-the sword stopped halfway. Eve gasped and promptly fainted, crashing to the floor in a pool of her own blood, dangerously pale. Claire frowned, confused. What was going on? She looked up and saw a pale hand clasping the blade of the sword, blood leaking out and trickling down to the hilt. She spun round and came face to face with a vampire. Or rather, a vampires chest. He was extremely tall and she had to crane her neck to see his face. He was looking down at her with a look on his face - what was that look? Neither pity, nor anger, nor sadness. It irritated her, and she tried to pull the sword from his grasp, but of course it wouldn't budge. 'Claire' he started, but was interrupted by Bishop. 'Well' he said 'it seems we are in a bit of a predicament'. Claire craned round the vampire holding the sword, and saw a pale woman standing with a silver knife to Bishops throat. There were many other vampire stationed around the room, silently menacing. Claire's thoughts about the strange vampire disappeared and she screeched before taking off towards the woman threatening her master. All she could focus on was the knife at his throat.

Before she got far, an arm wrapped around her waist and she was lifted off the ground. Claire struggled, she scratched and kicked and tried to wiggle away, but she was held in an iron grip which wasn't letting her go. 'Claire, stop!' the vampire pleaded, but she wouldn't, she couldn't. As she fought with the tall vampire, Bishop smiled and said 'Amelie dear, what do you plan to do? There are many more of us than there is of you. I even have your little pet under my control.' Amelie, apparently the vampire with the knife, replied 'That is easily corrected. Did you really think I was so foolish as to not come up with measures to take my people back?'

As one, all the vampires with Amelie grabbed someone and bit them. Bishops face contorted with fury but he could do nothing but watch. In the midst of all this, Claire was turned around by the vampire so she was facing him. 'I am truly sorry about this Claire, but I have no other choice' Myrnin whispered before plunging his fangs into her neck.

She screamed as her head exploded into pain. The lines on her arm were thrashing violently and she was shaking with the force of it. Myrnin kept biting her, and she felt as if she was divided into two. Fight him, said one half. This was the stronger one. Fight him, you need to be with Bishop, it said. As he continued to bite her, a little voice inside her became stronger. You know who you are Claire, it said. You care about your friends, don't you? They need you. Come back. Images of Michael, Shane and Eve flooded her mind and she stopped screaming, but her head whipped back and forth, as if she was having some invisible torture done to her. She moaned and held her head as war was waged inside her.

Hehehe, so what will Claire choose? Find out next chapter!