you approach the shop. As weird as it would sound, just observing the display window would make the scent as robust as never, seeing the stunning array of delectable caramel-dipped pretzels, hand-rolled chocolate balls, smooth pralines in milk chocolate swirls, boxes dedicated to a selection of tantalizing cakes - all of them aligned in innumerable quantities on shelves. No wonder the shop was so successful in luring its clients. It just knew what they wanted. And it served it.

This day was marked with a very special visit. An unexpected visit. The merciless frigid chill prevailed for a reason. It was the harbinger of a particular person, known for his mischievous deeds, known for being a troublesome and problematic fellow, for sparking the holiday festivity with a single blow of his staff, for serving children happiness and joy while burdening the lives of innocent and diligent adults - also known as the fifth guardian - Jack Frost.

"Jack... is back in town!" with a cunning grin he slid along a far-reaching trail of ice constantly forming below him in great lengths of different spirals and loops. It looked like an enticing means of travelling. And it was. It didn't dawn on him why people weren't endowed with his abilities. Why do they have to undergo long hours of walking, time and again, when they could simply reach their desired destination in less than no time? Why do they have to battle the ferocious and biting winds and the extreme cold weather when they could simply take it in their stride and be in control of it? He had always wondered what the world would be like, sprinkled with a dab of magic, just enough to turn the quotidian life into a magical experience. He would take joy in children's happiness, in their enchanting childhood - one that he himself doesn't remember experiencing. A sad fact of his life to which he had gotten accustomed.

Speaking of children, he had just remembered about Jamie despite his 8-year absence. How could he not forget the dazzling fun they had - even having succeeded in making everyone believe in him, Jack Frost, the guardian of the weather embracing everything in thickening blankets of white. It was Jamie, thanks to whom he had become complete. And he couldn't thank him enough. Now that they had finally let Jack join the swarming streets around Christmas he could find the boy and reminisce. (It was Santa who had forbidden him from being among the other people - he would just raise their hopes of meeting all the other guardians too while he would just bring utter disappointment. Somehow, he had managed to tempt Santa with an attractive offer in order to grant him permission. But we'll find that out later.)

He had already decided - he's definitely meeting Jamie. Santa had pinpointed his location and it wasn't hard for Jack to find him. That is, in the most mischievous way - strong winds pummelled the surroundings, snowstorms ravaging the skies, some buildings were even coated in ice, just for the fun of it, he thought. To the best of his knowledge, the place was located not far away from Jamie's home. It didn't take him long enough to discover the half-timbered shop, nestled in a hollow between two houses, both bearing a Victorian hallmark. And despite the fact that the shop itself was quite big, they made it look like a small building, just snuggling between towering houses. Though, the place itself was quite delightful - devoid of the swarms of people invading the main streets, quite silent and peaceful, having this unique antique ambience which wasn't characteristic of the town itself.

He plunged towards the shop, the snowstorm behind him dwindling to a heavy snowfall. He thought he'd leave a thick blanket of snow for the kids to play in. Just as soon as he landed, he was greeted with a delicious aroma of freshly baked brownies, invading his nostrils in less than a second and causing a rippling sensation in his stomach.

"I'm gonna have a hard time here." lips curving into a smirk as he scanned the shelves depositing savoury cakes. They had even added descriptions to their price tags:

"Sweet almond praline with honey, encapsuled in a milk chocolate shell and smoothly decorated with a fine dark brown string"

"Candied marzipan centre enrobed in milk chocolate and rolled in icing sugar"

"Velvety ganache blended with decadent cappuccino in a deep chocolate swirl"

He tried to ignore the rising appetite and prepared to enter. But he wasn't a normal person - so why enter like one?

The atmosphere inside was calm and quite warm, in contrast to the tumultuous weather outside. People were peacefully sipping from their mugs of rich intense hot chocolate, soft piano music was drifting in the background - you could catch bits of conversations here and there but overall it was a peaceful day for Chocolate Reverie. Or so they thought.

In a matter of seconds, the tranquil silence was greatly disturbed when the door suddenly burst open forcefully and in rushed a gust of wind accompanied by indistinct flecks of snow. The whole place started to pool with snowflakes, the relentless wind being an icy blade against people's skins - it was a disaster for all of them! And the warm air - oh did it plunge to a temperature far below zero! They were all starting to freeze, even if only a few seconds had passed - his powers aren't to be underestimated at all. Jamie sprung from his seat, shocked from the sudden turn of events. Vaguely was he aware of the strong winds outside which had such great power so as to easily manage to open a door. Heavy mist cloaked the area where all the commotion happened until it finally cleared up. And there he was, Jake Frost, towering mightily at the entrance, with an air of might and power, a sly smile creeping across his features.

'How's it going?' he held his staff on the right, resting it on his shoulder while his other hand was propped on his hip. All pairs of eyes slid towards the entrance. He gaped in amazement as soon as the whole room came into view - it was a lot cosier than he had expected - everything was dipped in Christmas decorations, glowing with a dim orange luminance. To cap it all, the place had a hint of coconut fragrance due to the newly prepared batch of coconut truffles. Just now did he realize what an experience it was, entering this place - like a treasure chest waiting to be opened only to reveal the hidden surprises.

His gaze darted to the boy standing at the candy counter and staring at his direction. Boy, was Jack in for a big surprise when he saw him - he did bear a resemblance to his 10-year-old self. It was his eyes, innocently staring at you like a pair of shining garnets, untainted by the gruesome life, his beautifully shaped round nose complementing his soft jaw, which in turn accentuated his perfectly shaped thin lips. It was unfathomable how much he had changed during those 8 years.

'It's nothing to be surprised about' he thought. But the way he looked now could potentially steal anyone's heart. And the way he was gazing at his direction - eyes wide open, flashing with curiosity with lips half parted from sheer surprise.

Jack knew this reunion would be a memorable experience. He could just feel it. He had already imagined both of them rushing into each others' embraces, both enveloped in a big hug, tears rushing out of his eyes while Jack slides his hand up and down along his back to calm him down. That was just how it would happen, he was convinced.

"Oh my god, I can't believe my eyes!" there was a surprised glint in his eyes. It came as a shock to him. He quickly rushed to him, wanting to reach him as fast as possible.

Jamie was running towards him with great speed. "Whoa, whoa, I don't want this to be a crushing hug!" Jack grinned, extending his arms out to greet the boy. But he didn't seem to lower his speed the closer he got to him.


"... Jacob?" he cocked an eyebrow in surprise. On the spur of the moment, Jamie ran through him and out of the shop. Jack still had his arms stretched out. He turned around.

Jamie rushed to a tall boy before diving in his embrace both laughing and smiling like never before.

"Jamie, you've grown so much! Let's get inside, Jack Frost is angry today." Jacob let out a bark of laughter as soon as he released Jamie. The wind was fiercely pricking at their skins despite the fact that Jacob had bundled himself in mismatched coats and scarves.

"Of course he is." his laugh was in more of a mocking manner.

Jack tried to wear down his panic.