Not sure how long this story is going to be, but I couldn't get the idea out of my head. It's Speedy/Rae since I've recently fallen in love with the pairing. I love the idea of Raven's maturity and personality taming Speedy into being monogamous.

I'm envisioning the story being a mix between the film 'He's Just Not That Into You', the film 'The Ugly Truth', and the Teen Titans cartoon series. I, of course, own none of these.


The Problem

She frowned, she wasn't sure what surprised her more, the fact that she had been asked on a date or the fact that she said yes. Part of her chalked it up to fatigue, after all, he'd asked her after a gruelling battle against Red-X. She refused to think it was because he looked gorgeous-she of all people knew not to judge a book based on it's cover. Still, no matter how much she tried to rationalise it, she acknowledged the fact that she was nervous despite the fact that the date was a week away (she had scheduled it for Saturday night, knowing that crime was lower then since, it seemed, villains too had lives). She groaned, she wanted to talk this over with someone.

She knew Beastboy was out of the question. He had already been gaping at her since she'd said yes to the date. No, he wouldn't be able to help her and he would probably be really annoying about the situation. And she certainly didn't trust him enough to tell him what the date was-she knew he'd be tempted to follow. And Cyborg would encourage it of him.

She loved Cy, he was the older brother she never had. She normally appreciated his protective nature-it saved her many times in battle. However, she knew he would be irrational. He was already giving her dating advice despite the fact that this happened a mere four hours ago. She smiled at some of his more colourful advice tips, like 'wear strong boots so you can kick him you-know-where if he tries anything on you'.

Robin would also be overprotective. He was distrustful, like she often was, of people who weren't members of the Teen Titans. After Malchior and Terra, he saw enemies in anyone who wasn't in his trusted circle. Not to mention, he was dating a naive girl. As much as Raven liked Star, she had to admit the girl lacked common sense sometimes. She knew that looking out for Star often meant he would forget that not everyone was as trusting as she was. That just left Star.

Star's bubbly personality often made her uncomfortable, however, Star did have a boyfriend. And there was the fact that Star was constantly insisting they spend more 'girl time' together. She sighed, her mind made up.

She wandered the tower, hoping not to run into any of her teammates. She made it to Star's room, undisturbed. Taking a calming breath, she knocked on Star's door. The alien opened the door and, when it revealed her best friend, she squealed in delight.

"Friend, would you like to do the hanging out now?" she chirped.

Raven nodded, "I need help with this date. All of it. I don't know what to wear, what to say."

Yes, unfortunately, Raven now regretted never getting anything when she went with Star to the mall on their previous girl trips. It meant that her only non-superhero clothes were pjs and sweats.

Star squealed again, "Yes, friend, I would be delighted to help. Let us find something for you to wear!"

Raven followed the chipper girl into her pink room, amazed at how quickly Star had gotten to her closet. She began pulling items out quickly, making a rather large heap on her circular bed. Disturbed, Silkie leaped from his identical, small bed to a more secure place behind Star's nightstand. Raven wished she could take Silkie's place, Star on a mission was a bit terrifying.

Raven levitated into her usual lotus position, waiting for Star to make her selections, though she was a bit worried. Nothing from that closet looked black or dark blue. In fact, all of it looked to be various shades of purple and pink. Deciding not to judge before she'd seen anything, Raven closed her eyes.

"Friend, I have it! It is glorious!"

Raven opened one eye...and was glad she was practised in controlling her emotions. She looked at the monstrosity-it was a lavender sundress with pink flowers decorating it. The dress was perfect for Star, but it would make her look horribly awkward. Still, not wanting to upset her friend, she took the dress and levitated to Star's bathroom to try it on.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she let Star examine her. The dress was an awkward fit at best. At worst, it was no fit. Raven, having a more generous bust than her friend, saw the fabric strain at her chest. The dress then bunched up around her midsection and made her look paler than usual. Thankfully, seeing it on, Star could agree that it wasn't the best for her friend.

"Thanks for trying, Star. I don't think your clothes will fit me, though," she said monotonously, relieved she wouldn't have to try every article of clothing on that Star had laid out. They all looked the same-perfect for Star but odd for her.

"But, what will you do then, friend?" she asked.

"I have a week, I'll figure it out," she offered her friend a small smile and helped her to clean up her room. She then, acknowledging that she'd gotten off easy, suggested they paint their nails and watch a film. She was grateful to find Star had purchased darker nail polish since their last spa get-together. It meant she wouldn't have to paint her nails fuschia and endure Beastboy's comments. Grabbing the burgundy colour, Raven got to work on her own nails, confiding in her friend over the documentary on extremophile fungi about how nervous she really was. She didn't have all that much (read: any) normal dating experiences and, as such, had no clue what she was supposed to do.

After their quality time, Raven felt good that Star was happy with their 'girl time', however, she was still a bundle of nerves. She sighed, knowing who she ought to call. Since the end of the world, Raven had opened up more during the team bonding activities. This, somehow, extended to the inter-team bonding activities with Titans East. Raven recalled with a smile how he'd tried to flirt with her like all the other Titan girls. It had taken several threats, more than most people, but he'd laid off. She couldn't say what the turning point was, but he began to act seriously around her, that's not to say he never flirted (something that would've been impossible for him), but his maturity was something she respected and was grateful for. It also made it easier to deal with him when he was being childish-almost as though if she could weather his moments of immaturity, she would get to see his more reserved side.

It didn't take long for them to become friends, both had similar pasts. He grew up on a Navajo reservation, in a place with a very unique and, often, misunderstood culture. She grew up similarly, on Azerath. He'd trained rigorously with the Green Arrow, she'd done so with Azar and the monks of Azerath. Both had left their homes behind and picked up the superhero mantle. And, although he'd always cover this up with jokes and jibes, she could always sense his sadness when she asked if he'd ever been serious with a woman. So, conceivably, they'd both been hurt by betrayal too.

She often wondered if she would have ended up even more like him if she hadn't needed to control her emotions. She deflected her pain by claiming she couldn't feel, but without that excuse, would she have turned to humour (specifically sarcasm, which was her forte) to deflect her sadness? Either way, she could empathise with him. Well, usually.

Though she understood the reason for his promiscuity, it still bothered her. She would often make comments before reminding herself that it didn't matter. He could still be her friend even if he had undesirable dating habits. She wasn't dating him, after all.

Still, if there was one guy who understood what would keep a man and what women ought to wear on any type of date, it was him. He probably also knew what mundane conversation topics she ought to have stored away for Friday. She sighed, hating herself for doing this. She knew the cocky archer would never let this go. But it was either sacrifice her pride a bit to get priceless information that could help her or risk alienating the one guy in Jump City who'd approached her for a date.

She sighed and, picking up her communicator, she called Speedy. She knew she shouldn't have been surprised, after all, they were on different time zones, but when he answered his communicator, she caught a quick glimpse of another woman near him. She frowned, she hadn't considered he would be out of the tower, though she should've. She heard him mutter, 'Just a minute, babe' before leaving the room.

She was just glad she hadn't caught him at a more awkward time; at least he was fully dressed. The turn her thoughts was taking caused her to blush deeply. She just hoped the darkness of her room and the shadows of her hood would hide it.

"Raven?" he asked, confused, "Is there something wrong?"

"Um, no," she answered, "I just needed your help with something. Nothing urgent. I'll call back."

Before she could hang up, he blurted, "What?"

She could see the shock on his face.

Gritting her teeth, she repeated herself, "I. Need. Your. Help."

He smiled at the strain this was giving her and replied cheekily, "I heard. But I meant, what did you need help with?"

She bit back a growl, after all, he was taking time away from his latest conquest to talk to her. She could at least try to be civil.

Looking up at the ceiling, she wished the ground would swallow her whole, "I got asked out on a date."

"I would say congratulations, but you don't sound so enthused," he remarked.

"I feel sick when I think about it," she confided, feeling her stomach lurch causing the second part of her sentence to come out more meekly than she had intended, "I don't know what to do. Help?"

The shock still hadn't left his face, "Why me? Why not Star? She's got a boyfriend and is in the same city."

Raven groaned, "I already tried. You should've seen the monstrosity she tried to get me to wear. Besides, you go on lots of dates, I thought you might be of help."

She cringed, she hadn't meant to insult him but his crestfallen face looked hurt. Quickly, she amended, "All I meant was, you have experience in a variety of situations. It's not exactly a 'normal' date and I could really use some help."

He nodded, back to his carefree self, "Okay. Give me a bit and we'll talk more."

She refrained from rolling her eyes and just nodded, "Thanks."

It wasn't until she hung up that she realised he hadn't said one teasing remark. She smiled and decided to continue her book until he called back. Turning the ringer on her communicator up to the loudest level, she set it near her and began to read.

She jerked around wildly, almost forgetting where she was. She sat up abruptly and felt the crease the book had left in her cheek. She frowned, glancing at the time on her wind-up alarm clock. She'd been asleep for 2 hours. Shit. She lunged for her communicator to check for any missed messages, however, she found there were none. Jerk.

Rubbing her face where the book left its imprint, she decided she would get some tea. Grabbing her communicator, she headed for the common room. Upon reaching the common room, she saw Beastboy sitting next to Starfire on their violet crescent couch, showing her how to play Mega Monkey 6 on the big screen that dominated the room.

"Where's Cyborg?" She asked monotonously, wondering why Beastboy wasn't playing with his usual competitor.

"You're finally awake," came the familiar voice of Speedy as he left the kitchen, carrying a mug of herbal tea, "'Bout time. I was going to run this up to you."

Her eyes widened in shock, struggling to process everything that was happening, "What are you doing here?"

He chuckled, "I offered to switch with Cyborg for the next two weeks so he and Bee can have some time together. Bee and Robin approved so I headed over."

She took the tea from him, ignoring the feeling she got when her fingers brushed over his, "Thank-you.'re an hour and a half away."

Confusion was splayed across her face.

"Yeah. And what does that have to do with anything?" he asked gruffly, hoping to put her off her next question.

"But, you were with...," she trailed off, eyes widening, "I'm sorry. I d-didn't mean to pull you away from that girl."

He sighed, "It's fine, there are other fish in the sea."

He could see, even with his comment, that the worry hadn't left her eyes.

Putting a hand on her petite shoulder, he added, "Really, Rae. She was nothing special, no harm done."

She seemed to accept this, nodding, "Well, thanks."

In an effort to dispel the intimate moment that had come upon them, Speedy stretched, taking his arm off her.

"I'm tired," he mumbled, "I think I'm going to head off to bed. But tomorrow we'll go to the mall and decide on what you should wear."

She huffed, annoyed he would assume a mall trip was necessary, "How do you know we need to go the mall? I could have civilian clothes."

He snorted, turning to her he replied, "And there could be blue grass."

Gritting her teeth in frustration, she replied, "There is such a thing as bluegrass. It grows in the South and takes up a lot of water in the summers. Idiot."

She knew her response wasn't witty, but whatever. There was such a thing as bluegrass, despite the fact that she knew this isn't what he meant. He'd meant colour-wise. Whatever, his statement could be twisted to her favour, his fault for wording it so.

He grinned, "All I know is you wouldn't have had to rely on Star's wardrobe if you had one of your own."

He then turned, missing her embarrassed, angry blush, making his way to the guest bedroom he always stayed in when visiting Titans West.

"Well aren't you observant," she said, mockingly, after he'd left. It wasn't until Star's cheer of "I AM VICTORIOUS!" rocked the common room that Raven realised she had been standing there, alone, in the middle of the common room since the archer had left. Glancing at her hand, she noticed she still carried the now lukewarm tea he'd made for her.

Levitating to the kitchen, Raven quickly drained the mug before retreating to her room.

The next morning, she awoke to an unpleasant pounding on her door.

"Wake up, Ravieee," called Speedy teasingly.

She leapt from bed and dashed to her mirror. She was surprised he was up before her, she was usually the first up. And Speedy was rarely up before noon. Not wanting to ruin her immaculate reputation as the early riser, she decided on doing some quick damage control before answering the door.

Buying herself some time, she croaked, "What do you want, Speedy?"

At the mirror, she smoothed down her hair so she didn't look like she'd just gotten out of bed. Satisfied, she opened the door a crack.


She quickly took in his appearance. He wore khaki trousers and a dark blue fitted t-shirt. His damp hair hung sexily over his domino mask. She did have to give him credit for always looking put together; he always wore clothes that highlighted his excellent physique. She would be a fool not to see that he was gorgeous but that didn't mean she was going to tell him. He already had plenty of women doing that, no need to inflate his already too large ego.

He smiled softly, "I didn't mean to wake you up."

She huffed, letting the door open fully, "You didn't, I was already up."

His smile grew until it rivalled that of the Cheshire cat, "Is that why you're still in lingerie, then?"

Blushing she looked down, cursing herself for not bothering to check her attire. And, of course, she was in her black silky tank-top and short boy-shorts, the ones that Star had gotten her for Christmas one year. She'd claimed that Raven needed to look pretty more, a fact that she should extend to both going out and lounging around. She'd never worn them around her friends, but kept them since they were quite comfortable.

He chuckled when he saw her face flood with colour, a flustered Raven wasn't something he often got to see. It made him a bit proud to know he was the source of her blush.

"I was meditating and forgot to change," she mumbled, looking down in a vain attempt to hide her stained cheeks, "And it's not lingerie."

"Whatever you say, Ravie," he replied casually, riling the girl up further, "Still looks hot."

Ignoring his flirtatious comment (after all, what could she say to that?), she put her hands on her hips (which, Speedy noted with satisfaction, caused her top to ride up some, exposing a bit of her flat, pale stomach) and growled, "Don't. Call. Me. Ravie!"

He smiled, raising his hands defensively, "Okay, fine, I won't call you Ravie anymore."

She narrowed her eyes, trying to find any loopholes to the unexpected moment of kindness, "Thanks?"

"No problem, Rae," he mentioned with a wink, before heading to the common room, leaving a flabbergasted Raven in his wake. When she regained her composure, she growled at the empty hallway; she'd forgotten how frustrating it was to work with him sometimes, despite their friendship.

She stomped back into her room and quickly showered before throwing on her leotard and a pair of grey sweats over it. It would have to do. Looking at herself in the mirror, she resolved to get a pair of jeans at the mall so that she wouldn't look like a bum. Especially when she was going shopping with the immaculate Speedy. It didn't help that her sweats were well worn and were a bit big, falling loosely on her hips. She was sure she looked the opposite of him-she was in clothes that favoured comfort over style, that made her look completely undesirable. Whatever, that's getting fixed today she thought.

She made her way to the common room for her morning tea. She noticed his gaze on her while she was making tea. At first, she thought nothing of it, just Speedy being Speedy, however, when it lingered for the duration it took to make her tea, she'd had it. Turning to her companion, who was seated on the couch, she snapped "What?"

Thankfully, for Speedy, he was spared from answering that question when Robin walked into the common room, ready for his morning coffee after his usual workout. Roy silently chastised himself, this was Raven. He'd have to be more careful. As it was, he was lucky he'd survived the encounter with her this morning.

Silently, Raven floated a mug full of coffee to her leader, much to Roy's chagrin. When did she make coffee? he wondered. Though, truthfully, he wasn't all that surprised that he'd missed it. After all, he'd been spending the morning staring at her. It always amused him that she never acknowledged just how beautiful she was. She, evidently, could make even sweatpants look sexy. The way they dangled from her hips looked alluring-one tug and they'd be completely off.

He stopped his train of thought remembering how it had nearly gotten him in trouble just moments ago. He sighed, why was he fantasising about an empath? It seemed like suicide. He eventually came to the conclusion that this was because he'd ditched that one girl. He needed someone to satisfy his...urges. With that, resolved to go out tonight when they got back. He needed his sanity back. Both she and Robin joined him on the couch, sitting side-by-side. It was obvious from the ease of their movements that this was something that happened often. He couldn't help but feel as though he was intruding.

Noticing Speedy's discomfort, Raven focussed her gaze on him, intently reading his emotions.

"You're not, you know," she mumbled after a long moment.

Startled, Speedy jumped. "W-what?"

"You're not intruding," she offered, "If you were, we'd have asked you to leave."

It was Roy's turn to flush. He wasn't used to being read like an open book-usually he was the one doing the reading. Thankfully, she hadn't elaborated and just used her powers to turn on the daily news.

Leaning back, she said, "After this, how about we go to the mall? I'd rather go before Star wakes up-I've lost all faith in her fashion sense."

Speedy chuckled, both of them ignoring Robin's surprise, "Sure, sounds good."

I'm not sure how well I've captured Speedy since it's the first fic I've written where he features as a main character...Any suggestions?

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