"You haven't changed 1, your still that bitter old pill from when we were kids! That's the reason I left, your too controlling!" 1 sneered at the Stitchpunk who was speaking to him. "I am not! All I have done is to keep everyone safe. It's not my fault you wish to be wild and act like an animal!" the Stitchpunk clenched its hands in anger, trying to stop the urge to smack the living-day-light's out of 1. "I don't act like an animal! I just wanted my freedom is all. Something you never gave me." "and for good reasons. You know nothing of this world and its dangers. Keeping you there was the only thing I could do to keep you safe." 1 crossed his arms and turned away from the Stitchpunk. "keeping me there didn't keep me safe! All it did was hold me prisoner!" the Stitchpunk could feel its anger rising, and it was all centered at 1. "I did it for your own good and that is the end of it." as 1 began to walk away from the Stitchpunk, he didn't see it pull out a large knife from behind its back. "No 1, you only put me there to hide the shame of having me as your twin." As the Stitchpunk jumped into the air, it aimed the knife right at 1's chest.

~~Present Time~~

(No P.O.V) Life for the small group of Stitchpunks had gone by as normally as it could. 2 and 5 were working on a plan for building a new watch tower, 1 and 8 had stuck with either doing nothing or they were yelling at someone about something, 3 and 4 were cataloging as much they could in their library, and 7 and 9 were out scouting. Things between 9 and 7 had grown since their friends were revived by the rains but it was still in the beginning stages. "9, can you give a hand with this thing?" 7 hand her hands on what 9 thought to be a knife handle that was half way in a pile of rubble and half way out. "Sure." Putting down the nail he had in his hands, 9 went over to 7 to assist her. Placing his hands next to 7's, they both gave a big tug and the knife popped out. "What do you plan on doing with this 7? It's half your hieght." 9 was correct, the knife towered over the both of them like they were standing up against a giant. "I figured 8 could use it. His old one broke and he's been looking for a new one." 9 nodded and helped 7 place the knife in their small cart of objects. looking up to the sky, 9 saw how the sun was setting and new that it would soon be dark. "I think we should head back. It's getting late." 7 nodded and placed her hands on the cart's handle. "Yeah, we don't need 1 yelling at us about being out after dark." 9 agreed, even thought they had not seen any machines 1 had ordered that no one be out at dark. Placing his hands also on the handle, 9 helped pull the cart back to the library.

~By the time they had reached the library there was only a few drops of sunlight shinning out. Both 9 and 7 were thankful for this as they parked the cart at the enterence of the library. "I'll see you later 9. 1 has put me out on guard duty for tonight. Can you take that knife to 8 for me please?" 9 nodded and watched as 7 ran off to her post for the night. Looking at the cart, 9 saw all of the things he and 7 had obtained. There were wires, nails, ink and paper for 6, and of course the large knife for 8. Placing his hands on the knife's handle, 9 thought he heard something moving behind him. Turing around 9 only saw a few pieces of rubble falling from the statue that stood in front of the library. 9 couldn't explain it but something felt off, like he was being watched. Ignoring the feeling, 9 took the knife and made his way inside the library.

~Walking around, 9 still felt that he was being watched but everytime he would look over his shoulder there was nothing. After a while, 9 came across 2 and 5 working on their telescope. "Hey 9. How was your trip?" Joining the two, 9 held up the knife for them to see. "Really good 5, thanks." Seeing the knife, 2 came over and inspected it. "Very good knife you have here. What do you plan on doing with it?" "7 found it and she asked me to give it to 8." 2 nodded and gave a small chuckle. "Yes i see. I was there when he broke his old one. He was try to play darts with it but he ended up hitting a rock and it snapped the metel into two." 9 nodded he had seen 8 trying to fix it but it didn't work out. "He'll really like that. Might even put him in a good mood." Everyone laughed at what 5 said unknown to them that that someone was listening. "I'll see you guys later, I should go give this to 8." Waving goodbye to his friends, 9 went on looking for 8.

~After awhile, 9 found 8 with 1 in the throan room. 8 was holding a piece of his old knife in his hands and he had this look of sorrow on him. "I see your back from scouting." 1 spoke with his usual tone as he sat down in his broken tea cup chair. "yes, 7's already out on guard duty to let you know." 1 nodded and turned his attention to what 9 had in his hands. "What's that?" 9 lifted it up and turned to 8. "We found this out in the emptiness. We figured 8 would like to have it." hearing his name being spoken, 8 turned to see what 9 had in his hands. Standing up and walking over to the smaller Stitchpunk, 8 took the knife that 9 held out for him. It wasn't as good as his old one, but it did bring a smile to 8's face. "thanks" hearing this coming from the towering Stitchpunk was a very rare thing and 9 knew that. "your welcome 8." Then a loud crash came from behind them. Turning to th sound of the noise, 9 saw that a book had fallen over and attatched to it was a small arrow. "Something's here." holding the knife up in a defensive move, 8 pushed 9 behind him and got ready for anything. "What was that noise?" coming from behind a stack of books, 2 and 5 came into the room with the twin close behind them. "A book fell over. but look what's in it." Pointing over to the fallen book, 9 saw that it was not just an ordinary arrow. This arrow was made from crafted metel and it had a little blue tasle attached to it. "Wonder where it came from?" 5 wondered out loud. Looking around the room, the twins franticly started to point to a spot where the book had come from. "What is it?" Looking up to where the twins were point, 9 soon found his answer. Up on the wall was a black cloacked figure watching them with blue and red eyes. "It's a machine! It's found us!" As everyone moved away from the wall, 8 held his knife up at the cloacked figure. "Don't just stand there you cretin! Kill it!" listening to 1's orders, 8 went full speed at the figure. Jumping down from the wall, the figure charged at 8. It looked like 8 would chop off it's head but just at the last minute the figure ducked and slid under 8 and now was behind him. Before 8 could think, the figure kicked him in the back sending him into the wall with a thud knocking him out cold. Turning its attention to the group, the figure nearly got hit by a flying spear that came from out of nowhere. Looking over to where the spear came from the group saw that it was 7. "How about you try me out?"

~As 7 went after the figure, the group watched as the two of them went right then left and jumped in the air. Thinking fast, 5 went through his tool bag and pulled out his needle launcher. "Wait 5, you can shoot that! you could hit 7." As 9 held his hand on 5's weapon, 5 saw that 7 had been sent flying into the wall by another kick from the figure. Taking the chance, 5 jerked his weapon out of 9's grip and fired two needles at the figure. Hearing the high pitch scream told the group that 5 had hit the figure. As the figure fell to the floor, everyone saw that one needle was lodged in its leg and the other had landed in the figures arm. As the figure twitch under it cloack, the group went over to it in confustion. if it was a machine, two little needles whouldn't be causing it to act like this.

~Rejoining the group, 7 bent down to the figure who only scooted away in fear. "It's afraid." then from out of the black cloack a metel three fingered hand came out and then silence. As everyone watched the figure a moment, as to make sure it wasn't going to get up, they stepped forward to inspect it. "Why would two little needles cause it so much pain?" 9 asked as 2 bent down to it. Lifting up the figure's hand, 2 noticed something familiar. "1 come here." As the leader came forward, 2 took his hand and held it next to the figures. "there idetical." Everyone fell silent especially 1. "It can't be." 1 sat down next to 2 and placed his hand down on the figures hood. Pulling it back, everyone was met with a shocking sight. Under the hood was another Stitchpunk, and not just an ordinary one either. The figure had an amazing resemblence to none other then 1. "who is this 1?" 7 asked since everybody else was silent. "this 7, is 0. my twin sister."

(OOOOOOOH. 1 has a twin sister! wonder where she's been all this time? All this and more will be answered in ... Due time. ;-P .Don't worry it wont be long)