Jake had never liked to run from a fight. It had earned him many an unecessary injury in the past and it had taken him a long time to realise that, sometimes, retreat was the best option. As his boots pounded against the floor, his breath coming in quick pants as he sprinted through the maze-like corridors, Jake risked a quick glance over his shoulder.

Maverick was close behind, although his large body and blood smeared skin made it difficult for him to keep up with Jake's more agile pace. A congealed, black substance covered the walls where Maverick slid to a halt every time Jake turned a corner. He dived from left to right on purpose, hearing Maverick's angry growls every time Jake slipped just that little bit further out of reach.

A shape appeared in front of him. Another guard dressed in black, his helmet pulled low over his face. He froze as Jake continued to run toward him, hesitating as he lifted the gun in his hands. Jake raised his unarmed hand and pointed over his shoulder just as he heard Maverick hit the wall with yet another wet thud.

"Out of the way, asshole!" he bellowed, pushing past the man who barely flinched as Jake slammed him into the wall. He was already gone, disappearing around yet another corner when he heard the crunch of bone and muffled scream. Shaking his head Jake looked desperately for another way out. He couldn't run around these halls like a rat in a maze all day.

"Come on... come on... bingo!" he smirked, spotting a set of double doors sliding open to reveal three more guards waiting with their weapons raised. Jake skidded to a halt, raising both his hands in the air. "You guys wanna live? Then shoot at that!" he snarled, looking over his shoulder just in time to see Maverick reappear, the body of the dead guard he'd passed before swinging in his oversized hand like a rag-doll. Jake ducked, throwing himself toward the elevator as a torrent of bullets flew over his body. He'd just made it to the doors when something large and heavy flew over his head, knocking all three guards to the ground. Jake slammed his hand on the first set of buttons he could reach, cursing under his breath as the doors began to slide shut tortuously slow. His eyes fixed on Maverick as he began to charge toward them, he didn't notice the only conscious guard pull something from his belt, remove the pin and throw it between the closing doors. Maverick caught the device and let out a roar just as Jake realised what the item was. The doors finally closed, but not before Jake managed to wave a fond farewell using just his middle finger.

Seconds later, the lift shook violently as the grenade exploded. Jake clung to the hand rail as tightly as he could as alarms began to sound, a defeaning voice calling for all personnel to evacuate. He glanced at the guard to his side. The man had removed his helmet and kicked away the bodies of his comrades. He looked at Jake, raising one eyebrow.

"Don't know about you pal, but I'm getting out of here. This place is full of fucking weirdo's."

Jake couldn't help the laugh that escaped him. A laugh that died in his throat when the lift eventually stopped, the doors opening to reveal yet another corridor that resembled an everyday office building. People were running, panicking. All heading for the emergency exits. One word kept running across the screens that seemed to be causing most of the hysteria.


Jake grabbed the man beside him as they pulled themselves to their feet, "There was a girl brought here. Blonde. Cute. Do you know where she is?"

The man pulled his arm free, frowning slightly. "She escaped, right before you did. Hey... you're not contaminated are you!" His eyes widening in alarm he held his arm out before him as if expecting it to mutate in front of him. Jake rolled his eyes.

"It's not me contaminating you that you need to be worrying about. Now... give me your gun and your ammo."

The man blinked at him, hesitating. Looking at him properly Jake realised he was probably just out of his teens, just a kid. The image of Sherry lost somewhere in the mayhem flashed before his eyes and any concern he felt for the stranger disappeared. Reaching out, Jake unbuckled the kid's belt and wrapped it around his own waist.

"I suggest you get moving." he growled, leaving the boy looking a little stunned as Jake pushed him out of his way. Heading in the opposite direction to the fleeing crowds Jake made his way toward what looked like a map of the building bolted to a wall. His eyes trailed over it, memorising the image as he realised he was not, in fact, in a building. But aboard a ship. "God damn rich people." he grumbled to himself. "Always gotta be so flashy..."

Two words jumped out at him. "Control Room." Setting off at a steady jog he made his way toward the bridge, hoping his gut feeling was right. If Sherry had escaped she'd be looking for a way to call for help. He only hoped she hadn't made her way to the lower levels.

Jake didn't want to know what other shit they had down there, but he could guarantee it would't be anything good.

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