Part 2

I finally pushed myself out of bed, and crawled into the shower. Once I was out, I slipped on some clothes and headed my way out the door. Stopped by the kitchen to grab a granola bar and said bye to my mom. On the way to school, I was thinking about how this year is going to go. I was already a junior, me and of course Radar and Quentin, still right by my side. Hopefully there wont be any drama like in freshman year, and my sophomore year was boring because Radar went to an academic school and Quentin never could hang out.

As I pulled into the schools parking lot, I noticed a beautiful honey bunny talking to Radar. I tried to find a parking spot close to them. Once I parked, I started walking over to Radar to meet the diamond that struck my eye.

"Ayyee Radar!" I yelled

"Heey Ben" Radar said with a huge smile

"Glad your back!" I said happily

"Me too. This is Lacey, she's new here. She was asking about her schedule."

"Yeah, I think my first class is Geometry. Room 204."

She handed me her schedule while I took about mine so I could compare them. Hoping we would have at least lunch together, we had a class too.

"Oh wait, you have German first. Your last class of the day is in Geometry, with me" I said happily

"Sweet, well I'll at least know one person in that class" Lacey said smiling. "Alright, well I have to start heading to class, see you guys later!"

Radar and I started heading to the band room unconsciously, that was the normal thing we would do in freshman year. Quentin end up meeting up with us and we hung around the hallways till first block was about to start. Once the two-minute bell went off, we separated and I went to world history.

I couldn't wait till geometry, it was suddenly the only thing I was looking forward too all day. All I could think about is her smile and coral pink lips. Her bright green eyes with gold in the inside. I couldn't wait to see her again, every time we switched classes I'd scope the hallways everywhere so I could see her again. Once it finally was last block, I was so hyped, I was the first person there. People sat anywhere but once everyone was in the class, the teacher told us where are assigned seats where. I sat in the first seat in the row starting at the front of the class to the back, and in the last row furthest away from the door. Lacey got sat right beside me, my luck. My desk was against a wall and she was to the left of me, so the way I was sitting, I was facing directly her. I could smell her perfume, sour yet sweet, but peaceful yet vigorous. Her beauty is elegant, yet ravishing. A thousand words combined in flawless waves of exquisite resplendency that many cannot see.

"Hey," I said.

"Heey," Lacey said with a huge smile on her face that just made me smile back.

"So how are you liking your classes?"

"They are okay. Still don't know much people in my classes," Lacey stated.

"Well you can always talk to me about anything or if you have any questions about anything, I'm here" I just thought I should say.

"Okay. Well then can I have your number? You know, just incase I have a question or something?" Lacey asked.

"Of course" I said with glee "Its 757-839-1423. Feel free to contact anytime" I said with a smirk on my face.

She wrote down the number and giggled a little on my last comment. We had to be quiet and take notes for the rest of the class but once I got home, I got a text. From Lacey. For some reason, with texting, it makes some good baggage points with the honey bunnies. You could almost get any girl talking to you over text, and they could sound interested in you. After awhile of taking to her, I got more and more intrigued in her. She became my muse, all I could think about was her. I now at least have a motivation to go to school. Once I started leaving school the next day, Radar came up to me outside in the parking lot.

"Dude, guess what I just found out."

"What? Did Quentin lose his virginity? Uggh, I owe you hundred bucks now. I swear I thought he would last till at least sophomore year in college."

"Hah noo, but Justin wants in and he says with some slut first week of college, we are totally getting a hundred bucks from him hahaha. Anyways, but Margo, yeah, she likes you brah." Radar said

"Really? Well, I don't like her."

"What are you taking about? This is your chance to get with her, ever since freshman year when she..." Radar uttered

"Broke my heart. Yeah I know, but I'm WAY over her. I like someone else anyways. And doesn't Quentin like her anyways, he has since like third grade hah. They should have just dated when Margo told me that she liked Quentin,"

"No one ever told Quentin. Quentin is clueless."

"Damn, so he never got the chance."


"Well he can have her, I like Lacey"

"She's cute, you sure she likes you?"

"I don't know but ill find out tonight, at her party. Everyone's invited, you should come."

"Sweet, then ill see you there. Text me the details."

"Alright. Bye!"

I then started heading home to get ready for the party. Tonight was going to be the night. To make whatever we have, official. I was nervous but that was good, I needed more adrenalin. I took a shower and found a nice casual shirt and put that on. And then found my favorite Volcom shorts, that weren't to short but weren't too long. Combed my hair for a while till it dried regular and then took out a pair of dark gray Vans. I was ready to leave but of course, I had to be casually late. Then Radar called me up and asked to go to the party together.

"Dude, if you want me to be your date, I'm cool with it. Just next time, lets go matching" I said sarcastically

"Haha, good. I didn't know how to ask, lets do blue. Blue looks banging on you." Radar said jokingly back

"Ha, so is Quentin coming?" I asked.

"Yeah, he told me to tell you he is on his way to your house right now."


"I'm leaving now, see you in about 2 minutes. Bye."

In literally two minutes Radar came knocking on my door the same time Quentin showed up. I said bye to my parents, who asked 20 questions about where we were going before we finally got to leave. We stepped into my parents Camry and directed towards Lacey's house.

"Listen Q. Tonight you are going to grow so freaking balls and talk to Margo. No exceptions." I commanded

"Why does it matter? She's after you anyways." Q said annoyingly

"Well put on the charm and make her go Quentin crazy" I said

"Ahah, I wish I knew where that switch was."

When we finally got there, the whole neighborhood seemed packed.