It had been months since the Crystal Empire event. After that day, a few of the Mane 6 worried about Sombra's return, but the feeling soon died down and they felt content once again, especially after a few reassuring words from their leader, Twilight Sparkle. They almost always seek advice from her since she's the one who had an idea or a plan. It's true that she had a lecture up her (metaphorical) sleeve, but this time it was different, even she wasn't sure if Sombra would return. Its times like this, Twilight's glad that she isn't the Element of Honesty. Within time, she calmed down and forgot about all the possibilities of his return. She decided that there is absolutely no reason to worry. At least, that's what she hoped for.

Twilight sat in her house reading a book called History of Equestria. She has read this 900 paged book five times already, but she just thought it was so fascinating that she needed to read it again. Twilight was on chapter three of the history book, until she heard her number one assistant, Spike, call her. She groaned and angrily trotted upstairs. "Why did he have to interrupt me? I was on the best part of the book. It better be important this time, unlike the time he got his tail stuck in the tub's drain," She stopped walking and sighed, "okay that was important. But, he made this sound like the world is gonna end!" Twilight continued up the steps.

Spike paced back and forth very anxious for Twilight to get upstairs. He quickly turned around once he heard her hoof-steps. Twilight groaned, "Okay Spike, what is it?"

He answered trying to not show too much concern, "It's a letter from the Princess. She sent a note saying that I wasn't allowed to read it. I guess she wants you to read it in private."

Twilight started getting really frightened. If she was told to read it alone, then it must be urgent. She levitated the letter out of Spike's claw and opened it up. A ticket for the train fell out, whatever the trouble is; it needed to be done immediately. Spike exclaimed, "Come on! Read the letter! It's not like she'll know if I heard it."

"What! No, Spike, you can't hear or see the letter. It doesn't concern you." Twilight ranted. Spike moaned and went downstairs. Thinking that Spike is probably still within ear shot, she read the letter in her head. The letter said:

My faithful student, Twilight,

I must keep this letter short for it is important for you to come to Canterlot, immediately. You cannot tell ANYONE about this, not even your friends. I put a train ticket in the letter. You must come immediately after you're done reading this. I'll explain the problem once you get here. Help me Twilight Sparkle, you are my only hope.


Princess Celestia

Not wanting to waste any time, Twilight tucked the note underneath her pillow, grabbed the ticket, and started heading out. She was just at the door until, she forgot to come up with an alibi. Her friends are bound to come by; also, it is a library after all somepony was guaranteed to check out a book. Twilight turned around and told Spike, "I need you to tell anypony that comes by that I'm on a trip to…um…Manehattan."

"What if they ask 'why'?" Spike asked. She groaned, loudly. She didn't have time for this. "Just tell them I'm at a convention. Look, I really have to go!" Twilight hastily said. She ran out the door and made her way to the train station. Spike sighed, "I sure hope it isn't anything too evil."

Twilight was so happy that she made it to the train station while it was still docked. She showed the Ticket Inspector her ticket and galloped on board. She sat in a booth all by herself; she needed to let everything sink in. It made her nervous that she couldn't tell anypony, especially her friends. Was it a type of test where she has to see if she can trust anyone? Or was it too drastic of a situation to tell anypony? Whatever it is, she hoped the princesses were okay.

Twilight dashed through town, trying to get to the castle. She didn't even stop to chat with her old friends; there's something serious going on in the castle, and she needed to be there A.S.A.P. Twilight was so pleased when she got to the castle. When she got to the door, she was stopped by two royal guard's spears. They both recited, "Nopony goes in to see Princess Celestia or Princess Luna, unless it's royal business."

Twilight was about to state her business but, swiftly covered her mouth. Was she allowed to tell the guards? Do they know the problem? Behind her a voice ordered, "It's alright, she may enter."

She turned around and saw Luna. The two guards opened the doors and allowed the two in. Twilight heard one of the guards whisper something but she wasn't concentrating on what he said. The two walked through the Main Hall in silence until, Luna said, "We are very happy to see you here, Twilight Sparkle."

She wasn't too sure if Luna was talking about her and her sister, or just herself, but she didn't really mind. Twilight replied, "I'm just relieved to be here. Is Princess Celestia okay?"

"We are not sure," She's addressing herself as 'we', "we haven't seen our sister like this before. She seemed very anxious and she has been getting lost in her thoughts." Luna responded. Twilight reassured, "Well, I'm here to help."

Luna nodded to her. The two stopped at Celestia's large bedroom door. Luna ordered, "Wait here."

She walked inside her sister's room and left Twilight alone. Twilight fiddled with her hooves, nervously. She heard their whispering grew louder, and it only made her more panicky. Luna walked out of the bedroom and said, "You may go in."

Twilight galloped inside the room. She heard Luna giggle as she passed her, but again, she didn't think much of it. She saw Celestia lying on her bed, poking her hoof at the floor. Twilight cleared her throat; she thought that she didn't see her. Celestia looked up and apologized, "Sorry, Twilight. I've just been off today."

"No reason to apologize, Princess." Twilight replied. Celestia got up and walked towards her student. Her face showed a lot of concern. She stopped in front of Twilight and bowed her head to think. She began, "You know that I brought you here for an important reason. I even had trouble discussing it with Luna."

"No matter what the problem is, I won't leave your side." Twilight stated. Celestia was relieved to hear her say that. She continued, "Twilight Sparkle."

Twilight's eyes grew huge. She was very scared and excited to hear about the problem. Celestia went on, "I want you to…meet somepony."

Twilight cocked her head in confusion. Is that it? Was that the drastic situation that got her so worried? She asked "Just meeting somepony? That's it?"

"Well, the pony is actually my…uh…special somepony." Celestia bashfully clarified. Twilight's eyes sparkled (pun intended). Her mentor has a special somepony! More importantly, who is he? She asked, "Who is it? Where is he?"

She answered, "He's staying in the guest room. It's down the hall, to the right, but Twilight-"

Twilight galloped down the hall before she could finish. Celestia instantly began galloping after her. The sound of her hooves was drowned out by Twilight's thought. She just kept thinking about the type of pony Celestia would fall in love with. It obviously had to be someone fair and kind. She would never fall in love with someone who's cruel and vicious. As she was running, she saw a hallway to her right and instantly turned. Her running was stopped by bumping into somepony. Twilight winced at the new headache she received. She gasped, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you. Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine," said a colt in a strict tone. The colt's voice was very deep and ominous, but she swore she has heard it before. Twilight looked up and gasped.


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