Nate's Torture


He'd been to visit Sam's grave, he'd not been there in a long time and felt guilty about it. He was just turning to leave when he realised he wasn't alone! "Hello Nate". Said the most annoying, irritating voice he knew. He turned looked across to his left and replied "Sterling, what do you want?" "Nate, you need to watch your back. I've got word of one seriously pissed off person looking for payback". Nate looked at Sterling wondering why he was giving him this heads up. "I owe you one after you helped me get Olivia back Nate, after this were even". Nate nodded, "OK Sterling, thanks for the heads up. I'll look into it." Just as Sterling turned to walk away he heard a strange whistling noise and turned back to Nate who was holding his neck, he then silently fell to the floor. Before Sterling could reach for his gun he felt a sting in his neck and then darkness consumed him!

Nate slowly opened his eyes and could see a blurred shape in front of him and tried to lift his head up. "Don't try to move Nate, it'll make you sick. Rest a little longer" said a familiar voice next to him. "Sterling, what the hell happened what did you do this for?" It wasn't till his vision cleared a little bit more that he noticed Sterling was bloody and bruised and it slowly came back to him. "Oh, so I guess where both screwed then" Nate said. And that's why he found himself in this situation, bloodied, beaten and no idea who, what and where the hell he was. He needed his team and he needed them now!