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The day her mom and sister, Bella left was horrible, she would never forget that day. She was only four years of age. Her best friend Jacob was the one to comfort her; despite being five years old at the time, he had a look of anger and frustration plastered to his face.

"I'm leaving Charlie and that's final!" Rene exclaimed as she shoved another suitcase to the pile by the front door, "Bella's coming with me!"

"Wh-what about me and Jamie?" Charlie questioned, "You can't do this to us!"

"You can keep Jamie, she'll keep you company."

"You can't just leave!" Charlie argued.

"I want out Charlie!" Rene yelled causing Jamie to flinch, "I can't stay in this town any longer!"

Bella paid no attention to them as they began to argue, she simply stared at the front door in silence; Jamie felt tears well in her eyes.

"Let's go outside," Jacob whispered before pulling her out the back door.

Billy rolled his wheelchair after the two and waited until they were comfortable before retelling one of the old quileute legends. Normally outsiders weren't allowed to hear the legends, but because of the secret Billy knew, he was willing to make an exception. Jamie listened on in amazement as he spoke about the men that were able to transform into powerful wolves.

It had been years since Jamie's mom and sister had taken off, eleven years to be exact.

Jamie was currently sitting in Jacob's garage helping him finish working on Bella's new truck; Embry and Quil watched silently as the two of them worked.

"Jake?" Jamie asked hesitantly, "Do you think she'll remember me?"

"Oh, I'm not sure," He replied hesitantly, "Is it true that you're staying with us?"

Jamie let a heavy sigh as she took a seat inside the truck, Jake climbed in after her and intertwined his fingers with her.

"I don't really have much choice, Bella's taking over my room, so it was either the couch or a comfy bed at your house."

"Well, at least we'll have fun!" Jake grinned as he nudged her.

She let out a laugh only for Jacob's father to open the front door and call them inside from across the yard.

"Jamie," Billy started, "Charlie called to say that he was driving Bella home from the airport."

Jamie jerked slightly as Jake lightly kicked her leg; she turned her attention to Billy.

"Would you like to go and see her?"

"Y-yes please," She whispered.

(Bella's pov)

The ride home from the airport was filled with an awkward silence; Bella reached forward and turned the radio on.

"Who are they?" She asked curiously as she saw an old man in a wheelchair and two teenagers.

"That's Billy, his son Jacob and your sister Jamie," Charlie replied as he stopped the car and climbed out.

"I haven't seen her in eleven years," Bella stated as she followed her dad.

"Be nice Bella, she's a good kid, but she has had a rough time."

"I'll try my best," She smiled a hopefully reassuring smile.

Bella pulled her rucksack out of the back of the car before tightening her grip and heading towards the trio on the porch.

"Hey, Jamie ri-" She cut off as Charlie showed her the truck, "No way, this is for me?!"

(Jamie pov)

Jamie couldn't help the hurt that coursed through her veins as Bella blanked her out for the truck that she had helped fix.

"Did you do this yourself Jake?" Bella questioned as she opened the door and climbed in.

"Jamie helped out a lot," Jacob replied awkwardly.

Bella merely glanced at her before jumping out of the truck, grabbing her luggage and heading into the house.

"It's okay," Jake pulled her into a hug as tears welled in her eyes.

Jamie had thought that Bella being here would give her a chance to get reacquainted with her long lost sister, she now knew that she was wrong.
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