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5 Days – Day 4

Sunlight is streaming through the vanilla-coloured curtains. I can see a bright yellow sphere up in the blue, clean sky. The weather is incredibly good today; perfect for the zoo. I can't believe that it was only yesterday that we had such cloudy weather.

I know that Phoenix has been waiting anxiously for today. He will finally have the opportunity to visit a real zoo. He has never been to a zoo before, because his parents weren't very wealthy, and never had the money to take their son anywhere entertaining.

I feel a bit bad about this because my father always got me everything I wanted, and took me anywhere I desired. It is only now that I understand why they say that, in this world, people are unequal. I always thought this painful reality was far from me, but now I see that it's right around me, and it always has been.

Children must live a happy life. That's what I believe in. They must receive a lot of love and respect from their family, especially from their parents.

Parents, something important that I lost.

And I'm about to lose something important again.

The world really is unfair, isn't it? Is this 'divine justice'? I can't believe it.

A dark cloud invades that cheerful sky.

. . .

It's eight o'clock. Phoenix is still asleep at my side. I must wake him up, otherwise we'll be late. But… It feels like a sin to wake such a sleeping angel! What should I do? He really wanted to go to the zoo, so there's nothing wrong with waking him. But… I do feel bad. Miles, ignore everything! Just wake him up already!

"Phoenix…" I put my hand on his shoulder to wake him.

"Mmmh…" He murmured something that I couldn't understand.

"Phoenix… You should wake up now." I tried to take the blankets from him.

"Five more minutes…" he pleaded, pulling at the blankets.

"We'll be late." I warned.

"…For what?" He opened his eyes.

I think he totally forgot about the zoo…

"We're going to the zoo today, aren't we?"

"Oh God! The zoo!" He jumped from the bed eagerly. "It's almost eight thirty! Why didn't you wake me up earlier?"

I sighed, but it was a content noise. "Well, I tried to, but you didn't listen to me…"

"We must hurry!" He took his toothbrush and rushed to the bathroom.

Phoenix can act like a child sometimes.

. . .

"Phoenix, are you sure you're feeling okay?" is my next question.

"I'm all right! You don't need to worry about me!" he assured me, grinning.

"No, but… if something happens…"

"Don't worry, nothing will go wrong today."

"Are you really fine? You're not feeling strange or ill or anything, are you?"

"No, I'm fine."

"I-It's just that I wanted to make sure that you're okay and-"

"You shouldn't worry so much." He smiled at me, and the sun was burning bright just behind him. "I'm fine…"

It was the most beautiful smile I've ever seen since that.

. . .

We got in the car, even though I was still a bit worried.

"Miles… What's the matter?"

"Huh…? N-Nothing. Let's go…" I took a deep breath. "But, if you feel bad, we'll have to go back home immediately, do you understand?"

Phoenix nodded. "That's fine! Nothing bad will happen." he repeated.

I really hope so.

. . .

Beautiful blue sky, great weather, no traffic jam… And I have you by side.

Today couldn't be better.

. . .

"We're here." I commented as I tried to find a place to park the car.

"This is so exciting!"

"Do you think so?"

"Of course!" Phoenix smiled. He wouldn't stop looking out of the windshield. "It's my first time at the zoo!"

"It is, isn't it? Okay, we just have to find a place to park… Oh, there's a perfect place."

I parked the car and Phoenix jumped out enthusiastically.

"Finally!" he exclaimed.

"This zoo is directly connected to the aquarium and the botanical gardens, so we can take a look at all of them..." I told him.

"This makes everything even nicer! Come on! Let's buy the tickets!" Phoenix pulled my arm and rushed to the ticket office.

. . .

There were many colourful animal-shaped balloons floating in the air. Children were running toward their favourite animals, holding fluffy plush toys.

"Phoenix, I've got a map here… Where do you want to go first?" I asked as I studied the map.

"Hm… Let me see…" He thought for a second, and then pointed to a place on the map. "I want to go and see the lions!"

"All right. They aren't far from here. We just have to follow the map…"

. . .

It seemed as though we were walking for hours. We followed the map correctly, but we couldn't see any lions. Well, at least we could take a look at some of the other animals, like zebras, chimpanzees, lemurs, hyenas, hippos, geochelones, camels, and crocodiles.

"Where are the lions? I think we've already visited half the animals in here." Phoenix asked a bit impatiently.

"They must be somewhere around here. The map says so."

He tutted. "I think there's something wrong with the map."

I studied the map a little longer; trying desperately to find the big cats, when I heard a little child saying something about 'lions'.

"Daddy, I want to see the lions!" the little boy said.

"Okay. I think they're right here." his dad commented.

Following those two must be a good idea.

"Hey, Phoenix, just follow me." I said.

And we followed the little child and his dad as they tried to find the lions.

. . .

After a rather large walk, we finally found the lions.

Lions are majestic and elegant. They also represent power, and they're on the coat of arms in many different countries. They are very good hunters and their roar can scare any person or animal.

But the zoo's lions weren't as majestic, powerful or elegant as we expected. They were just sleeping like little kittens.

"Lazy big cats…" Phoenix was disappointed. "I thought they were going to at least be awake."

"Well, we can come back later… So, where are we going now?"

"Oh, the giraffes are there!" he exclaimed, running over to them.

"Ah- Phoenix! Wait!" I ran after him.

"They're so pretty… Look at those spots!"

"You really like them, don't you?"

"They're kind of cute... and tall…"

"It's said that they have the most powerful heart on the Earth."


"Yes, after all, they have to pump blood to their head through that huge neck…" I glanced to my side and didn't see Phoenix. He was at the elephant's fence.

"Phoenix stop disappearing-"

"Oh, there are elephants too. They're pretty cool, aren't they?"

"Are you listening to me?"

"Look! He's eating peanuts!"

Phoenix was so entertained that he didn't even hear me. But I'm happy with that. At least he's having fun, and, like this, he can forget about the bad things to come.

Everything I want now is to see him living a happy life.

. . .

"Look the grizzly bears! Hey, bear! Say hi! Hi bear! Hi!"

The bear roared furiously.

"Good bear!"

"Actually, it's angry with you because you disturbed him…"

"Really? But he looked so friendly…"

The bear continued to roar.

"Let's go away from here!" I pulled Phoenix's arm.

"Bye, good bear! Say hi to Pooh!"

. . .

Our visit to the zoo was really nice. We saw almost all the animals in the zoo, including the little meerkats and big wolves.

Now we were about to leave the zoo to visit the aquarium.

When we got there, we decided to take a guided tour so that way we could enjoy the visit better, and also learn some new things.

"I'm sure this visit will be really nice!" Phoenix said, looking very cheerful.

. . .

"Hi, I'm Sam. Welcome to the Aquarium. I'll be your guide today, all right? I'll try to show you many different species of aquatic animals and tell you some interesting facts about them. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask, okay?"

Sam was a young blonde man. He was wearing a T-shirt with the Aquarium's logo stamped on it, and a cap which was trying to hide his tousled hair.

"Yes!" the kids of our group replied.

"So, let's go!" Sam said out loud.

And the tour started.

. . .

We were surrounded by many water tanks. All the tanks had something special inside. What we were going to see was always a surprise.

"Now you can see our marine tanks. Look at all these colourful fish! Aren't they beautiful? It's nature's treasure!"

They were beautiful for sure. They were swimming just in front of us, almost like they wanted to show off all their beauty.

We kept walking. Suddenly we entered in a water tunnel filled of many different fish species.

"Look at all those big fish…" Phoenix was delighted.

The guide stopped and told us to look to our right. There was a big shark just looking at us.

"Now, as you look at this aquarium, you can see that big shark." Sam said, pointing at the creature. "Sharks are actually fish. Those many teeth are modified scales and its skin is really rough. Let me tell you something scary!" He was looking at the little kids that were listening to his explanation very carefully. "Some sharks are known to eat their brothers and sisters in their mommy's belly. This is called intrauterine cannibalism."

"Wow, pretty scary…" Phoenix said, looking a bit surprised.

"Look at the tunnel's ceiling! There's a huge stingray! Stingrays are considered fish too!"

"They're so cool!" A child said, giggling.

"Yes, they're cool, but they're really dangerous too! We must be very cautious when swimming with those guys. They have a poisonous sting in their tail…"

. . .

We kept walking and reached the end of the water tunnel.

"Unfortunately, the water tunnel is over, but now we can take a look at our friends, the penguins!"

"Oh, the penguins! They're so cute!" The children exclaimed.

"I like the penguins too… Do you like penguins, Miles?" Phoenix asked while trying to play with a penguin.

"Uh… Actually yes…" I replied.

"So we have the same likes!" He smiled.

. . .

After looking at all the different animals that were in the room, Sam, the guide, called us to watch a killer whale show.

"Killer whales are so cool!" Phoenix looked like he was enjoying it. Simply looking at his smiling face made me feel happy. It's good for him to forget, even if it is just for a little while, about that ghost that keeps haunting us; devouring our lives.

. . .

"Guys, unfortunately, the tour is over." Sam said.

"Ah! That's not fair!" a child said sadly.

"Don't worry." Sam put his hand on the child's shoulder. "The Aquarium is always open for you guys. Come visit again someday!"

"Of course I will!" The little kid replied.

"Good. Let me tell you how to get to the Botanical Garden. It's very simple; you just have to go down these stairs." He showed us the way. "Well, guys, goodbye then! I hope you all come and visit us again!" Sam waved to us.

"So, let's go to the Botanical Garden?" Phoenix asked me.

"Of course." I replied.

I really wish that we could come back here again someday… together.

. . .

The Botanical Garden was just five minutes from the Aquarium. There was a greenhouse all covered with glass windows, and it was surrounded by a large field covered with all kinds of flowers. First, we visited the greenhouse.

"Look all these flowers! They're really beautiful!" Phoenix couldn't look at anything that wasn't the flowers.

Orchids, roses, lilies, cacti, azaleas; all kind of flowers were surrounding us. All the different colours were together in a perfect harmony. It was like a paradise.

"Hey, Miles, let's go outside!"

We headed to a vast flower field. Little pansies greeted us, and daisies of all different colours were worshipping the sun.

"Look, there's a sunflower field!"

"You really like sunflowers, right Phoenix?"

"Of course! They're my favourite flower!"

"Why do you like them so much?"

"Because they look happy all the time, following the sun like it's their loved one. But, unfortunately, they can't meet each other because they live in different worlds… It's a love that will never come true…" His hair was blowing in the wind. He blushed. "Am I saying something weird…?"

"You're… reading too many fairy tales…" I turned my head.

"No way! Fairy tales are for little girls!"

Looking at this wonderful landscape with you is just like a dream. It's just like a fairy tale.

"So… Can we go now?" I asked.

"Of course." He held my hand. "Can… we go like this?"

"B-But if someone sees us…?"

"I don't care about what the other people will say about us." He held my hand tighter. "I just want you to know how much I love you." Little flower petals were dancing around his hair, before resting gently on the soft spikes.

And there was only the two of us walking, holding hands, in the middle of that flowery paradise.

. . .

The way home was very peaceful. Phoenix was at my side, sleeping like a little bird. I'm relieved that nothing bad happened today.

It's like a dream… Peace is filling my hurt heart. It's like everything is back to normal, and now we are freed from our curse.

But, unfortunately, I know that these peaceful days won't last long…