It was one of those days. The kind that had Captain Kathryn Janeway drinking five cups of coffee, and yet still almost drifting off due to shear boredom. She didn't go down to the holodeck, as she knew that the crew must be feeling exactly the same way she was, the off duty portion most of all. So she sat there, PADD with reports on it she had all ready read about three times just for something to do in one hand, cup six of coffee in the other. She toyed with the idea of going out to the bridge for a change in scenery, but she knew it would do no good. She had gone down to engineering already, but they were just as bored, travel wary, and jobless as the rest of the ship.

It had been over a week that it had come to this, slowly using up their list of repairs and jobs till there was nothing but to make sure the ship was going the right way and was in no immediate danger. You really only needed about three people for that, four at the most. And here she had over one hundred forty on her ship and in her care. Even those four lucky people had dreadfully boring jobs. At least one of them was a Vulcan.

She was lifted out of her stupor by the sound of her ready room door chime sounding. In walked Chakotay, with a professional look on his face, that dropped as soon as the doors closed to reveal a reflection of her boredom.

"Kathryn," his big booming voice was as close to a whine as she had ever heard it. "I'm bored."

"And why don't you add an "are we there yet" while your at it," she snapped, riling up slightly just for some thing to do.

He caught on quickly, and decided to rise to the bait. "Sir, are we there yet?" he even addressed her by the protocol term she despised the most. Oh, this meant war.

"Come back in fifty years, then maybe I'll tell you... after you've grown up," she griped right back, standing up and walking around the table so that she stood about a foot in front of him.

He let lose his rumbling, honey coated chuckle at this, smiling, dimples and all, down at her. "I should have come harassed you earlier. This is the high point of my day, sir," his eyes sparkled with mischief waiting to get out.

"Careful, mister," she couldn't help the answering smile that came to her face. He could do that to her, even on the worst of days. Something not even Mark could have done. She mentally shuddered at the thought of never meeting this man, or even worse, meeting just in battle, and killing him without ever truly getting to know him. The thought had her smile flattering and looking at the floor to compose herself, making the very man she was thinking of worried.

"Captain?" he asked curiously, instinct taking over as he reached and lifted her chin ever so gently so he could look into her storm gray-blue eyes. This startled her quickly away from her melancholy thought, her head almost jerking out of Chakotay's hold. Her eyes met his, the steady brown earth holding against the raging storm. They breathed deeply in at the same time, the mix of the boredom, playful argument, and things thought best to be kept hidden crashed together.

Before anything else happen on the matter, Tuvok's voice calmed the battle of earth and storm by striking fear in both, "Captain and First Officer to the bridge, Borg cube detected."

The battle would continue, in those distant, haunting moments.

But the crew came first.