Summary: It's Lily Evans sixth year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, with the loss of her best friend and a couple of weird new feelings for a particular toe-rag and it also being her sister's last year, how are the Evans sisters going to cope with the war going on that's way too close to home. The unanswered question of if Petunia was also a witch and what would change. AU

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.

Chapter One: Preface

She grinned as she felt the wind against her, the swings in the playground was the perfect choice for a summer's day. Petunia had suggested it since school was going to break up next week and then her sister was going into year six, her final year at primary school. She couldn't help but be exited for her sister.

Petunia's long blonde hair streamed behind her, the waves dancing in the wind and she couldn't help but feel a bit jealous of her sister's lovely hair, whilst hers was a dark red colour and its curls didn't like to be brushed. She loved these small moments with her sister, they were each other's best friends, and through it would be harder when Petunia moved into another school.

Last week she'd found out from jumping down the steps that something made her hover mid air before she would land safely on the ground. Would the same work on the swing?

"Hey Tuney, wanna watch me fly?" she giggled as she swung. The sunlight shone down on them; maybe they would have lemonade when they got home?

"Lily, don't do that!" shrieked Petunia; she could feel the brown eyes gazing worriedly at her. But she was already at the height of the swings arc; her slightly sweaty hands let go of the rope as she threw herself into the air.

She didn't really know how to describe it; it was exhilarating, the rush made her feel alive. Where as Petunia's odd happens seemed random and not within her control when they did happen, Lily's felt like a part of her, like an extra limb she could control. It began at the center of her chest and rushed down to her toes and fingers. It tingled and at the beginning it had tickled her, now it felt like turning on a light. The power surged through her as she flew into the sky, she soared like a bird, her laughter overtaking her and she lightly landed on the playground asphalt.

"Mummy told we're not to!" Petunia said from behind her, she heard the sound of heels on ground before she turned around to face her older sister. "Mummy said you weren't allowed, Lily!" Petunia had her hands on her hips, and her brown eyes that looked exactly like dad's looked down on her.

When mum had seen her last leap down the stairs she'd told them both that they shouldn't do it when they could get hurt. Petunia had never flown before, but she'd made books fall off the shelves and her bed make it self.

"But I'm fine," she giggled. "Tuney, look at this. Watch what I can do." She walked over to a nearby bush, flowers dotted on the ground. She wanted to impress her sister after Petunia had made Mrs. Walters cat fly away from them yesterday, Tuney didn't like animals and Mrs. Walters cat liked to scratch people if she got close enough to other people.

She saw her sister glance around the empty playground, probably making sure nobody saw what they were about to do. Lily picked up one of the flowers and held it in both hands; she looked down at it concentrating. The key element to doing these unexplainable acts seemed to be concentrating on what she wanted it to do, so she imagined.

She waited until her sister got close enough to see and held out her hands. The flower sat there for a moment until she let the energy go into her hands and flow into the flower. It sat there, opening and closing its petals as they both watched.

"Stop it!" shrieked Petunia; she could tell her sister was confused by it. They usually didn't do anything quite so obvious. Most of the time they didn't realize that something abnormal had happened unless one of the other pointed it out.

"It's not hurting you," she looked back down on the flower though, concentrating again about making it stop. Lily threw it on the ground glancing up and catching Tuney looking at the falling flower.

"It's not right," said Petunia. "How do you do it?" she grinned at the question, as this was the one part in their lives that she was better at than her sister.

"It's obvious, isn't it?" A boy jumped out of the bush in front of them. She blinked and took in his odd appearance. Pale with sallow cheeks, greasy long black hair that brushed his shoulders and an odd assortment of clothing. Tuney shrieked, more startled by the stranger and what he might have seen than Lily. Her sister ran off back towards the swings. She stayed where she was, pulling up one of her eyebrows like she'd seen mum do when the sisters had made trouble.

"What's obvious?" she asked.

"I know what you are." The boy looked over at her sister and whispered.

"What do you mean?"

"You're…you're a witch." The boy's black eyes looked at her, she flinched at the insult. Everyone knew that witches had ugly noses and warts; mum had even dressed up as one last Halloween. Maybe he was making fun of her appearance since some witches in stories had red hair and green eyes like her.

"That's not a very nice thing to say to somebody!" she frowned and turned around marching back to her sister, her nose in the air like she'd seen Petunia do when a someone said something mean to her.

"No!" The odd boy shouted behind her. Lily had reached the swings, she grabbed onto the other swing pole like her sister had done, making sure it was between her and the stranger. She glared at the boy, not wanting to hear anymore insults from him. She was slightly scared that he'd follow them home, what had he been doing in that bush anyway?

"You are. You are a witch. I've been watching you for a while. But there's nothing wrong with that. My mum's one, and I'm a wizard." The boy seemed to ignore her sister, his creepy black eyes stayed on her with a hungry sort of interest that made her want to run home.

Petunia took that moment to laugh, which made Lily feel much better with the reminder she wasn't alone with this creepy boy. He'd admitted to stalking her after all, and mum said that stalkers were bad people.

"Wizard! I know who you are. You're that Snape boy! They live down Spinner's End by the river," Tuney turned to her, Petunia had a photographic brain that meant she remembered everything that she'd heard. The information was all that Lily needed to know, Spinner's End was not the kind of place you wanted to be. Mum and Dad had told them both never to go near the place, drunk and dangerous people lived in that area. "Why have you been spying on us?"

"Haven't been spying," said the Snape boy, "Wouldn't spy on you, anyway." His voice took a turn for the worse; Lily could already tell he was going to insult her sister. "You're a Muggle."

"Tuney can do the same things as me, don't be so rude!" She felt angry on her sister's behalf. The boy seemed to take a step back at this though and actually looked at her sister, but his gaze was filled with disgust as a sneer took over his face.

"Lily, come on, we're leaving!" Petunia said before the mean boy could say anything else. She felt relieved to get away from him so she followed her sister at once, glaring at him as they left. Tuney took her hand as they marched through the playground gate and across the road. She hoped the Snape boy wouldn't follow them home, if only to throw insults at them both again.

Authors Note: I'm currently rewriting this story so if you were wondering why the chapters have been deleted this is the reason, I'm sorry for the really long wait but hopefully this will make the story better than what it had been before.