Chapter 2
"Alright I'm here what do you want?"
"Oh you could be a bit more enthusiastic about it."
"You threatened me to get me here, I came that is all you get."
"Hmm feisty aren't we."
"Okay we can get straight to it if that's what you want." Mike said leaning in to kiss her.
"Mike, please."
"We could go somewhere more private if that is what you want. The boiler room is generally empty right now."
"Fine, just as long as it isn't out in the open."
"Now that's the spirit."
Mike took Julia by the hand and started walking her towards the stairs that would take them to the boiler room. They passed the caff just as Eli stepped out.
"Julia what the hell are you doing with him?"
"Eli, please just calm down."
"Calm down? I see you holding hands with Mike and you want me to calm down!?"
Kids started crowding around them, staring, hoping to get a peek at the drama.
"Eli come on, just, please."
"No, Julia, I want an explanation."
"Oh Julia, didn't we have plans?" Mike said.
"Shut the fuck up Mike!" Eli yelled in response.
"Mike, just go. Now!" Julia said, looking behind her at Mike.
"Fine, but I'll see you later." He turned around and walked off leaving Eli and Julia in the middle of a rather large circle of kids.
"Now, Eli, let's go somewhere private and talk." she said following him outside.
"No, I'm going back to my house, you can pick up your things tomorrow."
"Eli-" Julia called, her voice strained by the tears she was trying to hide. "ELI!" She yelled. She collapsed to her knees, allowing the tears to take her over. She sat on the ground and cried, all alone.