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Yobbo is British slang for an uncouth or thuggish working-class person. I obtained the definition from Wikipedia and togs is British slang for clothes in general.

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The Parade

It's Boxing Day and both Rose and Jack's families are lined up along the Torchwood parking lot eagerly awaiting the start of the annual Torchwood Holiday Parade.

The Brig, dressed up like a toy soldier, tugs his sheepskin jacket tighter around him as he glances at Donna and asks, "Where's Wilf, sleeping in?"

"No," she replies while rubbing her arms for warmth, "he's sleeping it off." At the Brig's bewildered expression, she explains, "He had a very late night out with the O'Rufferty sisters. They were kind enough to pour him into a cab after he passed out."

The Brig bears a knowing smile as Donna checks him over and with an impressive nod and remarks, "Nice costume. So, Jack tells me that you'll be driving the main car."

"That's right," he affirms as he puffs up proudly, "I have been given the honor of chauffeuring St. Bob and the Grouse."

"Not to mention St. Bob's companion." Donna smiles while she shakes her head in wonder at the scene that she's envisioning in her head. "I still can't believe that the Doctor's going to participate in the parade, not after last year's fiasco at the mansion."

The Brig releases a soft chuckle and shares, "Apparently, the Tyler boy's very persuasive." He looks past Donna and calls her attention to the gentlemen behind her with a nod. "Speak of the devils."

She turns around to see Jack dressed as St. Bob and striding merrily towards them wearing a smile almost as wide as his ginger handlebar moustache. Behind him is Turlough, straightening his cuffs as he directs a malicious sneer to a cheering crowd.

And bringing up the rear is Rose Tyler dragging an extremely reluctant Doctor. Even though Donna has grown up with the legend of St. Bob, she still has to do a double-take at the sight before her. The Doctor is costumed in the exact likeness of Sobbo the Yobbo, St. Bob's companion. His hot pink leotard and tights and lavender fur-covered shorts with matching knee length boots seem to stand out even more than usual against a snowy landscape. Her eyes then travel to his head which is encased in a hot pink court jester's hat with a toy horn attached to each tip and a neon yellow pair of goggles.

A quick peek at the Doctor's face reveals the mock tears that have been glued onto his cheeks thereby giving the character his name. To Donna's scrutinizing eye, there seems to be more tears on Sobbo's face than usual and she has to wonder if there's also a mix of real tears as well.

"Come on, Doctor," urges Rose, you need to hurry up!"

"No, I don't want to!" whines the Doctor as he digs his heels in an attempt to halt their pace. He puts on his best puppy dog pout and moans, "I'm not feeling well. I accidentally ingested some pear earlier and I need to go and lie down."

Ignoring yet another lame excuse, Rose continues to pull him along until they reach the others. "Well," boasts Jack with pride, his face alight with excitement, "what do you all think of my companion?"

While everyone is praising the group's costumes, Jack reaches up and honks one of the toy horns attached to Sobbo's hat. The Doctor leans away and smacks Jack's hands away when he tries to do it again. "Quit doing that!"

Tony pushes through the crowd of family members and throws himself against the Doctor to give him a crushing hug. "Sobbo! You look great!"

When the Doctor bends down to return the boy's embrace, Tony grabs one of his horns and squeezes out a short tune. Laughing in glee, he turns to the others and squeals in delight. "I love that!" The Doctor slowly straightens back up, arms falling to his sides and exhibiting a morose expression.

"Aw, what's wrong, love?" asks Jackie sincerely. "You're going to be the hit of the parade! Don't you think so, Pete?"

"Absolutely!" declares Pete without hesitation. "Now, give us a big smile, Doctor!" CLICK!

The Doctor's eyes nearly widen to the size of his goggles as the flash goes off again and he bellows, "What was that for?"

"The Torchwood newsletter, you're going to be on the front page!" When the Doctor's mouth drops open in dismay, Pete is quick to soothe, "Relax, Doctor," and flashes his infamous Vitex smile. "Trust me on this!"

The Doctor stares back at his future father-in-law in consternation and begs to know, "Why do I have to dress up like a neon sign?"

Before Pete can answer, Jack steps in and declares, "Because Sobbo guides St. Bob's sleigh and people need to be able to see him clearly when there's a blizzard."

"I see," states the Doctor dryly. "And what possible use are these horns?"

Jack's face is completely serious as he informs him, "That's for alerting traffic when you need to move someone out of your way."

"Of course, how blind of me not to see that, it must've been from my outfit," snarks the Doctor in a flat tone. "Now for my last question, why is Sobbo constantly crying?"

Jack replies with zeal as he throws his arms up into the air. "He's crying tears of joy!"

Aiming a glare and a pout at no one in particular, the Doctor crosses his arms over his chest and huffs, "Look at me, all pink and lavender. I look like Prince Adam of Eternia."

"Oh, man…that takes me back! He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was my favorite show!" recalls Jack with fond memories so obvious in his voice. "He-Man was my hero!"

Turlough's gaze also appears to be viewing distant memories as he recollects, "Yes, Skeletor was my favorite villain. I could really emphasize with him."

Jack glances sideways at his cousin and mutters under his breath, "Big surprise there."

Unfortunately for Jack, he didn't mutter quietly enough and Turlough punches him in the arm. "Shut up, Jack Ass!"

"Back off Turd-lough!" retorts Jack as he shoves him against a lamppost.

Seeing the children that are standing nearby becoming upset at their favorite Christmas characters brought to life beginning to fight, the Brig decides to take action.

He grabs an ear of each man and swiftly pulls them apart. "Ow, ow, ow!" they cry in unison. "Boys, not in front of the children, I want you to stop this nonsense right now! Whether you two realize it or not, you are both representing the spirit of Christmas today and I want you to start acting like it!"

Shame fills their faces and their voices as they stare down at the ground and reply, "Yes, Uncle Alistair."

"Good lads," he acknowledges with a nod before ushering them over to the main parade car. "Now, everyone into the car, it's almost time to start the parade!"

Not wanting to incur any further chastisement from the Brig, the men head straight over to the car that has been especially designed to resemble St. Bob's dragon. Everyone is full of Christmas cheer as they pile into the car, all except the Doctor who remains stubbornly in place.

Rose hugs his side and tries to coax him into a better mood. "Now, Doctor, don't be like that." She moves over to stand directly in front of him to gently cradle his face before slowly trailing her fingers upwards to honk each one of his horns.

"Rose!" he wails in embarrassment, "Stop that!"

"Sorry," she offers, looking chagrined. "I guess this costume just makes me horny." At his groan, Rose wheedles, "Oh, come on, Doctor, I bet once you get started that you'll love it!"

"Nothing could make me love wearing this monstrosity," insists the Doctor in disgust.

"Really?" she asks with a hint of challenge in her voice. "Not even if I promise to…" and then she tugs his head down to whisper in his ear.

His eyebrows instantly shoot up into hairline at her suggestion and he begins to waver a bit mumbling, "Oh…well…in that case…" before he shakes himself free of her spell that she's weaving over him. "No, no, no! Not even the promise of that will make me love this!" as he gestures down at his outfit.

He then proceeds to stomp off to the car in a huff and slams the door as he settles into the car. "Okay, let get this nightmare over and done with."

The Brig cheers, "That's the spirit, boy!" and then he squeezes both of the Doctor's horns for good luck. He revs the engine and instructs, "You should start crying before we reach the crowd, save the heaving sobs for the middle of the parade line and then taper off towards the end."

"I'm not exactly in a crying mood," states the Doctor sullenly.

"Oh no?" inquires the Brig shrewdly. "Well maybe you'd feel more in character if I got your matching fur purse that holds all of the letters written to St. Bob out of the glove compartment."

"Matching purse?" squeaks the Doctor. Left with no other option, and let's face it, not much dignity, the Doctor promptly drops his head into his hands and begins to fake cry as the car pulls into the crowd's view.

The Doctor takes brief peeks between his fingers to survey the crowd's reaction; he astounded to see how ecstatic they all are at their presence. In fact, he can't remember a time when anyone, barring Rose, was this happy to see him. Not even when he was saving their lives.

He decides to test his newfound popularity and quickly mimics a few sobs and sniffles before waving to the crowd who immediately goes wild. He honks his horns a few times, much to the children's delight, and watches in surprise as a large group of children and adults ball their fists into their eyes and imitate crying. Yeah, agrees the Doctor silently, I feel the same way.

He hurriedly falls back into character and the parade soon ends with a flourish when the Brig removes a handkerchief from the pocket of his soldier's uniform and hands it to Yobbo to dry his tears. When the car comes to a complete stop, everyone inside exits the dragonmobile to a roaring round of applause and deafening cheers and mock sobs and sneers from their audience.

Zoe runs over and launches herself at Jack as she embraces him tightly and plasters his cheeks with kisses. "Oh, Jack, you were wonderful, we're so proud of you!"

Jamie pats Turlough on the back and praises, "You did an excellent job as well, lad. I couldn't picture a better man for the job."

Turlough smoothes out his butler's jacket while he tries to catch the eyes of some young ladies down the way. "Thank you, Uncle Jamie. I owe all of my acting ability to the drama department back at the Trion Academy. It's to them that I can credit my stardom into today's little theatrical performance."

"What?" balks Jack in disbelief. "Please, when it comes to Christmas, it basically becomes St. Bob land while you, Grouse, are considered to be a political exile!"

Turlough smirks as he tips his bowler hat to a jaunty angle. "We'll see if those birds down there agree with you. And judging by the lecherous sneers they've been throwing me all morning, I don't think they will."

"Wow," bleats Jack in utter revulsion. "How is it we grew up with the same stuff and my version of role-play became Dungeons & Dragons and his version became that? He gives a slight shudder and a repulsive shake of his head.

"You have to remember son that unlike you, Turlough was a former student of the Brig when it came to learning the ways of love," reminds Jamie.

"Yeah?" replies Jack. "Well I'm glad I ditched that class."

The Doctor finishes speaking with one of his fellow employees before he turns and holds his arms out to accept congratulatory hugs from Rose and the rest of the Tyler clan. When Rose notices that he's still crying she tells him, "Doctor, you can break character now, the parade is over."

The Doctor brings both of his hands up to wipe away his remaining tears. "No, I can't, these are real tears. The parade coordinator told me that I did such a great job that everybody wants me to play Sobbo again next year."

Pete's voice comes up behind him asking, "Hey, Sobbo, how about a few shots for the Vitex Christmas campaign?"

"What? No, absolutely not!" responds the Doctor fearfully as he darts behind Rose for protection. He only starts to run when Pete tries to edge around Rose to snap a few shots.

Pete jogs after him while yelling, "Oh, give a fellow a break will you, Doctor? Do you have any idea how much modeling fees cost these days?"

Rose laughs and advises, "Forget it, Dad, you'll never catch him. Besides, he'd just sonic away any pictures that you managed to take anyway."

Jo hugs her brother tightly to her before she commends, "That was just brilliant, Jack, very authentic!" She turns to Nyssa and rocks her in arms as she intones, "Who's that sweetheart? Is that St. Bob?"

Nyssa's arms flail in excitement as she unknowingly reaches for her Uncle Jack who swings her up in the air before cradling her against him. "Oho, why hello, Nyssa! I know a certain little girl who made St. Bob's nice list this year."

Nyssa laughs joyfully at her uncle's antics while Donna watches him silently from the sidelines not wanting to intrude. She studies his gentle mannerisms, listens to his heartfelt laughter and notes the way that he loves and cares for his family shine from his eyes in such a way that she doubts that words would ever be needed to convey his love for them. She's still not sure what he meant by what's right when they stayed in the hotel garden the other night but when she forgets about the often childlike innocence of the man and loses herself in the heart of him, she finds that it doesn't matter to her at all if that's one mystery that's left unsolved.

Sarah Jane and Harry Sullivan are next in line to extol Jack's virtues on his portrayal of St. Bob. She reaches up on tip toe to kiss Jack's cheek and exclaims, "Well done, nephew! I haven't seen such an excellent depiction of St. Bob since Alistair played the part and from what he's told us, you've done him proud!"

"Thanks Aunt Sarah! Hey, where have you two been? I didn't see you earlier." Jack rocks Nyssa back and forth while he gazes worriedly in their direction.

The couple dart tender glances at each other before Sarah Jane answers, "We had a late start this morning, Jack, but we made it in time for the start of the parade."

Jack takes in their tired expression and remarks, "Gee, you two look exhausted."

Harry clears his throat nervously and states, "Well, we were up rather late last night and quite busy."

"Oh, I see," sing-songs Jack in complete understanding and with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. "Did you two stay up all night waiting for St. Bob too?"

Harry simply stares incredulously at the man while Sarah Jane's tone holds a trace of amusement as she replies, "Yes, Jack, that was exactly what we did."

Jo, who has always been worldlier than her brother and as cheeky as her aunt, reads the situation accurately and decides that a little bit of teasing is in order. She suddenly plucks Nyssa out of Jack's arms and deposits her into Sarah Jane's. "Here, Aunt Sarah, you take Nyssa. Many more late nights like last night and you'll need the practice."

Sarah Jane remains unflustered as she warns, "Watch it, young lady, you're not too old to place over my knee!" Her own brand of cheekiness comes into play as she inquires, "Or is that something that you reserve especially for Cliff?"

While Cliff and Harry simultaneously blush at Sarah Jane's teasing, Cliff pats Harry on the shoulder and greets, "Welcome to the family, Harry. They're completely nutters, the lot of them."

Jo merely laughs off her aunt's gibe while Jack watches everyone in befuddlement. "I don't know what any of that means but for some reason, I'm feeling awfully uncomfortable with this conversation."

"Speaking of uncomfortable," interrupts Jackie, "is the Brig feeling alright? He's acting funny."

"What do you mean, Jackie?" inquires Zoe worriedly as she scans the crowd for her brother.

"Well," relates Jackie, "he was chatting me up in his usual vulgar way when all of the sudden, he stopped talking and just started staring off into the distance. He keeps ignoring me no matter what I say so I thought that I'd better let you know."

"Thanks, Jackie," replies Sarah Jane as she hands the baby back to Jo. "We'll take care of it."

Concern fills everyone's hearts as they make their way through the crowd to the Brig's side and discover that just as Jackie had said, an unresponsive Brig. Zoe and Sarah Jane gaze anxiously at their significant others when they receive no response from their greetings. Instinctively attempting to shield their loved ones, Jamie moves next to the Brig while Harry stands ready to offer his medical expertise if necessary.

Jamie lays his hands on the Brig's shoulders and gives him a hard shake to draw his attention. "Brig, are you alright? What's wrong?"

Barely fazed, the Brig continues to stare at the passing cars remaining in the parade. "Jamie," he whispers hoarsely, "I think that I've just seen a ghost." He nods his head to indicate across the road. "I keep seeing her right over there."

Jamie can't make anyone out through the passing traffic and turns back to his old friend with a sympathetic gaze. He knows that when he says her, in that particular tone that it can only mean Doris. "Alistair, mate, it's not possible, lad. You know as well as I do that she's gone and no matter how hard you wish it, she's not coming back."

He squeezes his brother-in-law's shoulders in a firm grip in a gesture of support and in an effort to anchor him back to reality. The Brig shuts his eyes tight to stop the chance of seeing her again. "I know that you're right, Jamie. It's just that I miss her so much."

"I know Brig," consoles Jamie sadly. "I know."

The Brig's eyes remain shut while he slowly shakes his head to clear his mind of her image but his sisters' eyes are wide open in shock. Zoe grabs Sarah Jane's hand with a gasp and questions, "Sarah Jane, are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

With a slow nod of her head, Sarah Jane walks over and takes hold of the Brig's arm in a vice-like grip and she urges, "Open your eyes Alistair! You weren't imagining anything! Doris is over there, we all see her!"

The Brig's eyes shoot open at this statement and both his and Jamie's gazes travel over to where the last parade car has just driven past and watch as a woman in a simple royal blue dress with a matching suit jacket and hat steps onto the roadway.

The group of friends and family stand silently by in utter shock as the woman crosses the road and slowly approaches them. Her soft smile widens considerably the closer that she comes to the Brig and it is the murmuring of his name from her lips that spurs him into action. He urgently moves Jamie aside and hurries out onto the road to meet her half-way.

She reaches out to him and he grasps her arms in a gentle grip that belies his strength. "Doris, is it really you?"

Doris nods once and looks him over from head to toe, her mouth quirking in amusement at his toy soldier outfit and teases, "I always did love a man in uniform."

"Doris," he asks quietly, afraid that more than a whisper will scare her away or dispel her image and send him crashing back to reality, "how is it that you're here? After the Blitz, I searched everywhere for you. What happened?"

Doris' smile falters as she remembers the bombs dropping all around her home. "I was badly injured, Alistair, and I was immobilized in a hospital ward for a very long time before I was considered well enough to be displaced to the countryside along with thousands of other Londoners. By the time we were allowed to return, I couldn't find any trace of you. You had left the navy and the few mutual friends and contacts that we shared either left the city and had chosen not to return or had been lost in the war."

She places her hands on his chest and gazes up at him as she declares, "I've never stopped loving you, Alistair. I've never married, never met anyone who could replace you."

"No one?" he inquires in amazement. "There's been no one at all?"

She shakes her head, her gaze full of love as she contests, "And who could ever replace you in my heart?"

The Brig lifts both of her hands to his mouth for a chaste kiss before immediately dropping down onto one knee. He releases one of her hands to reach into the inner pocket of his coat and withdraws the ring that he had bought for her so long ago. "Doris, I've carried this ring with me every day since I first thought that I had lost you. It may have taken years before I was too broken-hearted to continue the search but I never gave up hope that somehow, someday, I would find you again."

His gaze never wavers as he opens his heart and bares his soul to her. "Doris Douglas, I love you with all of my heart. Do you think that you could find it in your heart to accept this old war horse with a heart full of young love and consent to be my wife? I may not have many years left but I want nothing more in this world than to spend the rest of them with you."

Her heart flutters at his speech and her eyes shine with the tears that she's been holding back. "Oh, Alistair, of course, I'll marry you!"

The Brig instantly returns to a standing position and picks Doris up by her waist and swings her around in a circle, whooping with delight the entire time. When they stop spinning, they clasp each other tightly refusing to be parted again for even one more moment now that they are finally back in each other's arms.

They become so lost in this one moment of perfect happiness that they are caught completely unaware when they are suddenly tackled and they end up stumbling about in order to retain their footing. Doris gasps and asks, "What on Earth?"

The Brig mumbles a muffled response of, "Allow me to introduce you to my nephew, Jack. Jack, this is Doris Douglas, my fiancée."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Aunt Doris," responds Jack as he sniffs back his tears and clutches the couple even tighter. "This is the best Christmas present ever!" gushes Jack. "This has to be the greatest love story of all time, a true Christmas miracle!" He pulls back and notices their wry stares. "This is probably a very awkward moment for you right now, huh?"

At their nods of agreement, he slowly loosens his grip and makes his way back to the others still waiting on the curb, stopping every few steps to peek over his shoulder at the idyllic picture that his uncle and soon-to-be aunt make.

"This is great, isn't it?" asks Jack with his arms thrown out in excitement.

Jo chirps, "Oh, this is so wonderful," as she shares a hug with her brother, "and so unbelievable! Jack told me all about Uncle Alistair and his lost love last night and now all of the sudden, she's here! What are the chances?"

"Pretty good," proclaims the Doctor, now dressed in more casual togs, "especially when you know where to look."

"You did this?" questions Rose in surprise.

"Yup," popping the p as he digs his hands into his pockets for warmth, "pretty impressive me."

Without any warning, Rose leans over and grabs his lapels and kisses him as passionately as she did that first time on Bad Wolf Bay. She slowly draws back and smirks at his dazed expression before agreeing, "Yes, you are."

Now grinning maniacally, his hands still deep in his pockets, he suddenly begins receiving unexpected hugs from the Harkness family, starting with Jack and Jo who have unknowingly pinned his arms to his sides, almost causing him to topple over onto the ground. He's just able to stabilize himself when the rest of the family encases him in one giant crushing hug.

"Oh, well, isn't this nice?" muses the Doctor. "This is very kind of you and I appreciate it very much but I'm finding it a bit difficult to breathe properly, more like impossible actually. Plus, I've always been a trifle claustrophobic, another reason that I tend to prefer bigger on the inside and all that."

When their combined embrace seems to tighten instead of lessen, the Doctor sighs and ruminates, It's times like this that I miss having an extra respiratory bypass. He turns his head to stare expectantly at the group of smiling Tylers and requests rather breathlessly, "A little help please?"

**********3:30 A.M **********

The Doctor and Rose close their bedroom door with weary sighs, Rose heading over to her dressing table to put away her jewelry and the Doctor going to his bureau to remove his cufflinks.

Rose takes off her earrings as he states, "What a lovely ceremony, I'm so glad that Dad's friend, Archbishop Turton, was able to marry Doris and the Brig after the last mass."

"Yes," acknowledges the Doctor with a soft smile, "and having the wedding at St. Paul's Cathedral made it all the more memorable. You know, during the Blitz, a bomb once lodged on the roof and started melting the dome. Luckily, the bomb dislodged itself and it fell onto the Stone Gallery's floor where it was smothered with a sandbag. The Blitz couldn't destroy St. Paul's Cathedral and the same holds true for the Brig and Doris' love."

Rose recalls the wedding as she beams at her husband with pride. "Good thing that you had your psychic paper though, since only members of the British Empire as well as other various order members can be married there."

The Doctor chuckles softly and admits, "Yup, that was a stroke of luck alright. Even in a parallel universe, Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart lives again!"

With an all too smug smile, the Doctor casually leans against his bureau and asks, "So, not that I didn't love my pipes but where's my second gift?"

"Second gift?" repeats Rose. "What do you mean second gift? I gave you loads of gifts, not including the ones that you bought for yourself."

He bounces slightly on his heels as he pleads, "Oh, come on, Rose, you know which gift I mean. My second gift! Like the gift that you gave me last year, one for the Doctor and one for John. I already received my Doctor gift, now where's the second gift?"

He rubs his hands together in eager delight as Rose walks over to stand before him and announces, "It's a Christmas stocking."

He instantly looks disappointed. "You're giving me a Christmas stocking? Is that all?"

She slowly raises the hem of her floor length dress up to mid thigh to display a pair of sheer red stockings with a garter belt that bears a sprig of mistletoe. Rose gives him a shrewd look and inquires, "Are you telling me that you don't want what's in this stocking?"

The Doctor is unable to do anything other than stare at her legs until he is finally able to rattle off a response. "No, nope, never said that at all." He finally raises his gaze to her face and notes expectantly, "Most Christmas stockings have fruit in them." His smile is wolfish as he queries, "Can I assume that hint of tangerine that I caught a glimpse of while you were dressing represents my satsumas?"

Rose laughs and her tongue pokes out between her teeth in a teasing manner. "Could be, now are you going to come over here and unwrap your present or do I need to tie on Wilf's hat to boot?"

He tugs her flush against him with a laugh. "You never need to wear more clothes to entice me, Rose Tyler," he waggles his eyebrows at her, "or any at all really."

"I'm glad to see that you're feeling better after the parade," she declares while she removes his tie.

He sighs dramatically as he tugs on his ear. "Yes, despite my continued casting as Sobbo. Oh well, it's alright I guess, I don't want to disappoint Tony after all."

"Well, I spoke with the parade coordinator and you don't have to play Sobbo next year if you don't really want to," offers Rose. "I can get you another part."

"Forget it, Rose, I'm not playing St. Bob again," he insists with a firm stare.

She shakes her head in denial as she explains, "No, not him, I was thinking about Mossty." When he stares at her in bewilderment, she clarifies, "Mossty the Slimeman, he's the Grouse's companion. He helps the Grouse rob people's houses."

The Doctor continues to stare at her in silent horror as she adds, "He's incredibly slimy though so you'd have to go extra heavy on the hair product. You could probably snatch the part up like that," she assures with a snap of her fingers. "I doubt that we'd even have to pull any strings."

The Doctor's gaze and tone are both heated as he insists, "The only string that you'd have to pull is the one around my neck if I ever end up anywhere near that role! I am not, repeat, not, taking orders from Turd-lough!"

Rose can no longer maintain her composure at this declaration and starts cracking up. "What?" demands the Doctor. "What's so funny?"

"You thought that I was serious?" You should see the look on your face!" His angry growl of "Rose!" sobers her up very quickly and she hurriedly places a kiss on his lips before purring, "It's nothing compared to the look that you'll be wearing later."

He eyes her suspiciously and verifies, "Promise?"

She gives him another kiss alongside his jaw. "Promise," breathes Rose into his ear.

"You are so lucky that I love you, Rose Tyler," he whispers back before pulling her towards him for a much longer snog.

She draws back from his gaze just far enough to look him in the eye, her expression serious as she states, "I know." Laying her hand along his jaw, she cradles his face and murmurs, "Happy holidays, Doctor."

"Happy holidays, my Rose," he murmurs back before leaning down to kiss her once again. And they didn't even need Wilf's hat!