As the three left 6's room, 2 saw that 7 and 5 were back at the medical room. They were standing there talking about something but they were too far out of ear shot. "Look who we found!" Hearing 2's shout, both 5 and 7 turned to see the three Stitchpunks coming towards them. "I see you found her. Where was she?" 5 asked as he went over to help his friends. "That isn't important. She's fine that's all that matters." 2 said this as he watched 0's eyes follow 5's movements, like she was waiting for him to attack her. But soon 0's gaze turned a hard hateful glare as 7 walked up and returned the stair. "I guess she was trying to get away." 2 could tell that 7 wasn't fully trusting 0 unlike he and 6 but it was in her nature to be wary. In due time she would gain 0's trust, 2 knew this very well. "No. 0 no run. Just with me." Both 5 and 7 turned to 6 with a little bit of surprise. "6 has taken a liking to our new friend." 2 said as he let 0 lean on 6, who was more than happy to help. "That's new. 6 isn't usually so open to strangers." 5 said this to no one in perticular. "Maybe it has to do with something else?" 7 said this with such a fire that even 5 felt the anger rolling off her. "Well, whatever it is. We need to get the others back here." As 2 walked over to a small bell that hanged near the Medical door, he gave it three loud rings telling the others to return.
"That should do. They'll be here soon." 0's face looked both worried and angry at the thought of the others coming.

"What's the matter? Hidding something?" 0 shot a glare at 7 that reminded everyone of 1's. "She's definately related to 1. She acts just like him." 7 crossed her arms and turned away. She didn't like the idea of having another 1 around.
"I AM NOTHING LIKE HIM!" Everyone jumped at the sound of 0's voice. Even though it had the tone of a child, it had this rough edge to it, almost like 1's. 6 looked up at 0, that was the voice he had heard in his vision. 6 made a mentel note that hearing this voice ment he needed to be worried, whether if it was to watch out for 0 or go to her aid he couldn't decide. "Yeah, sure." 7 still didn't sound like she was convinced that 0 wasn't like 1. "Not 1. 0, only 0." 6 took 0's hand in his own, nearly poking himself by the fish hooks. 0 looked down at 6 and smiled, she felt safe with him.

"Um ... Look! There are the others." pointing over to a pile of books, 5 saw the remaining stitchpunks coming over. As 2 watched them join, he saw the expression on 1.
He had seen it before and it wasn't very incouraging.
He had this look of irritation mixed with dissapointment,
Last time 2 had seen this was when 1 had sent him out into the emptiness. "I see you found her." 1 said he turned his gaze over to 0. "6 found her. She's been with him the whole time." 1 didn't even look like he was even paying any attention to what 2 said. All his eyes were looking at were 0. "I see your still alive." 0 nodded but she didn't smile. "No thanks to you." 0 sounded like she was trying to spit acid in 1's face. Everyone could tell right away that these two had a problem with each other, and it wasn't a good one. "It's very nice to meet you 0." Stepping forward , 9 stuck out his hand to 0. "It's very nice to meet you too. I'd shake your hand but," 0 smiled and held up her open hand showing everyone the very sharp fish hooks. "Still wear those infernal things I see." 0 turned back to 1 and her smiled disapeared. "Are you sure 1 that you want to call them infernal? You did make them for me after all." Everyone turned to 1 with wonder, 1 had made those things. "I only made those infernal things because you couldn't. You still having those problems?" Everyone stood there listening,
knowing very well that they were being ignored. "Yet another 'No Thanks to you' moment. You know better then anyone that I will always have those Problems." 6 looked up at 0 concerningly, what 'Problems' were they talking about. "You can't blame it entirely on me 0. It wasn't my fault you you wanted to do something stupid!" "OH Try me. It was your fault for it 100%! And it wasn't stupid. If it was, why are you guys here?" Everyone looked at 1 with the same question going through their minds, What were they talking about? "I don't mean to be rude." both 1 and 0 turned their heads to see that 2 had step forward. "But 0 has some cuts that I need to mend and I think we should be getting that done with." Looking over herself, 0 saw that she had ripped open her cuts from last night and the fabric around them was become unwoven. "Very well then." Turning away 1 left the group, with 8 close behind him, and didn't mutter another word.

"Looks like 'Old Stick in the Mud' hasn't changed.
Even after all these years." 0 shifted her weight so that she now mostly holding hersefl up but she still held her arm around 6. "Has he aways been like that?" 9 asked.
0 nodded, "Yeah, He's been that way ever since," 0's voice trailed off and she turned her eyes to where 1 and 8 had left. "0?" snapping back into reality, 0 saw 6 looking up at her with worry in his eyes. "It's nothing 6. Its just that I had hoped 1 would have changed while i was gone."
0 sighed as she leaned back on 6. "Why haven't we ever heard of you before 0? 1 has neve meantioned you before."
5 asked but he was keeping his distance while he held the twins behind him. "1 probably thought I was dead. We didn't leave on the best of terms during the war." 2 nodded, From the way she and 1 spoke to each other it was really clear. "well, maybe you two can put it in the past and move on." 9 spoke to 0 like he knew that it would do just that. "He might but I can't. Not just yet." 9 was a little shocked by this but nodded. "Give him time. Who knows, maybe something has change and you just don't see it." placing a hand on 0 shoulder, 9 tried to gain the new Stitchpunk's trust. 0 looked at 9's hand on her shoulder and smiled. "How about we close your cut now 0? Before it rips more." 2 stepped forward and took 0's hand in his, not even the least afraid of the fish hooks that covered her hand. 0 nodded and looked down at 6. 6 nodded and began to make the way over to the medical room with 5, the twins, and 2 close behind.

9 liked this new Stitchpunk. She had her own personality and it was far from what 1's was like. "I don't trust her."
9 turned to see 7, who still had her arms crossed and she still had that angry glare on her. "Is it because she looks a lot like 1 or is it because she beat you last night when you two were fighting?" 7 snapped out of her glare for 0 and turned to 9 to give him one. "NO! I just think we shouldn't trust her. She's hiding something, I can tell."
9 shook his head and placed his hands around 7. "everyone here has things they want to hide. She's no different from the rest of us 7. Just give her a chance." Leaving 7, 9 went into the Medical room to join the others. "I gave her a chance. Last night during that fight was her only chance from me."