Here we are- starting on a whole new journey! I hope y'all will enjoy! ~Selena

Just over two months had passed by since Selena's induction into the Guardians. In those short two months, her family and some of her friends had come to believe in her, as well as some children.

Selena took her job as Guardian very seriously. Each day, she would fly out and sprinkle droplets of curiosity onto the heads of little children, delighting to herself whenever they would start to ask questions. She knew as much as any child's parents knew that the more a child asked, the more they learned. Many parents became thrilled when their children would ask to learn more, and then would gladly teach them.

Selena's friendships with her fellow Guardians quickly grew. Sandy and Bunnymund loved to visit her whenever they could- her happy mood especially brightened Bunnymund's spirits whenever he'd had a rough day. Tooth stopped by not nearly as often, but whenever she did, she and Selena would sit around and talk for hours together. North had opened up his workshop to Selena as practically her home. He enjoyed her company very much- especially how she would encourage and motivate the yetis under his command. Each day he would find her saying good morning to each individual yeti by name.

And of course, there was Jack Frost...

"Jack~! Stop it!" I squealed, laughing as I ducked behind a chair.

He suddenly appeared above me. "You haven't told me what you want for your birthday yet, though!" he reminded me with a smile.

I groaned before I stood up. "I told you, I don't want anything!" I insisted. I crossed my arms carefully as to not tangle the ribbons that traveled down them. I had kept my ribbons after my ceremony, although whenever Tooth visited, she brought new ones in different colors. She said that it was fun to "mix it up a bit". I currently had on green and white ribbons streaming down from my ballerina bun.

He came around and put his arms around me. "But I have to get you something- every princess deserves a present on her birthday," he told me persistently. I sighed and shook my head. He'd been chasing me around like this for almost an hour, and I had avoided him (I knew some pretty good hiding spots here at the workshop) up until now. He had finally cornered me in the library.

"Jack, really- I'm fine," I laughed. "I really don't need anything- I'm so busy that I probably wouldn't be able to enjoy whatever you got me, anyways," I said with a sigh. I hated feeling like such a rain cloud (pun intended), but it was true. I was working every single day, and he worked all day and sometimes in the night. We hardly saw each other anymore- despite the fact that we both basically lived at the workshop.

He planted a quick kiss on my lips. "I just want you to have a good birthday," he whispered as he pulled away.

I smiled at him. "I know you do," I replied quietly. I heard the grandfather clock in the library ring out loudly. I sighed. It was time for me to go to work.

Jack hugged me to him and gave me another kiss. "Wanna meet up in Burgess at twelve? I promised Jamie that I'd visit him today."

I laughed as I walked toward the revolving wall "And let you freeze my raindrops again? Not a chance," I giggled, before I pressed the button and vanished from Jack's view. I skipped out into the workshop and smiled. The yetis had been given a month-long break after Christmas, but now, it was early February, and they had already gotten back to work. Based on the usual popular demand, they already knew that they would need to make a lot of teddy bears and such. They didn't have to wait around for lists from children to be sent in.

"Hi Marvin! Hi Joey! Hi Steve! Hi Laurence! Hi-" and so and and so forth I went, saying hello to each and every yeti as I did every morning. It had taken me a month to get all of their names down- there were so many! But I felt like they all needed to know that they were appreciated. "Nice job on the dolls there, Kevin!" I called out.

North chuckled as he walked out of his office. "I still cannot believe you do this each and every morning," he said with a smile as he handed me a cup of hot cocoa. We seemed to have developed a routine in my short time of living here- I would say hi to every yeti, and he would hand me a cup of hot cocoa every morning as I passed by his office. It was just a part of every day life now.

I smiled at him and took the cup. "Thank you," I said quietly, taking a sip. "And it's nothing, really. They're all so sweet," I commented, glancing back at all of the hard working yetis.

He laughed out loud this time. "Yes, yes they are. I am glad to see that you are well," he commented randomly.

I gave him a questioning look. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well in new job, I mean," he explained. "Your tiredness has gone away, yes?"

I nodded my head. "Yup- it went away after a month or so."

"Ah! Good," he exclaimed happily. "Well, I shall let you be on your way. Have good day, Miss Selena," he said as he walked away. I smiled before I continued on.

All of the Guardians still called me Selena. I had learned that everyone had a name before they were a Guardian (except for Sandy). Tooth was Toothiania, Bunnymund was E. Aster Bunnymund, North was Nicholas St. North, and Jack was, well...Jack Frost. My name was never really meant to have a nickname, though (one time one of my friends tried to call me "Sel" didn't really catch on), so they simply called me Selena.

They had taken it upon themselves to spread news of me to children. Whenever a child could see them, they would tell them about a person like themselves called Curiosa before they disappeared, leaving a child in wonder. The first month of being a Guardian was rough- one, I was getting used to being eternal (it feels quite different), and two, almost no one believed in me, rendering me weak. As time passed on, children started to believe in me (as well as my family and friends), and the days became easier to manage.

The first little kid who ever saw me was Jamie, actually. Jack had decided to take me with him one day when he was visiting, and Jamie was just the sweetest little boy. He had been so excited to hear that there was a new Guardian, and he had even gone and told all of his friends, who then in turn believed in me.

The feeling of being a Guardian was incredible, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I mused over all of this as I sipped on my hot cocoa. My life had changed so much in just over two months...and to think that I would continue to live forever and continue to protect the children of the world...the thought alone was unbelievable.

I set my cup down before I flew up and out of the hole in the ceiling of the workshop. First stop- North Carolina.

I giggled as I landed down in the parking lot of my school. Classes had already started, and it should be about third period by now. I fluttered into the school and waved to a few little kids who stared at me with wide eyes as I flew past them. I sprinkled a few drops onto their heads, making some of them instantly perk up and ask their teacher questions. I laughed before I flew on.

I flew up the staircase and down the hall. I flew up to my third period classroom and knocked on the door. Someone got up to answer the door, but to my dismay, they couldn't see me. They looked around the open hallway, and I slipped past them.

"Someone must have been playing a joke," I heard them mumble to themselves as they shut the door. I laughed out loud, drawing attention to myself.

My friend Kendall looked up from her work and smiled at me. She winked at me a mouthed 'hey' before she looked back down at her work, acting like she hadn't seen me. Kendall had taken quite a while to believe in me, actually, but once she did, she had freaked out and asked me about all of the Guardians.

I flew overhead my class and dropped rain onto everyone. In less than a second, every single hand in the room had shot up. My teacher blinked. "Alright, who's idea was this? Is this some kind of a joke?" she asked, glancing not-too-casually at the usual troublemakers.

"How do you solve number four?"

"What are we going to learn tomorrow?


The questions just kept coming! I saw Kendall laughing over in her desk at the sudden chaos. She had been the only one that I didn't sprinkle rain on. She winked at me, and I waved goodbye to her before I sneaked out of the classroom. Everyone was so busy that they didn't notice the door open by itself and then close.

And so went on the pattern- I knocked on the door, sneaked inside, caused a little bit of chaos as I visited my friends, and then left. All in all, it was a great morning!

I checked the clock before I headed out of the school. It was just ten minutes till twelve! "Darn it," I muttered. I conjured up a quick water spout below me and zoomed off. I sprinkled drops of curiosity onto the children I would fly over. In less than a few minutes, I was hovering over the town of Burgess. I decided to sprinkle a few more drops, and so I did. But surprise, surprise- they froze.

"Jack, I told you to stop freezing them!" I called out with a huff of annoyance. He flew up from behind a cloud and smirked at me, but I met him with a frown and crossed arms. I had finally learned out to stop blushing each time he smiled at me.

"Come on down- Jamie's waiting for us!" he shouted, before he zoomed away. I shook my head with a laugh before I chased after him.

I zoomed down and hovered above Jamie's house, but Jack was no where in sight. "Jack?" I called, looking around. "Jack? Where'd you go?"

"Aww, miss me?" he teased as he wrapped his arms around me from behind.

I snorted. "Hardly," I laughed with a wink. He pressed a quick kiss to my forehead before he let me go. We hovered down and landed on the ground in front of Jamie's front door. "Gosh, I need shoes," I muttered as my feet touched the cold snow.

"Is that a hint for a birthday gift?" he suggested hopefully.

"Nope, just me complaining as usual," I replied sarcastically. I knew what I really wanted- North had gotten me to come out with it and tell him. I missed my ballet shoes, and what I wanted more than anything were white pointe shoes to match my ensemble. But I could never tell Jack that- pointe shoes were expensive, and white ones could be hard to find.

He rolled his eyes, but gave me a wink, before he called up to Jamie. "Jamie! Are you gonna just leave us down here in the snow?"

Jamie's head popped out of his window. "Hi, Jack! Hi, Selena! I'll be down in a second- promise!" he shouted back as he pulled on his hat. He ran outside not a minute later, complete with puffer vest and his usual t-shirt and jeans. He ran up to Jack and gave him a hug. I saw Jack start a little bit before he hugged Jamie back. I couldn't help but smile- Jack made such a good big brother!

"How's it been lately?" Jack asked conversationally.

Jamie shrugged. "Good, I guess. We're gonna have to go back to school soon- too many snow days, and it's almost March," he explained.

Jack smirked. "Well, I'll see if I can't change that, alright?" Jack said with a wink. Jamie jumped up into the air and cheered before he dragged us off to play in the snow with his friends.

"Hi, Jack!"

"Hey, Selena!"

"We heard you guys were visiting today!"

"Where have you been in the world lately?"

A child's natural, unaided curiosity sprang to life as we came onto the scene. I laughed as they surrounded us and asked tons of questions. And for once, I had nothing to do with it!

"Faiwy! Faiwy!" I heard from behind me. I turned around and saw Jamie's little sister, Sophie, running up in a large, pink, winter coat. I laughed and leaned down to give her a hug.

"Hey, Sophie! Have you been a good little girl?" I asked her.

She nodded her head furiously. "I do whadeva Mommy tells me wheneva she tells me," she informed me enthusiastically.

I smiled at her and patted her on the head, making her giggle. "Good job!" I praised her. "Have you lost any teeth lately?" I asked.

She shook her head as a no. "Dis tooth is wiggly, doh," she said, showing me her wiggly tooth. "If it comes out, will da Tooth Faiwy come?" she asked cutely.

I nodded my head. "Yes, she will! I'll make sure that she makes a special delivery just for you, okay?"

"Okay!" she squealed, laughing as she ran off to stand by Jamie's side. I smiled at her and stood back up to my full height.

Tooth was so right- bringing joy to children really was life changing.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the freezing snow (even though my boyfriend is the spirit of winter, I'm still not used to it), playing games and having snowball fights with the kids. I noticed after a while that it was starting to get dark, and that the sun had sunken low in the sky.

"I think it's time we take our leave," I told Jack, nodding toward the sky.

I heard the kids moan and groan. "Do you have to?" Jamie asked as he ran up to us.

I smiled sadly at him. "Yeah, we do. I'll try to visit some other time, okay?"

Jamie nodded diligently. "Okay. And is it really going to be your birthday soon?" he whispered excitedly with a large smile.

I glanced up to give Jack a knowing look, but he was saying goodbye to the other kids. I looked back down at Jamie and sighed in defeat. "Yes, yes it is. Did Jack tell you?" I asked.

He nodded. "Yup. February...23rd, right?"

"24th," I corrected. "You were close, though," I told him as I ruffled his hair. "See you around, Jamie!" I called as I started to float up into the sky.

"Wait!" he shouted, making me float down lower. "What do you want for your birthday?" he asked.

'Jack made him ask this. He's gonna tell Jack. Don't give into that puppy dog look. Don't do it, don't do it- darn it,' I mentally ranted. I sighed, but leaned down close to Jamie's ear as if I was telling him a secret, and really, I was. "I want white pointe shoes. You know, those cool shoes that ballerinas wear? Those," I whispered quietly. I noticed Jack straining to hear what I said in the background, but by the look on his face, he didn't catch what I said.

"Don't tell Jack, okay?" I begged.

"Okay," he agreed.


"I promise."

"Good!" I nodded. "Well, bye!" I shouted to everyone.

"Bye!" they all shouted back. They waved as I floated away up into the sky. I heard Jack also say goodbye before he flew up to meet me.

"'ll tell Jamie, but you won't tell me?" he teased.

"Yup," I answered simply. I smirked when I saw him pout out of the corner of my eye.

"Why won't you tell me?" he asked, blinking his eyes at me innocently.

I smirked at him. "Because I can't tell you unless you catch me," I stated. Before he even knew what had happened, I'd shot off toward the North Pole. He laughed and chased after me. Life was good.

Too bad good things can last for only so long.