Epilogue, One Year Later...

It had taken relatively little time for Atem to get used to having his own body. It had taken even less time for Anzu to find this fact out and try to get into his pants.

The most horrifying part was that she actually succeeded in six months. The second Yugi learned she was dating the former Pharaoh, he immediately told his former Yami that he would not help pay child support.

Yugi was not an idiot. Atem barely knew how to put on rubbers, and it was unlikely Anzu would care about them until it was too late.

Yugi was already a year away from getting his doctorate in Egyptian History, and had graduated High School before any of his former friends.

They had been drifting apart for over two years now, and it was pretty obvious that they were mostly in it for the adventure.

Yugi snorted.

'If they want to bail the Pharaoh's ass out, let them. It's not my problem anymore.'

His summer with the Medjai had helped him to make a name for himself in the archeology community. He faithfully wrote down the Medjai's past, with some input from Siris.

Thanks to him, the Medjai clans had been placed under protection from the Egyptian Government as part of it's cultural history. They were living proof of how people had lived in the desert for thousands of years.

As a result, the theft of magically-inclined children had dropped to zero.

Yugi also learned how to fight the Medjai way, which pleased Seth to no end.

Marik had begun a program to help the Tomb Keepers integrate with modern society with Isis in charge. Little by little, his people were coming out of the darkness.

Sirius and the other magicals that Seth had spared had finally managed to handle living the 'muggle' way. Draco had impressed Seth by graduating Japanese high school with full honors and a scholarship.

Of course not all was well in England.

With the removal of a good portion of the Pure Bloods, their society was undergoing a massive overhaul. Muggleborns found themselves stuck between choosing their magic over their freedom, as the Ministry desperately tried to cling to their old ways.

Seth had watched the anarchy that was unfolding in magical Europe, and he snorted in amusement.

If they didn't get their heads out of their ass, the Osiris was going to unleash a series of plagues to wipe out anyone who interbred with their own cousins. Considering the pure bloods were so closely related that it was nearly impossible to find someone who had a 'pure' lineage and wasn't in the recent family tree (as in once removed at least) there was little hope they would recover from this blow.

Even if Seth had dealt with their dark lord problem. He had noted one witch in particular who seemed to be spearheading the restoration and updating of the magical communities by the name of Hermione Granger. She and her husband Blaise Zabini were slowly but surely getting these people out of the Dark Ages. Their strongest supporters were Neville and Hannah Longbottom.

About a month after the Ceremonial Duel a girl named Luna Lovegood and her father had shown up in Japan and honed in on Seth like sharks to blood.

Fortunately they weren't after Seth or any fortune, but rather help in locating creatures most people had never heard of, let alone seen. She had amused Seth so much that he had offered to bring them with him when they jumped worlds. He had a feeling she would get a real kick out of the sea monsters, plus their group was seriously lacking females.

Much to his surprise, she was giving Yugi more speculative glances than anyone else, and he seemed just as interested in her as she was him.

Kaiba had begun dealing with a pair of identical twins in order to try opening a series of joke shops. Considering he had rebuilt an empire without once dealing arms to countries like his stepfather and instead on focusing solely on games and the like, pranks and jokes weren't too far a stretch.

If he kept this up, he would soon be worth billions instead of the hundreds of millions he was already worth. It was a miracle he was still able to fend them off with his bat and halfway decent security force.

Kaiba had Bakura and Seth look over his guards. He wasn't a fool...Seth was the best bodyguard he had ever hired. Five months of training with those two, and he could claim his security was almost competent at times. Not to mention loyal to him so long as he paid. It helped that Seth had Mokuba bring the poor guards refreshments during training and that Kaiba let them take days off on Seth's suggestion.

Seth knew that things were finally winding down.

Which was exactly why he was scheduling his world jump in six months. He was confident, not stupid.

He gave the European magicals that long before they tried to nab him and force him to help contribute to their declining gene pools in a bid to reclaim the pure blood hold on their dwindling society.

Six months later...

"You ready Chibi, Moon girl?" said Seth.

He had been entirely unsurprised that Yugi and Luna started dating. Or that Luna had an actual doctorate in cryptozoology.

Luna was an odd duck, but she was Yugi's odd duck. Which meant she was completely off limits.

Kaiba, Mokuba and Siris wouldn't be joining them for another year or so, just so Mokuba could get his education in, despite being in online college classes. For a nearly fifteen-year-old, he was scarily smart.

Seth could only thank Bast that Mokuba had little interest in ruling the world, since he was almost certain the runt could pull it off. Then again, the paperwork would be hell itself.


Marik, Malik, Bakura and Ryou were all ready to leave. They had been preparing for months now, and Seth had stockpiled enough food and water to last them a year at least.

Plus there was the fact that as the new King of Shadows Shaadi couldn't block them anymore without Yugi's approval.

"Well if everyone is ready, I suppose there's only one thing to say."

Seth stood up looked at no point in particular and...



I don't care if this story is almost over and the sequel still needs a name! YOU ARE NOT BREAKING THE FUCKING FOURTH WALL ON MY WATCH! NOW GET BACK IN THERE AND KILL SOMETHING!

"Like hell! I finally got rid of that damn Pharaoh! I want some action too dammit!" said Seth.

That is what the sequel is for!

*Raises bat... **BAMM!***

"FUCK!" said Seth, rubbing his head.

Points at nearest port.


Seth merely flips authoress off...)

"Uh...what was that about?" asked Ryou sweatdropping.

"Bitchy author said I couldn't break the fourth wall. GO TO HELL SAKURADEMONALCHEMIST!"


(Drops a sweaty and naked Gai and Lee who proceed to use the unspeakable genjutsu of the excessive man hug...)


HA! TAKE THAT! And without further ado, I hope you enjoyed this fic. I promise to bring even more hilarity and M rated fun in the next one. Though I still need to make it...and the name... So until next time... (swings bat and puts Seth out of his misery...) keep reading folks~!