Chapter One - We go to Kings Cross

"You've got to be kidding me." I stared down at Hecate's cage in shock, why did my owl always feel the need to give me these 'gifts'? I mean, a real gift would be if she somehow got me some free chocolate, never mind the fact she would have to steal it and how the muggles would look in shock as my minuscule owl flew in and grabbed something totally out the blue, then I would end up being blamed for letting the muggles know wizards exist and then a full out war would rage on, which wouldn't help when a war was already going on… and then I would be blamed for the end of the world all because I wanted my owl to get me a chocolate bar.

Ok, maybe that was a bit melodramatic. But it could totally happen.

This was definitely the draw back on getting a pet, having clean out Fridays! That entire owl poop at the bottom of the cage and now because of Hecate there was also a dead mouse. At least because of potions I could handle dead animals much better than I had before I went to Hogwarts, they're just so creepy though with their empty eyes looking up at you.

"Lillian Evans! Have you packed you're bag yet?" my mothers voice yelled through my door, oh great. I looked over at my trunk and counted myself lucky that I had thought to start packing last night before I sent off letters to my friends.

"Yes, mum!" I replied before she could come barging into my room and look at the messy state of it. Even though my room was quite small I still managed to make it such a mess that I could hardly see my floor, sometimes I even forgot what colour it is because I can't see it. Right now old books and new books were in piles in front of my bookshelf, there hadn't been enough room for them all to fit, clothes hanged off nearly every surface as I decided what to take with me and what to leave. The Beetles blasted from my CD player as I sang along to their lyrics, and picked up my summer homework from my desk.

I quickly shoved all the crap from Hecate's cage in a garbage bag as well as the empty inkbottles and broken quills I had unpacked from my trunk. Cleaning the cage before Hecate came back would have to be quick so I ran down the stairs and through the front door chucking the bag into the dustbin and heading back inside.

"Lily! Did you know that you have mermaids in that lake of your school!" my Father's exited voice came from the sitting room, he had taken to stealing my books during the summer and probably the ones I left behind while I was at school.

"Sure dad, I've read Hogwarts a History. Though you probably don't want to meet the mermaids at my school, their not like the little mermaid." I laughed as I saw him looking like an exited child as he leafed through the pages, his curly brown hair and twinkling green eyes smiling merrily at me.

"Lily! Have you had something to eat yet!" my mother rounded the corner with her hands on her hips and an apron over her summer dress. Her strawberry blonde hair was up in a ponytail and her brown eyes narrowed at my skinny frame as if x-raying for food in my stomach.

"Yeah I had cereal over an hour ago." I smiled at her and took the wizard money she offered me.

"This is strictly for food on the train, nothing else."

"Like it is every year." I grinned at her and pocketed the cash in the hidden pockets of my yellow dress.

"Do you know where you're sister is? Petunia isn't answering from her room." My mother frowned dusting off dirt from her dress that wasn't there.

"Don't worry Grace; she's probably out with friends." My father grinned at her patting the hand that rested on his shoulder.

"She better come back soon or we'll be late for the train." She bit her lip and walked out the room with worry in her eyes.

"Better be finishing off dad!" I waved at him and exited the room, running up the stairs.

Five minutes later, Hecate's clean cage and my jam-packed trunk along with my recently shrunken broom that now fit in said trunk were all packed into the car.

"Freaking lovely!" Petunia's voice came room the doorway as I heaved the smaller bag with my uniform and money for the train into the back seat.

"What?" I asked her intrigued.

"Alice Smith is Head Girl, seriously? I just heard from Tara that Dumbledore picked her! Her over me! Smith is a Hufflepuff, how can a Hufflepuff be Head Girl?" Petunia practically screeched, scaring off a couple of birds from a nearby tree.

"Well apart from her seriously bad potion skills, Alice seems top of her classes. She tutors younger students in Herbology; she's been a Prefect since fifth year and she did some volunteer work at St Mungo's Hospital last summer so I've heard. And her only bad habit is eating gum every day." I told her while throwing my bag on my seat in the back of the car.

Petunia snorted. "So I'm a Ravenclaw and I'm champion of the chess team, and I've also been a prefect since fifth year."

"Yeah but Alice gets along with people better." I smirked at her as she stuck her tongue out at me and flicked her curly blonde hair in my direction, though I could tell she was slightly amused but the warmness of her brown eyes. We all got into the car after Petunia put her own trunk into the car and we head off to Kings Cross.

"Sarah told me she got a hair cut that is to die for; apparently having a fringe is the new fashion. Tara's also got a tan from being in Spain, why couldn't we go on holiday this summer rather than just staying at home?"

"Because you said you wanted to read all of you're new books before school started." My mother's bored tone came from the front as she tried to read her novel.

"Well yes, I also got to catch up with Jessica who tells me she caught Victoria, our old babysitter, with Michael Wood Snogging in London last month. I mean, Michael Wood? They hated each other in school, I remember her telling me how much she hated him, but apparently they met up while at someone's wedding and hit it off." Petunia rolled her eyes as she began painting her nails a soft pink colour. Dad automatically winded her window down to get rid of the smell.

"Oh come of Harold, at least it smells better than you're mints." My mother laughed as we rounded a corner and got closer to the station.

"But Darling, what about you're mint tooth paste?" he pouted; his eyes big and round as he turned his face in her direction.

"Dad!" I shouted before we hit the stopped car in front of us.

"Sorry Flowers!" my dad apologised. We laughed at the nickname he'd named us, and as he parked the car and we all got out.

"Come on, the train will be leaving soon." My mother shouted as we put the trunks on a trolley and dad pushed it towards the entrance to the station. We ran inside and went past the barrier into platform 9 ¾ to the Hogwarts Express.

"Now, I want letters from both of you at least every week." Our mother kissed us both on the cheek and hugged us.

"And I don't want to hear about any boys!" dad said, making my cheeks warm and I was suddenly unable to look anywhere at my parents.

"Harold!" mum giggled, I saw that Petunia had also started blushing.

"Evans!" a voice shouted from behind me and I noticed my two best friends running towards us; thank Merlin they knew how to come between awkward moments.

Marlene caught up with us first her short white blonde hair flowing behind her and her bright blue eyes flashing with excitement. Marlene McKinnon, who was a pure blooded witch liked to dress up in muggle clothes, so her blue and white polka dot dress came to no surprise. She wore a blue headband that was barely visible from her fringe that contently swished to the side.

And right behind her came Lily's other best friend, a Half Blood by the name Dorcas Meadows. Whose extremely long brown hair had been tied up in a ponytail with a green ribbon that matched her light green dress. Cassie as her friends liked to call her was the tallest in the group, her brown eyes sparkled warmly as they met Lily's.

"Lily!" the two of them cried out and swamped me into a group hug.

"Lena! Cassie!" I greeted them hugging them back with equal strength.

"You've got more freckles! And look she's grown Lena!" Cassie laughed tilting her head back in amazement.

"The impossible has happened people! Now Voldemort is going to be dressing in pink robes!" Marlene giggled as she forcibly spun me round for a better look, her wide grin showing off the beauty spot above the right side of her upper lip. The three of the burst out laughing at the mental image.

"The papers are calling him, 'you-know-who' now." Petunia pointed out.

"Dumbledore is encouraging us all to say his name, and anyway it can't be his real name. What kind of mother calls their son 'Voldemort'?" Marlene laughed.

"Yeah, his real name must be really bad for him to cover it up. It must be something like… Valentine or Bernard, or maybe its something really common like Tom, or Joe." Cassie squealed with laughter, nearly falling over before Marlene grabbed her arm and straightened her.

"Yes Cassie, the Darkest Wizard of all time is called…Joe." I jokily declared.

"I'm going to start calling him that." Cassie grinned rolling her eyes.

"Me too." Marlene chimed in. "and now so do you Lily." I laughed at the two of them and bid my parents good-bye and hugged them before my friends could embarrass me further in front of them.

"Lily! Don't forget the Prefects meeting!" Petunia called out as we left and boarded the train.

"You won't believe the things the twins pulled this summer!" Marlene sighed as we found an empty compartment to sit in.

"What did Maggie and Ruth pull this time?" I asked her, amused by the thought of Marlene's younger ten-year-old sisters.

"You remember those dress robes that I got last Christmas? Ruined. Even beyond magical repair, I don't know what they did. I look's like it was set on fire, baked as a cake and fried in ink and rotten eggs… though that might be what they did." Marlene pondered.

"Aw, I was going to borrow those. I have a date with Benjy next Hogsmeade visit." Cassie pouted.

"By borrow, you mean steal don't you?" I grinned at her, as I remembered the time she had taken my favourite pair of jeans and somehow lost them in four hours with no idea how.

"Well you'll have to find something of your own to wear to impress Benjy Frewick." Marlene rolled her eyes and propped her own owl's cage on the racks over our heads, Rhode cooed a greeting to Hecate.

"Doesn't he have the most amazing blue eyes? And that hair! It's so black and curly!" Cassie said dreamily, her eyes became unfocused, as she no doubt imagined it.

"Yeah, but I'm aiming to get a date with the lovely Ethan Thorn. He's so cute, that floppy brown hair and those chocolate eyes! Just imagine, kissing those pouty lips!" Marlene signed happily.

"You're not even going out with him and by the look on your face, your already imagining flower arrangements." I laughed at her in amusement. It was so like Marlene to choose one guy each year and end up going out with him for a couple of months and then ditch him.

"Hmm…" both girls simultaneously turned towards me and faced me down. "We're finding you a guy!" they agreed at the same time.

"No, you'll pair me off with some poor sod and we'll both be bored out off our minds until we both go our ways ten minutes later." I explained to them.

"Didn't you say you liked Amos Diggory last term?" Marlene asked.

"No, I said I hated him more than Potter." I told them, and yes, I would much rather date James Potter than Amos Diggory any day.

"Ah yes, you said he was an arse-wipe. What about Michael Kenzie?" Cassie suggested.

"Oh no, I heard he's started going out with Samantha Hale in Hufflepuff, I've caught them kissing in broom closets." I told them, amused by how they seemed to be going through all the unavailable boys in our year.

"Tim Conner?" Marlene asked.

"Taken by Arianna." Cassie told her.

"Ah yeah, she told me how they nearly got caught by Flinch in one of the unused classrooms." I giggled at the memory.

"What about… Pollax Vane?" Marlene's eyes brightened as she finally came to a boy that was not dating at said moment.

"Oh, he's on the market." Cassie grinned.

"No, he's a self centred prat." I muttered right as the door opened.

"Talking about Prongs, Evans?" Sirius Black stood in the doorway in all his supposed glory, his grey eyes having that particular shine of mischief and his raven black hair falling over his eyes in an impossible act of elegance, though somehow he pulled it off.

"For the first time, actually no." I answered him.

"It's a miracle. He'll be glad to hear it…so who are we talking about?" he wiggled his eyebrows and took the spare seat by Marlene.

"None of you're business Black." I rolled my eyes.

"Ah, but now it is ladies." He smirked at all three of us, as we simultaneously glared at him.

"If you must know, Pollax Vane." Cassie answered, most likely to get rid of him.

"Oh, so we're talking about boys? For any particular reason?" he asked, looking at each of us in turn. His eyes jumped from each of us until they reached Marlene, where they seemed to brighten before turning away.

"Lily needs a boyfriend." Marlene blurted out, I gave her the evil eyes as I death glared my friend.

"No I don't." I argued.

"Ah, Lily the Prude." Sirius smiled, stretching his long legs out that, unfairly, reached the other seat.

"I'm not a Prude!" I shouted, annoyed with having him and the conversation topic.

"Prove it!" he grinned at me.

"What?" I asked astonished.

"Go kiss a boy." His face took on a bored expression as if he'd suddenly lost interest in the conversation.

"Brilliant, I'll just kiss the next boy who walks into this compartment shall I?" I told them sarcastically.

"Yeah" Cassie brightened, completely missing my sarcasm.


"Come on Lily, you're the only one of us that doesn't have a date for the next Hogsmeade visit." Cassie practically wined.

"Lena doesn't!" I blurted out.

"Ah honey you know she'll have Thorn hanging off her pinkie finger by the end of the week." Cassie smirked.

"Ethan Thorn?" Sirius spat out.

"What about after you go to that Prefect meeting of yours we'll pick out a boy and shove you both into this compartment and give you ten minutes in heaven." Marlene interrupted and ignored Sirius' remark.

"If it will get you all off my back I will." I stood up and put a hand over my heart. "I solemnly swear to kiss the boy waiting in this compartment when I get back."

"Catchy." Sirius grinned, obliviously pleased by something. I rolled my eyes in response and saluted to them all hoping against hope that I wouldn't be kissing someone I didn't like. Leaving the compartment I headed over to the Prefects at the front of the train just as I felt it leave the station.