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He hates science.

Not just because it's an annoying subject that gives Jamie loads of homework when he should be out playing, but because science tells him that he doesn't exist.

It tells him that snow comes from water that's frozen. Well, yeah, duh, he knew that. He's the one that froze the water in the first place.

But then it tells him that's it's not him that froze the water – it's the temperature of the air.

The process is significantly more complicated than that, he knows, but if he thinks about it too hard he knows he'll get a bitch of a headache.

The first time Jamie tries explaining to him, he feels his grip on his staff loosen and, if he was Bunny, his ears would have drooped. But he's not Bunny so he settles for glaring at the textbook as if it's done something to offend him, and in a way, it has.

It doesn't make sense. He brings the snow, the ice, the frost. But science tells him otherwise. It's logic, reason, and it should make sense, but it doesn't.

He's getting a headache thinking about it, and touches one of the branches beneath him with his toe. Frost curls around the bark, and he sighs, the air escaping his mouth creating a cloud in front of him.

By science's definition, none of them should be doing what they're doing.

North's ice toys shouldn't move on their own because there's nothing to move them. The yeti's shouldn't exist and neither should the elves.

Tooth shouldn't exist because it's impossible for a human to have wings and feathers. And the speed at which she talks isn't exactly possible either.

Bunnymund shouldn't be 6'1, walking on two legs, painting eggs or talking for that matter. He shouldn't have an Australian accent, and he shouldn't be able to tap his foot and make tunnels anytime he well pleases.

And Sandy shouldn't even be alive, considering he's just sand.

And don't get him started about the fact that they're all frozen in time. He's been alive for 318 years – Tooth's been around for at least 440, and he has no idea about the rest of them.

Logic tells him its impossible.

The Man in the Moon tells him it's very very possible.

And that brings him to the moon itself. A huge, circular chunk of rock and dust with craters.

Jamie told him there's no gravity (what's gravity? He's never heard of it, or followed its rules) and that there's no air or water on the moon. The little boy tells him that no being could ever live there, without the use of advanced technology that they don't have yet.

Well, that doesn't add up. There's a Man in the Moon, he knows. He gave him his name and brought him to the Guardians. The Man in the Moon gave him a family, and a purpose, and a center. Certainly, he exists. But if no living thing can live there, then what exactly is the Man in the Moon?

The headache has increased, and he leans his head against the trunk of the tree, staff dangling from his fingers.

He hates science. It makes him feel small, insignificant, and stupid when he can't help Jamie with his homework.

And it also makes him feel like everything he knows is a huge, fucking lie.

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