Part 1

The screaming of my fellow classmates was typical. The hard metal bleachers we had to sit on was uncomfortable. At least I was sitting beside Ben and Radar, my two best friends that I've known since grade school. Their obnoxious yelling was starting to make my ears go numb. It was our first year of high school and we were the tormented freshmen. Me and the other victims were sitting on the top left area of the bleachers. We were the bait that was put out in the open ready to be pounced on by the stronger predators. As I was observing around, I noticed I barely knew anyone in the whole building, but it was only the second week of school.

"When does this end?" Quentin screamed over the juniors roar.

"In about 10 minutes," exclaimed Radar

"How are you not having fun… look at all the HUNNY BUNNIES! Have you guys gotten the balls yet to talk to any of them?" I asked

"Yeah!" Q and Radar answered simultaneously

"Me too, I met this girl named Margo, she's in my oceanography class" I responded

"Wait… Margo who? I think I might know her," Asked Q.

"Speigelman I think" I hesitantly said

"That's the cute girl in my neighborhood, she lives right next me. I used to talk to her when I was younger, " He said proudly

"Umm…have you said anything to Margo Mr. Bigballs?" Radar said with a smirk.

"Yeah I got those digits!" I said in my best hip-hop, ghetto black boy voice.

Seconds later the bell rang and everyone quickly scattered off the bleachers and on the gym floor. Once I finally reached outside, I scoped around for my mom's Camry in the high schools parking lot. When most of the cars left the area I could finally see my moms new, shiny Camry. She pulled up to me, I hopped in, and I was finally heading home. Most of the ride was just dull, considering I had my mothers classical Beethoven music playing in the background… until I received a text from Margo. I decided to wait to read the text until I got to a more private area to make sure my mom wouldn't try to read my messages.

Once we finally pulled in the driveway, I quickly jumped out and rushed inside. Took four gigantic leaps up the stairs and stepped into my room. Then i threw my lightweight book bag with only a binder and a pen onto my bed. When i finally reached a comfortable spot to read my message from Margo. I opened up my droid to see a notification of a message that was received, and just simply clicked the open button. The message that I've been waiting for ,for about three days had finally appeared. With the biggest smile I have ever had, I read the simple message "hey."

I wasn't disappointed, I just expected more. So I casually responded with "hey beautiful" back. I thought it was a good idea, and I guess so did she since she responded with "Thanks J , your not too bad your self," After about an hour of ordinary converse, it started turning more into a flirty chat. By the end of the night, we were starting to sound like a couple. It was strange that a couple hours of electronic conversations could change a friendship to something more.

Being woken up at 5 o'clock in the morning by a loud, obnoxious beeping noise isn't the best way to start off your day. After taking a shower and quickly dressing myself, my mom gives me a ride to school. Standing out front was Radar as usual, and of course Q isn't here because he is late as usual. As the 5 minute bell rang, Q arrived and we started heading down the hallways. We stopped by Q's locker and he was blabbing about his crappy morning. Once the 2 minute bell rang, I started to head to oceanography, the class I had with Margo. I walked in and there sat Margo, with her long brown hair and dark blue eyes staring directly at me. I started walking towards her and she said

"Hey come sit next to me and be my partner." Of course, there wasn't much of partner work today just taking notes and sitting there in silence. So I didn't get to talk to her much. Once the bell rang, with a tiny smirk on Margo's face, she said "It was good talking to you," and walked out the classroom.

Before I knew it, the day was over. As I walked out, I saw Q and Radar standing by the front doors. I was heading over there to talk to them until suddenly I see Margo heading the same direction. Once I finally reached Q and Radar, so did Margo.

"Hey Radar, hey Q, hey Ben," said Margo

"Hey" Radar responded

"Hey" Q said quietly

"Hey whats up?" I said confidently

"You're my neighbor right? We found that dead body in Jefferson park when we were kids?" asked Margo with a chuckle

"Yep, that's me" he replied

"Thought so, well I have to go my rides here, bye guys" She said

"Bye" we exclaimed

Once she walked off, Q and Radar decided they need to go too. I finally got home and sent a text to Margo asking if she wanted to hang out sometime. My heart dropped into my lower intestine when she said yes. We decided that we are going to hang out later on tonight; she said she likes to hang out at nighttime because it makes things more mysterious and thrilling.

But since my parents are so over ruling, I'm going to have to grow some balls and sneak out. Its better to sneak out and actually interact with Margo and get in trouble than tell Margo that I Can't chill because I have to be in bed by 9:30. So I figured I'll take my chances. After eating chicken parmesan, I go on with my regular schedule. Take a shower, put on some boxers and played some revolution, so my parents wouldn't think anything is up. Once my parents visited my room and said they were going to bed, I figured I might want to start spiffing up. I put on a gray and black striped v-neck, with a light blue pair of jeans and some with socks. I hadn't really thought about how Margo was getting here or if we were going to meet up somewhere or even what time we were going to hang out.

Forty minutes later, she texted me and asked "Are we still on for tonight?" and I replied "of course," then she said, "Sweet, I'm outside of your house, you ready?" I quickly slipped on my shoes, trying not to be so loud, and somehow open my window with one hand. I crawled through the tiny whole and look around for Margo. I started to walk along the side of the house, and as I passed my mom's silver Camry, Margo jumped out and somehow quietly yelled " right here!" I jumped back and played it cool as if I didn't get scared.

"Hey, so what are the plans?" I asked

"I guess we can hang out by the Jefferson Park," she answered as we started to walk down the street.

The good thing about Jefferson Park is its right by the house; it took us two minutes to get there. We stepped plateau of mulch and sat down on the old rusty swing sets.

"So tell me about yourself," Margo said

"Umm…well I'm a freshman, I play in band and my favorite color is green. You?" I asked

" Well I'm also a freshman, I'm class president, and favorite color is blue." She answered

"What a coincidence, were both freshmen" I said with a smirk

"hahaha" she chuckled

I wanted to start making the conversation alittle bit steamy. I needed to make a move, I wanted to kiss her. I figured if I had the right timing , everything would turn out perfect. I would slowly lean in , closing my eyes to feel her soft gentle lips collide with mine. A moment that could never be reversed, taken back or forgotten. It was just one simple action, a move , that made me get nervous and hesitant.

"So … " with out thinking, I quickly leaned in and literally smashed my face into hers… but our lips still touch. She didn't pull away or vomit so that was a good thing. The four second kiss felt like it lasted forever, and once it ended, it felt like total silence filled the air. Then she looked me dead set in the eyes, she looked guilty.

"What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?" I asked

"Im so sorry Ben, you're a really great person, but I have feelings for Quentin. I have for awhile, I never wanted to hurt you or set you up." She said with sincerity in her voice.

Sitting there, thinking on the bench… I hear a loud ringing in my ear. Getting louder and louder until I opened my eyes. It was a dream. A memory, a past experience from two years ago.