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4.) PLOT: After a party on Christmas to celebrate Pitch's defeat, Jack wakes to find himself naked cuddled up next to Bunnymund. Jack can barely remember the night, but Bunnymund remembers everything. After a few heated words from the Guardian of hope, Jack runs and hides, and M.I.M. has some news.

Month Four: Horny-Part 2

"You love me right?" I froze. Where was this going exactly? My heart was pounding and with his ears I'm sure he could it. I slowly nodded my head and in the next second left furry lips lock with my own.

I couldn't believe what was happening. We were a tangled mess on a bed that was once perfectly made. Now the sheets clung to my body, while fury hands seemed to be dancing cross my body. Fevered kisses grew deeper with every pass across my cold lips. Fire and ice mixed sinfully and I suddenly felt over whelmed.

"Wait. Wait.. Bunny. I thought you- I mean why-" I was cut off my warm lips on mine. I felt something slick cross my lips. I let a gasp out and felt the slick appendage roaming my mouth. I felt like I was melting. Warm hands made their way up my hoodie. Resting above my nipples.

I was shaking a bit. This wasn't the first time he touched me, I'm sure, but it was the first time I would remember it. Everything he was doing to me felt new, but familiar. My arms shot to my chest in a false effort to hide my bare flesh from shinning emerald. Bunny had taken my hoodie and was now cradling me against him as he nibble and lick the crook of my neck. My shuddered breaths turned into desperate moans. Before long I found myself laying naked on my bed staring up to an overly large hare, whom seemed to be staring at me with a serious expression I couldn't place.

I felt like he was disgusted by my body and attempted to cover myself only to find my wrists now held tightly, yet gently, above my head. Bunnymund pressed his lower half against me and I felt long, hard, warmth pushing in between my thighs.I held them together tighter and the hare let out a growl of what seemed like pleasure. All to suddenly Bunny was pushing his massive length faster between my thighs, while latching his mouth to my left nipple. With every nibble and lick he placed on my chest I could unconsciously pull my thighs tighter together.

Without warning Bunny quickly pulled my legs into the air and clasped them closed tightly. He wrapped his hands around my knees and hugged my legs to his chest. Before I could question what he was doing, I left him push his self between my thighs. Thrusting wildly. His right hand releasing itself from my legs and brought it to my twitching cock. Slowly the hare began pumping me. Every so often Bunny would move up in speed, until eventually his pumping was in time with his thrusting.

I was all but screaming as the pleasure built. Suddenly my legs dropped back to the bed and something wet moved across my weeping cock. I moaned deeply and looked to Bunny with hazy, half lidded eyes.

Bunny's eyes locked with mine as he took my cock into his mouth. I shuddered and bucked my hips, only to find them being held tightly to the bed. I came moments later. Bunny swallowed all I offered. Giving me one finale look, he pulled away and smirked up to me.

"Tastes like frozen yogurt." I frosted a deep violet blush and smiled weakly. I quickly sat up and shot into Bunnymunds arms and inhaled deep. Flowers and spring rain. The strongest craving I had during my...pregnancy...was his smell. It was comforting and different from anything to do with winter.

"Ya need to rest mate." I looked up to emerald eyes, but as I opened my mouth I flattered. I looked down to see Bunny's large, warm length pressing into my stomach slightly. As I turned back to him I noticed his ears were down and he was having trouble keeping a serious face.

I kept my gaze on his face as I brought my hand on him. His eyes closed and he took in a quiet breath. I released him and his eyes locked on mine. Those eyes that seemed to be pleading for more. I took him by the shoulders and sat him on the bed behind us. I knelt down before him. Our eyes never leaving the others.

Bunny's mouth twitched as if he was about to speak, but I hushed him swiftly in a light kiss and made my way on the floor. I took him in my hands once more and he shivered.

"Bloody Hell Mate! ya hands are freezing!" My trademark smirk danced across my lips. Bringing my lips to the length of his cock I let my tongue make its way from the base to the tip. I swirled my tongue and flicked the tip, before I swallowed nearly half his cock in my throat.

I had my hands on his fur covered knees. His left leg started thumping softly as I picked up my pace. When I had finally had taken him whole I felt his left hand snap to my hair and grip it tightly, while his other had made it's way to my hand on his knee. A hiss and a shudder was all I received from the large hare. After a bit I knew he was close, so I took him to the base and hummed around his cock. Seconds later I felt his seed splashing down my throat. I couldn't take it and pulled away almost completely. I kept his head in my mouth as my eyes rolled back. As his taste filled my mouth I smiled up to the bunny and tilted my head back. I opened my mouth and watched Bunny's eyes go wide. I closed my mouth and swallowed before I opened my mouth again. As if I was a child showing my mother that I ate all my food.

The next thing I knew I was on the floor with my face to the rug and my ass in the air. Bunny's tongue at my entrance and my cock twitching back to life.

'Please god, don't let this be a dream!'

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