Bishop put the paper around Claire's arm and held it by the wrist, stopping her from taking it off. He looked at a page in the book and read out a few lines in an old, harsh tongue. The paper shrunk until it was pressed into Claire's arm. She cried out and tried to wriggle free of the two vampires holding herm but it was impossible. The paper tightened until she could no longer feel her arm and then started to fade, as if it was sinking into her arm. That's what it was doing, Claire realised as she watched it. Bishop carried on reading, and suddenly and sharp pain shot through Claire's entire body. She cried out, and the two vampires backed off, leaving her by herself. 'Claire!' Shane shouted, desperately trying to get free. A moment later Claire screamed as an unimaginable pain coursed through her. It was in her head, in her body, her soul. She couldn't get rid of it. She collapsed to the floor, holding herself and screamed in pain. Now Eve was struggling and shouting. All during this Bishop read with an almost bored tone, leaning against his throne. The pain stopped, and Claire relaxed. She stood and walked up to Bishop. 'Claire Danvers, do you swear unfaltering loyalty to me?' Bishop asked. Shane and Eve gasped as Claire immediately replied 'yes'.

Claire stood by bishop's side, looking at the two people who dared to oppose him. She knew their names, but somehow could really make the effort to remember who they were. The one on the right, the angry looking boy looking as if he were about to swing a punch, that was Shane. The one standing beside him with black streaks down her face from her non-stop tears, was called Eve. Claire knew more, but why should she care? She was content to be by bishop's side. He was the only ruler worth following. The lines on Claire's arms swirled and moved with an almost hypnotic pattern as she thought this.

'You can't do this.' Eve said. Bishop laughed and a few other vampires joined in. 'I cannot fathom why you think that you, a mere human girl, can stop me. I am very old child, and tire of these games you play. Give in, accept the inevitable. I am the new ruler of this town. Even your friends admit it.' Shane took a step forward and was immediately restrained by a vampire. 'Michael, dammit, let go of me!' he shouted. Claire remembered Michael too. He was a sensible one, coming to this side, the winning side. She smiled a little. 'You bore me. I know, how about some entertainment?' a sly smile came across Bishops face. 'Claire, come here.' He patted his knee. She obligingly sat, as Shane and Eve stared with grim looks. 'Claire, please, come back.' Eve tried. Claire ignored her and focused on Bishop. 'Now, you swore unfaltering loyalty to me, didn't you?' Claire nodded. 'So you will do anything I ask, without hesitating? Because I am your leader, yes?' Claire smiled and replied 'Yes Bishop' He smiled happily and said 'Well then. You shall provide entertainment for us then, little Claire.' The room waited expectantly. 'You will kill your friends'.