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Ding, Ding. School was over on a Friday afternoon. Well, usually that meant hangin with the guys, and maybe the girls. Oh well. So I left my last period class and walked across the mall to my locker. I got my shit together and headed to the student parking lot. I was not going to stay and longer after school, fuck that.

So I got in my Escape and began driving home. All of a sudden, my iPhone starts blasting 'Burn it Down,' by Linkin Park. Aaand it's Steve calling me. He probably wants to hang out.

"Yo Steve!" I said sarcastically.

"Yo Bame!" he said sarcastically but with a deeper tone. "You wanna hang out?" Right on cue.

"Alright. Anyone else joining us?" He usually is the center of planning when it comes to hanging out, so I expect at least Jon and Kevin, his twin.

"Yeah. Jon," obviously. Jon is always with us. Not that it's bad, he's a good friend, "Kevin, and Cain." Ah yes, Cain. He's one of the funniest guys I know.

"Alright sounds good. I'll be over in thirty. Sound swell?" Steve always had a liking for saying 'swell' so I want to mess with him a little.

"Sounds awesome." Damn not today. I'll get him again.

"Okay bye." And I hung up. We normally do that to each other, so it's no big deal.

Thirty minutes later. I parked in front of Steve's house. Jon's car took his usually spot and I smirked. Cain's bike was in the front.

I walked up to the door and rung it. Kevin always opens up for the most part. "Hey Kev."

"Hey Bame," he greeted with his flat, but signature voice.

"Alright everyone in the basement?"

"Mhm." We walked down into the basement and Steve was jamming on guitar hero 3 playing against Lou. Seemed like he was doing great.

"Whoa Steve, you're doing great." He did his little dance around, behind the back move and made a crazy at me. I almost died.

Jon suddenly yelled out, "Hey Bame! How are you-"

Suddenly a random cloud of darkness took us into a ball with colors like black and blue. Before we knee it, we were falling. I was shitting my pants and I'm sure pretty much everyone else was too. Then things got black.

I regained my conscience and opened my eyes. Me, Steve, Kevin, and Jon were in a middle of a field. I didn't notice Cain anywhere. The field had mountains surrounding it. Then I noticed that I was wearing some kind of leather clothing. Then I noticed the size of my arms. My arms were completely ripped, nothing like what I was like before. I felt the weight on my back. I moved my hand to see what was there and I pulled up a huge axe. I was extremely confused on what the hell was going on.

Jon woke up and saw me. "Whoa, where are we Bame? What happened?"

"I'm not sure Jon. Look what you got on." He noticed that he was wearing similar leather to me. Then noticed a huge sword on his side. He pulled out the sword and it was gold and extremely sharp. That sword looked familiar..

Kev and Steve woke practically at the same time. Steve was wearing a blue robe and a hood that had a blue aura gleaming around it. Kev had a leather outfit as well, but instead of a huge axe or sword, he had a crossbow and a steel like short sword. They were beyond confused.

"What's going on?" They both said. Jon shrugged. I didn't respond. Something was familiar about everything.

Then suddenly, it hit me.

We were in Skyrim.

"Guys, I think I know where we are. You guys aren't going to believe this.." They all stopped what they were doing and looked at me.

Before I even opened my mouth, Kevin asked, "Bame, you have muscles? When did you get those?"

"Just now. Anyways, I know where we are."

"Well then where are we?" Steve asked.

"You guys aren't going to believe this.." I exhaled and face palmed. "We are in.. Skyrim." Jon raised his brows in astonishment. Steve and Kevin looked at each other like I was an idiot.

"Bame, we aren't in Skyrim. We are just in some field. Look I know you love the game but we aren't in Skyrim. There's no way." Kevin was sure of himself. He wasn't really a Skyrim fan, neither was Steve. Jon was a fan though. Jon believed me as soon as I said we were.

"Kev, trust me. We are in Skyrim. I know these fields. I played the game long enough to know just about where everything is. These are the fields of the Whiterun hold." Kevin pretty much laughed.

"We aren't." He was becoming pretty stubborn, like always.

I had to convince him. I look at his arms, they were stronger than before. Not like mine, but more lightweight. He had an crossbow and some bolts. "Kevin, take a look what's on your back." He pulled out his crossbow and studied it. It looked similar to the one I had playing Dawnguard. "Now pull it back, pull this lever." He pulled the lever and the rope locked in place. I took a bolt of out of his quill and injected it onto the string. "Now shoot at that tree." Kevin raised a brow. "Just do it."

"Fine." He pulled the trigger and the crossbow fired the bolt and hit the tree. At first he was amazed that he even hit the tree.

"See? I didn't even have to tell you how to shoot it. And you hit the tree in the middle of the trunk. Your love for sniping in Call of Duty payed off." He laughed and face palmed. Steve still wasn't convinced. Seeing that he had a mage robe, I guessed that he was a mage.

"Alright Steve, I think you are a mage." He gave me a confused look.

"What's that?" I face palmed. He played Skyrim before but he didn't like it as much as me.

"Alright, you are person that controls magic."

"Magic doesn't exist."

"Well it does here. Trust me. Now do something for me Steve."


"Okay, look at that tree." He did with an annoyed attitude. "Now think of something you hate and you just want to kill." He looked back at me with a confused look. "Just do it." He rolled his eyes and looked back the tree. "Think about Andrea killing Daryl. Imagine how pissed you would be." We were die hard Walking Dead fans and I knew that he hated Andrea. He laughed at me commenting on Walking Dead. Then his face starting becoming serious. His hands started to create a ball electricity towards the palms. He looked at his hands and was shocked. "Now act like that tree is Andrea." He moved up his hands and suddenly electricity bolted out of his hands. The electricity came contact with the tree and the tree combusted. He looked back at his hands then at me.

"I didn't think that you hated Andrea that much, but now I know how much you hate her." He laughed and shook his head.

"So is that enough to convince you guys that we are in Skyrim?" I knew that Kevin wanted to say no, but the electricity thing sort of did it for him.

"Yeah I sort of knew we were here." Jon stated. He caught on pretty quick.

Kevin and Steve both nodded. "Okay good. Now here's the thing about what we are dealing with in this world. Physics as you it, can be bent, you probably already knew that after the magic Steve did. Next, religion is different here. Christianity, Islam, Jewish and so on don't exist here. Here it's different. There are nine gods. Akatosh, Talos, Kynareth, Mara, and I forget the rest. We'll pick them up as we go. Anyways, they control how the world works. Next, things get pretty dangerous at night, like wolfs, sabre tooth cats, and draugrs, AKA zombies. Alright, I have no idea what time it is but it looks like its going to get dark soon." They all looked at each other with confused looks. I probably sounded like a super nerd to them. Well maybe that's exactly what I need to be to survive here.

Steve spoke up, "So what do we do?"

I looked at the direction of the city. It was at a distance, far distance. Then I turned around and saw what I thought was the Western Watchtower. This place was a lot bigger than it was in the game. "Well, we go to Whiterun. That way." I pointed to the city on the hill. They all saw the city in the distance. "I know its far. But we can get there tonight. Let's go." Without any hesitation, they started walking towards the city. This is going pretty well, they are picking it up pretty fast.

We arrived to the city gates and I saw one of the guards. They looked like they did in game but actually life like. The guard came up to us. "What's your business to come to Whiterun?" His voice had a rich accent of a typical nord.

Kev, Steve and Jon all looked at each other. I spoke up, "We just need a place to stay." The guard nodded but he still didn't let us go in.

"What are you all? Are you nords?" I realized that we weren't any of the races in this world. I had to improvise.

"I'm a nord," I pointed at Jon, "He's a nord part imperial, "then to Kev and Steve, "They are part nord, imperial, and breton." The guard nodded suspiciously. I didn't blame him, we looked nothing like the people of this world.

"Alright, stay out of trouble you four." He moved over and allowed us access to the city. We moved to the gate and I pulled open the door to get into the city. I had idea what it was going to look like inside, hopefully it's not shitty place to be at, but I guess I'll see.

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