Welcome to my second R.O.T.G. fanfic. I have found myself in a bit of 'writers block' on a few of my stories, so I'm gonna vent in this story till I can update the others.

1.) I own nothing. NOTHING! to do with the movie Rise of the Guardians.

2.) Mpreg &Yaoi, Boy-x-Boy...Boy-x-Bunny. No like, leave.

3.) Enjoy the story, review, point out flaws. W'ever. I'm just making this for fun.

4.) PLOT: After a party on Christmas to celebrate Pitch's defeat, Jack wakes to find himself naked cuddled up next to Bunnymund. Jack can barely remember the night, but Bunnymund remembers everything. After a few heated words from the Guardian of hope, Jack runs and hides, and M.I.M. has some news.

The Morning After

It was sometime past noon. I wasn't sure. I couldn't..no I wouldn't, pull my face from my pillow. As strange as this may sound, I was crying my eyes out. Me, of all people. Jack Frost. The youngest and newest Guardian that had defeated Pitch Black, the King of Nightmares, was sobbing into a pillow. Why?

Last night a party was thrown by papa North. It was to celebrate Pitch's defeat and the end of the year. Apparently Bunny and I had a few drinks to many and ended up 'sleeping' together. This morning had started in a very awkward silence, but quickly we were going at each others throats.

When the others heard our arguing they came running in to my room only to find me naked, save for the sheet I was clutching to my chest, and a very angry bunny standing over me. Needless to say North was not pleased at the least by the scene.

North, Tooth, and Sandy were talking to Bunny in the work room. I could barely remember anything last night, but the over sized rabbit seemed to remember it clear as crystal. I was left alone. I felt like I was gonna vomit. I eventually fell asleep.

When I woke it was dark inside the room. I glanced to a clock when a figure on my bed caused me to halt my search for time. It was Bunny. He was facing the wall with his back to me. I started to sit up and he turned slightly so he was facing me. His eyes stared locked with the bed. This couldn't be good.

I was scared to speak. The room held a tense flow to it. It made my stomach twist in knots. Bunny's eyes fell on me, but he wasn't looking at my face. "Bunnymund? What is it?" Emerald met with crystal ice blue. Eyes gaze held a look of guilt and pain, also a small hint of...joy? Hope? I wasn't sure at the moment.

"Uh...mate. While you were nappin', Man in the Moon...he came and told of something."

"About me." I interrupted. I hated the fact that Manny never told me anything. Other than my name.

"Yeah." His eyes shifted from my gaze then returned after a moment. "Mate...you're.."

I watched him for a moment. I watched as he steadily reached a hand out to me and rested it on my stomach. 'What was he doing? What had the M.I.M. sold him? Why was he..' My train of thought halted stop.

I slapped Bunnymund's hand from my stomach and scooted back against the head board. My eyes were wide and I was in complete shock. "No. No, you gotta be kidding me. There's no way! I'm a boy. YOU are a BOY. This is crazy. This isn't funny. At all."

MY arms were now wrapped tight around my belly. My face buried in my knees. I wanted to disappear. To vanish. To wake up from one hell of a nightmare. No such luck for this winter spirit though.

"Things are different for Guardians mate." He placed his hands on my shoulders but I quickly shoved him away and dashed out of the room. I had to get out of here. The moment I got outside I shot to the skies and let the wind take me somewhere no one could find. Not even the Man In The Moon.

Chapter one, two is coming. Maybe. So yeah I have read SEVERAL stories with the whole 'Jack gets preggo by Bunnymund.' Yeah, well mine is different. I plan to go month by month on his growing Pookas. But..will the others find him? Does Bunny care that Jack is preggo with is little ones or glad he ran away?

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