Whilst trying to eat the breakfast that Sophie had made for him Nate asked Eliot just how they had found him and Sterling. So Eliot filled him in on just how long and difficult the job had been to find them.

As soon as they noticed Nate had vanished Hardison had hacked into all the camera's in and around the cemetery to try to find out what had happened. And then Hardison had done a search of all airports to see if his facial recognition would pick up on any person they had conned over the last 5 years. He picked up on Sterling entering the cemetery and tried to follow him but the camera's didn't go that far and they lost track of him, so he next focused on any traffic which had entered and left. Looking specifically for Van's, Lorries or anything out of the ordinary and followed each and every single one until it reached its destination. All of them came to nothing after a day of searching which led Eliot to get Hardison to start following hearse's coming out.
"What, you mean we were put in a hearse and took out that way?" asked Nate with a look of horror on his face.
"No Nate you weren't". The amount of hearse's coming and going was a lot and the team took turns in watching all the footage that Hardison had gathered. And 2 days later they hit pay dirt. Not from the Cemetery but from the facial recognition, it had picked up Victor exiting the airport and alerted Hardison; he followed the car that had picked him up until it came to a stop at the cemetery.
"You see Victor had done his homework and knew that you'd visit Sam's grave so he just bided his time and waited. And we never would of thought he'd of kept you there, we were so busy looking for you being taken away we never thought of looking for you there".
Nate nodded, "Good idea really, first thought would have been took somewhere else, very smart".
"Yeah, but not smart enough we found you got you back and he paid the price".
"Have you finished your breakfast Nate? As I have another cup of earl grey tea for you to have now" Sophie said as she brought it in.
Eliot stood up and walked up to Sophie and whispered in her ear. "Just what did you say to Sterling at the hospital?" Sophie just looked at Eliot and gave him a little wink. Nate looked at Eliot and said "Brit's and there concoction's for when your ill just baffle me, Chicken Soup, Full English Breakfast's and now Earl Grey Tea, wonder what's next?"
Sophie looked at Nate and Eliot and replied with a sweet smile. "You'll have to wait till you're strong enough to find out". She blew a kiss at Nate and disappeared back out of the doorway. Eliot looked at Nate who just put his hands behind his head leaned back onto his pillows and said.
"Brit's you just got to love them" with a huge grin on his face.

The End.

Hope you enjoyed this one. Will be focusing on more Nate whumping soon!